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Fishing Equipment List for Beginners

fishing equipment list for beginners

Do you want to try fishing for the first time and are confused about the gear you need? You are in the right place; this article will discuss some fishing equipment list for beginners. Although, there are different fishing gears you can use as a beginner or budding angler. These are essential to get you started.

6 Fishing Equipment List

Fishing License

Before you think of other fishing gear, you must get your license unless you are below 16. Every state requires this, so you need to take it seriously. Buy a license and spend some time reading the regulations related to the fishing location since there are different size and bag limits, fishing methods allowed, and rules relating to each fish species.

Rod and Reel

No rules regarding choosing the right equipment for your fishing trip are written on the stone. You can decide to opt for sophisticated gears against simple ones. However, certain rods and reels are designated for each fishing style; as a first-timer, you need to keep it simple. Always ensure you opt for a rod and reel usable for bait and lure fishing.

We recommend using a rod suitable for an 8- to 20lb line as a first-timer. This will allow you to catch most of the fish species found in lakes and rivers.

Fishing Line

There are different brands and designs of fishing lines with differing diameters and materials. Lines with larger diameters are stronger than lines with smaller diameters, even with the same material. Generally, braided lines are thin and strong, while fluorocarbon lines are resistant to abrasion and difficult to see underwater. On the other hand, monofilament lines are buoyant with more elasticity.

Fishing Weights

Sinkers are part of the essential fishing equipment list for beginners; you need to bring them along. Although many anglers overlook the importance of this equipment, it will help on your fishing trip. Sinkers are made of metal, and their job is to ensure the baits go deeper into the water. They are available in different sizes and styles; you must choose wisely as it will affect your fishing.


A fishing swivel features two rings with a connection to a rotating point. It will be useful on your fishing trips to ensure your fishing line does not twist or tangle after casting. It comes in different sizes and types; the suitable option will be determined by the species you aim to catch.

Fishing Hooks

Hooks are needed to hold the bait to ensure it does not end up in the fish’s stomach. They are the part fish will latch onto; therefore, they are essential for a successful fishing trip. To use them successfully, there are things you must note:

  • That smaller hook will end up in the fish’s stomach if you target big fish.
  • If you are using live baits, you should use smaller hooks
  • For beginners, circle hooks are best recommended

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