To refine your figure and develop your muscles, it is advisable to indulge in the elliptical trainer. Practical, this fitness equipment brings together the advantages of the rower, the stepper, and the treadmill.

Before you get into your workouts, you must make sure you have the right posture to benefit from its benefits on your figure. Various kinds of exercises can be done with this device, promoting the work of the lower and upper body.

The training plans

If you wish to lose weight, tone your muscles or improve your stamina, you must take into account the number of sessions, the duration of the training, the inclination of the pedals and the resistance of the bike. To achieve your goal, you must use your elliptical trainer wisely, following the right program and method. This will help you progress quickly to refine your silhouette effectively.

Elliptical trainer workouts

Define from the start the type of training you expect based on your goal. The program will depend in particular on your current level. Indeed, there is a unique program for those who have not played sports for some time, while the intensive program is reserved for those who have an excellent physical condition. Your state of health and your age must also be taken into account when choosing a plan. So, It is recommended to see your doctor before proceeding to your training sessions to avoid tiring yourself unnecessarily.

Get well equipped to practice the elliptical trainer

It is imperative to have some freedom of movement and excellent comfort during your workouts. Choose a suitable outfit for this purpose. A cotton jersey, a pair of tennis shoes or sneakers and a headband around the head to absorb the breath will suffice.

Use a heart rate monitor to evaluate your progress and reach the target frequency in the exercises. Some devices are equipped. If your elliptical does not work, choose a cardio-ring or heart rate chest strap.

For an hour of activity, a bottle of water or camelback is enough. Beyond an hour of exercise, you can opt for an isotonic drink. To effectively protect your floor or carpet, consider placing a carpet or elliptical trainer. A fan will also be welcome during the summer. Plan a training book on which you will note your caloric expenses, your difficulties, your feelings, your results, etc. This will help you improve your level by taking a step back after several sessions, adjusting your training and avoiding repeating the same mistakes.

The rules to follow for each training session

The warm-up before each elliptical session and the calm and stretching at the end of the session are essential for muscle maintenance.

You can warm up on your device by activating the resistance to a minimum. This warm-up phase is essential for the gradual increase in heart frequency, to gently raise the body temperature and to feed the muscles. Finalize your workout by a return to calm by using a minimum intensity for 5 minutes. In addition to avoiding aches, this phase also eliminates toxins. Training session

The stretching period after exercise, for its part, lasts between 5 and 10 minutes. It involves stretching the most stressed muscles for optimal mobility of the joints and for the muscles to regain their original length.

To burn fat or improve your stamina, you must do at least three sessions of 20 minutes a week. Avoid excessive training by offering a day of rest a week. If you do not have enough time for all these sessions, you can do 45 minutes of exercise to maintain your fitness, preserve your health while losing a few pounds.

You are drinking before, during, and after the workout is also significant to promote the proper functioning of the body. The latter needs it to avoid tendonitis, to eliminate toxins, and to burn fat.

The different practical exercises

Looking towards the horizon, straight back, elongated neck, shoulders relaxed, elbows with an opening of about 90 °, this is the right posture to adopt during your workouts. This will prevent you from hurting yourself while effectively sculpting your figure.

The platforms on which the feet are placed and the handles are connected to lighten the movement of the arms and legs. You will optimize the work of the upper and lower body by putting the maximum strength in the arms.

The pedaling before solicits more the calves, the quadriceps, and the glutes, while the backpedal serves to work mainly the abs and the glutes. Adjust the resistance of your device to reach the indicated heart rates. Depending on your goals and your fitness, you can change the duration of the exercises.

Avoid forcing yourself not to hurt yourself and end the session in case of discomfort or doubt. Calculate your optimal heart rate or FCO to determine which exercises are right for you. This FCO will define your profile to rank you among sedentary, trained athletes, or obese.

Burn more fat by alternating periods of high intensity and periods of low-intensity recovery. This type of exercise is not suitable for obese, elderly, or sedentary people. For high-intensity sequences, you need to adjust the resistance of your device to pedal quickly.

You must pedal as fast as possible while keeping the pace for 40 to 49 minutes. The intensity exercises last 40 minutes, while those of the pyramids take 42 minutes. The duration of the activities of the rhythm varies between 27 and 43 minutes, whereas those of the rapid destocking varies between 45 and 49 minutes.

Older, sedentary, or obese people will have to perform moderate intensity land sessions to lose weight, improve their fitness, or develop their stamina. Drawing more energy from lipid stores, moderate intensity exercise is more effective than high-intensity exercise consuming a high amount of carbohydrate. Opt for 45-minute gentle slope exercise, 45-minute hillside exercise, or 35-minute variations.


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