Treadmills, initially found only in gyms, increasingly equip homes. And nothing is surprising about it: it is indeed the second most popular cardio training equipment just behind the elliptical trainer. It allows you to regularly follow your training program in running or running without worrying about the weather conditions, it is the shock ally for those who wish to lose weight, put themselves to a sport or improve their performance.

If the treadmill is one of the most popular fitness equipment in the world, it is because its use has many benefits and benefits, making it one of the most effective and most suitable cardio equipment.

below are the best treadmill that perfect fit for you

To get a notice treadmill and determine which is the best treadmill for its personal use, it is helpful to consult the comparative and treadmill user reviews.

1. Proform endurance S7-5

If this device attracts us at first with these different enticing features, it continues to capture our attention with its many features and its realistic appearance. Endowed with up to 10% incline and 15 weight loss programs over eight weeks. It is also equipped with a screen restoring all the essential data, namely heart rate, time, distance, calories burned, or speed. With its transport wheels, it moves quickly, and as it is foldable, it slips easily into a closet to reduce its footprint to a minimum. This top of the range treadmill seduces us with its excellent value for money.

2. Klarfit pacemaker treadmill

For an investment of less than 500 €, the treadmill Klarfit Pacemaker x 3 spoils us. Practical and complete, it is suitable for beginners as well as for regular use. Equipped with many programs and features, it allows you to train effectively while closely monitoring the evolution of its performance. It offers no less than 12 programs, 3 inclinations, a speed ranging from 0.8 to 12 km, and readings of readings on a bright LCD with bluish backlight, but also many practical aspects to ensure a comfortable experience such as a sizeable non-slip mat, a padded ramp or two holders for a bottle and a telephone. This unit is nevertheless easy to move and store. In short, a little gem of perfection.

3. Confidence gtr treadmill power pro

With its sleek design and quality craftsmanship, this Confidence mid-range treadmill marks points straight away. It truly transforms the test by offering numerous programs, adjustable tilt, and speed and by deploying various exciting and practical features. Its versatility allows it to meet the needs and goals of novices and experienced riders. With a clear and readable LED display, it displays readings of speed, distance, time, calories, and heart rate. Its 40 cm wide and 110 cm long ensure easy use and its clip of emergency stop stops at the slightest fall. Foldable, it clutters as little as possible and stores quickly after the exercises. Sold less than 400 €, we can say that the Confidence GTR Power Pro is a quality product at a very reasonable price.

4. Newgen medicals foldable racing mat

This entry-level treadmill has real functional and practical qualities. It is foldable but unfolds in a few seconds, and its small size makes it easy to store it. Very comfortable to use with its anti-slip and anti-vibration surface, which protects the joints, it also ensures our safety with its magnetic contact strip equipped with an emergency stop system. This device offers several useful programs to progress and displays on its essential widescreen data to track the progress of its development, such as time, distance, speed, or calories burned. Available for less than € 200, this device is perfect for beginners and users who want to maintain their fitness or hunt their curves.

5. Striale ST-715 foldable treadmill

The Striale ST-715 is the perfect treadmill for users with limited space and the ability to walk or run regularly. This treadmill is delivered almost completely assembled, it moves thanks quickly to its transport wheels and knows how to be very small when it comes to bending to go away after the exercises.

This quiet and lightweight device offers manual programming and three integrated programs to train gradually, looking to lose weight or maintain his physical condition. Performance monitoring is done using a screen showing speed, time, calories and distance

What is a treadmill?

A treadmill is a fitness device that mimics the effects of walking and running. It allows you to practice your sport indoors, at any time of the day, and to adapt the difficulty according to the level and the objectives of each one.

Mainly focused on building cardiovascular capabilities, it ranks as a fitness device rather than a weight machine. This equipment allows a complete work of the body by soliciting the muscles of the thighs, glutes, calves, and abdominals.

Designed for walking or running in the gym or at home, it can be practiced precisely when you want. Just adjust the speed you want to move forward and change your stride accordingly.

Used primarily by athletes during their intense physical preparation, treadmills have shock absorbers to preserve the knees during exercise and keep the pleasure of playing sports. Some users only use a treadmill to walk more or less quickly, depending on their preferences.


The treadmill has found its place in the house. It is indeed totally adapted to the modern life of the city dwellers who do not importantly have the time or the wish to go in the room and wish to be able to exercise throughout the year and not only according to the kindness of the weather. Suitable for all types of users, the treadmill helps to keep fit, lose weight and progress, while remaining an investment for everyone.


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