If they are present in all gyms, more and more elliptical trainers are invited to come to homes and apartments. What are the reasons for this? Well simply because they offer a complete training that makes work all the muscles, all from the comfort of his living room or his room.

There are several devices in one. Ideal for strengthening the whole body, it also burns calories. Here is a presentation to optimize your sessions according to your objectives to achieve.

Why and how to use an elliptical trainer?

To the question, why to use an elliptical trainer? There is a lot to answer. The first reason is most certainly because this device works all the muscles of the body. It is often frustrating to work only the upper or lower body, with this type of machine, you can be sure that all the muscles are in action.

He tones them up to 80 %! Plus, he forces himself to stand up straight, which is good for the back and let’s be honest, who does not suffer from the back of our days?

The elliptical bike respects the joints; the movement done spread the weight of your body evenly on both legs. Result: the muscles are worked without blows. It is suitable for the heart, and yes, it helps to strengthen it. Practiced regularly, it stimulates blood circulation and even lowers cholesterol. Also, it is highly recommended to maintain your cardiovascular system.

You want to lose weight, this material is perfect: half an hour of exercise per day on an elliptical trainer can effectively burn excess fat. It is easier to get motivated because the activities seem simpler because of the solicitation of all the muscles and also because you accumulate the calories spent.

How to use your elliptical bike?

In addition to the grip of the device, you should follow a few rules to ensure that your session is going well. Wear cotton sportswear, which is better for sweat. Get yourself a bottle of water to carry, the effort dehydrates, so remember to drink during exercise. For those who like to play sports music, an MP3 player can be welcome. Do not forget the warm-up, as before each session of any physical activity.

Before mounting on the unit, it is essential to adjust it to a suitable resistance to the power of your legs. You have to be able to pedal with neither too much ease nor too much difficulty.

Then place one foot on a pedal by grabbing the pair of fixed sleeves. Once the other foot is installed, you can grab the pair of sleeves moving back and forth. You must align your feet and hips and stand straight throughout the session. It is essential to start with weak resistance, the time to adopt the machine and warm up the muscles. Do not begin 10 minutes at the lowest level. You can then increase every 5 minutes and go back down to the lowest level, all for a total of 20-30 minutes in the beginning. At the end of the session re-enter the handles set the time to stop the pedaling effect and go down one foot at a time. Think about stretching your tendons, quadriceps, arms, back, and any other muscle stretched after the session. Stretching is essential and helps to relax your muscles and avoid muscle aches.

The benefits of the elliptical trainer

Many muscles are involved in the practice of the elliptical bike. The leg muscles by the push of the pedals, the muscles of the arms that push and pull the handles and also the abdominals and glutes by the rotational movement exerted by the waist.

Unlike jogging, for example, the elliptical trainer can evenly distribute the weight of your body on both legs. The joints are thus spared. An elliptical is a machine that can strengthen your heart by quickly increasing your heart rate. No pain or feeling of great effort will prevent you from reaching your maximum heart rate as efforts are evenly distributed between the muscles of the arms, legs, and abdominals.

How to train well?

Before you begin, it is essential to consult your doctor to avoid contraindications or injuries. Although practiced at home, it is a real physical exercise that solicits all muscles. Use an appropriate outfit, in which you feel comfortable and relaxed. Cotton is the best because you will inevitably sweat. Remember to equip yourself with a stable elliptical trainer equipped with a consistent wheel of inertia for more fluidity.

Choose a suitable place, spacious, with good lighting, ventilation, well ventilated. If your bike does not offer tactile sensors that recall, allow you to record your heart rate, and control your training without forcing unnecessarily, consider getting a heart rate monitor. Finally, the advice we can give to all is to think about hydration regularly, to vary the exercises by changing the program and intensity. Do not force and stop in case of discomfort. Remember to change the duration of activities and strength according to your shape and your goals. To train well, you must also choose your device, I invite you to read our topic test bench, or we go to the magnifying glass of many models.

The different types of training by level

if in case you are a beginner or already practicing physical activity and sport, it is essential to start your session slowly to warm up by pedaling moderately.

For beginners, 1 to 2 sessions per week of 20 minutes starting with 5 minutes of warm-up and ending with 5 minutes of calm. For the confirmed ones, start with 2 to 3 sessions of 25 minutes a week, also respecting the 5 minutes of warm-up and the 5 minutes of calm return. Then gradually, practice 2 to 3 workouts of 30 to 45 minutes. Finally, remember, regularity is a guarantee of results, train for three months minimum.

How to lose weight with an elliptical trainer

One of the many benefits of the elliptical is to burn calories and fat because it requires a lot of muscle and muscle toning. One proven method for weight loss is the fractional method. What is it about? It is enough to alternate more intense rhythms with recovery rhythms with a lower intensity. This allows you to consume more fat.

We advise the practice of 2 sessions per week lasting 45 minutes. Forty-five minutes is a relatively long time; the caloric expenditure is more important. Sessions should be spaced at least one day apart to allow muscle recovery time. For beginners, seniors, and overweight people, we recommend working over time, at low intensity, the best way to create a significant calorie deficit.


The elliptical is a complete device that offers you a real workout from home. With this device, you can solicit all of your muscles, the upper and lower body. It offers different programs that allow you to work such or such muscles to vary the training sessions. In addition to toning your body, you can use it as a way to lose weight; it is the ideal partner to refine its silhouette. Look no further and needless to run to the gym closest to you, the elliptical is simply the practical physical and slimming partner you need.


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