Exposed to dust, sweat drops, and bacteria, your treadmill needs regular maintenance. Regular maintenance of your equipment optimizes its performance and longevity.

It is not easy to transport a treadmill in-store since it is heavy and bulky. That’s why different home services for repairs and maintenance are available to many clients. So that it works well and remains in good condition, follow from time to time some quick and simple gestures.

Why take care of your treadmill?

Your treadmill is within reach of many external agents such as dust. This exposes the motor of the equipment to overheat, thus reducing its life. Take the time to unplug the carpet, especially if you are going to clean under the engine hood. Optimized maintenance also involves daily cleaning of the environment close to your equipment to avoid accumulating dust. Also, because the treadmill involves all the muscles of your body, it is apparent that you will sweat during your physical exercises. However, in the face of moisture generated by sweat drops, bacteria proliferate, causing rusting of metal parts. To make the most of its benefits, you need to know the exercises to do on a treadmill

Proper placement of your equipment to facilitate cleaning

Requiring a minimum of stain, treadmill maintenance is easy. Before you begin cleaning, make sure that your equipment is placed on a firm, level surface. If your floor has some flaws, compensate for them by choosing a certain level and adjusting the feet. This is also beneficial for the treadmill belt and motor. To make it easier for you, consider placing a rug under your equipment that will be used to collect some of the impacts of your cleaning job.

Effectively clean your sports equipment

Take a cloth moistened with water to clean the different parts of your machine. To minimize friction under the belt, reduce engine wear, and extend the life of your treadmill, it is essential to lubricate it every 2 to 3 months. This straightforward task is necessary for the optimal operation of your equipment. It should be noted that some models are already pre-lubricated, but the treatment will only be active during the first year of use. It will then be necessary to carry out a lubrication work afterward. Silicone lubricants are recommended for efficient maintenance of your equipment.

Avoid premature wear and any friction on one side of the belt, making sure it is straight and centered. The race belt must also be checked because it can be worn. To take better care of your treadmill, you must wear suitable shoes, check that they are clean and that there is no pebble on the tread.

It should be noted that some maintenance tasks can be carried out with complete peace of mind by you. By implementing all the necessary preventive care, you will rarely need to use a maintenance service. However, for a full review of your treadmill, it is recommended to call a professional from time to time.

Follow the instructions on your device manual exactly

Once you have received your treadmill, be sure to read the instructions in the manual that came with it. The first thing to always be reminded is that your equipment must be powered on a 220 V single phase grounded.

Aggressive detergents such as acetone, window washer, or alcohol are prohibited. Only mild detergents used on a lint-free cloth are recommended. Also, at the slightest suspicious game or mechanical noise, you must check the fasteners and tighten. Any traces of sweat should be removed after each exercise to avoid dulling the paint, rusting metals or degrading the upholstery quickly.

Monitor the tension and lubrication of the tread

If the tread of your equipment is still new, it is recommended to monitor its centering and pressure for nearly 20 hours closely. After that, you have to clean, grease, and check the tape regularly. It should be remembered that a well-tensioned band and lubricant helps you save about 2 to 4 amperes per hour. Thus, with a tight band, you do not feel jerky during your exercises. On the other hand, when it is not tight enough, the front roller skates. Moreover, when it is too tight, it leads to excessive electrical consumption, tear tape, or the premature wear of the rollers.

Tension and lubrication of the tread

In the case where the tread is not sufficiently tight, both adjustment bolts should be rotated clockwise simultaneously. However, if it is too tight, both of these bolts must be turned counterclockwise at the same time.

Optimizing the operation of your treadmill is also checking that the tread is centered. When eccentric to the right, turn the adjustment bolt on the left side counterclockwise. On the other hand, if it is eccentric to the left, it is always recommended to set the adjustment bolt, but this time in a clockwise direction. It is also essential to know that the treadmill works before using it.


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