Also referred to as a curl lectern, the biceps bench is one of the most popular devices for isolated brace biceps. And if you want to have a Mr. Olympia right turn, using this type of device is all to your advantage.

This is indeed the case, because, also known under the desk Larry Scott, this accessory is precisely the fruit of the imagination and success of the namesake bodybuilder, Larry Scott, who is none other than the very first Mr. Olympia. As its creator boasts, it owes its famous build, especially that of his biceps to an old specific way to train, at the origin of this equipment of bodybuilding. However, as is the case with any other device of this type, using a bicep bench or lectern for curls is not done anyhow.

Biceps bench: the muscles worked

As a reminder, the use of a bicep bench, lectern or desk Larry Scott automatically includes the use of a barbell or dumbbell. The exercises performed using this weight machine are then commonly called curls on the desk, but also forearm flexions, bicep curls on the bench or desk or Larry Scott Barbell curl. Using this equipment, the general purpose of your movements is to isolate and solicit in particular the short portion of your brachial biceps. Hence the specific reputation of this bench of better apparatus of isolation of the biceps. Your device can then mainly muscle the arms “forward,” forming the short portion of the biceps; the brachialis, under the biceps; as well as the extended part, less solicited,

Biceps bench: basic position

The main recommendation to properly execute your movement is to not fully stretch your arms by bringing your bar down to preserve your tendons.

The biceps bench has the specificity to be used with a straight bar, an EZ cubit or with dumbbells. In the first case, to make a safe and comfortable movement, hold your accessory with a wide grip, supine hands. Place your elbows a little higher to optimize your breathing. Do not cheat: contract the biceps up and hold your bust attached to your desk to avoid leverage.

Then, steadily maintain your feet on the ground, these being ideally spaced along the width of the shoulders. Your bar EZ, it requires a spread of the hands a diameter a little less than that of the shoulders. The latter, elbows and wrists being on the same plane. Hands more apart favor the work of the short portion of the biceps,

Use of the biceps bench: the main false movement to avoid

A particular mistake must be avoided to optimize the use of your biceps bench and thus ensure practical and safe exercises. When performing your movements using this device, especially, do not bring your bar or dumbbell down by fully attaching your arm to the desk. At the risk of reaching this critical negative phase for your joint and your tendons.

The goal is to work your muscles and not the latter. The best is to keep your arms at the height of 4 to 5 cm from your desk, which avoids their entire stretch. However, the goal is also not to perform a partial movement: it is merely to prevent your arm is wholly stretched while you bring your load down.

Another particular precaution to take to use your biceps bench

Proper use of your biceps bench also means respecting the following rule: breath well. How? The inspiration is done by bringing your load back down and the expiration, during the opposite movement.


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