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How to Fix Bad Posture Exercises

how to fix bad posture exercises

Sometimes our health and self-confidence are largely dependent on our body posture. A posture tells a lot about a person and usually determines the outward appearance of a person on the positive or negative side. Knowing this, people care a lot about their body posture, and a bad posture usually signals a negative impact on your physical impression. If you are looking for how to fix bad posture exercises, these tips will help you.

Exercises to Fix Bad Posture

A bad posture gives an untrue interpretation of your body. This can be greatly improved by fixing bad posture through certain and recommended exercises. Good exercise improves your body posture, which in turn gives a proper alignment, thereby creating incredible awareness of your body. For effective ways to fix bad postures, the following exercises are recommended.

Wall Angel

This particular workout doesn’t target any specific muscles or region of the body. However, the aim is to rectify some muscles in the body for an efficient workout and result. To engage in this workout, stand next to the wall, maintaining a good posture while your hands are raised on the wall.

Keep your spine in a neutral position when you raise your arms, and keep your core tight and your ribcage closed. Your body will feel some contractions if the exercise is done properly.

Hip Hinge with Hands held up

This workout deals with body movement and flexibility; performing a hip hinge with your hands held up will help stretch your mid-back. The thoracolumbar fascia in your mid-back will be stretched, challenging your body core.


The gluteal and abdominal muscles are targeted, which helps to strengthen them, and this helps to relieve excessive stress in your lower back. To do bridge,

  • Lie on your back and your knee bends
  • Put your feet are flat on the floor
  • Engage your body and buttock muscles to lift your hip; this should raise your lower back and buttock from the floor.
  • Repeat the process, gently lowering your back to the starting position.


This workout position helps to align your spine by strengthening the shoulder, back, glute, and hamstring muscles. To do a plank:

  • Take a knee with your hands flat down and ensure your shoulders and hands are aligned, as well as your knees and hips.
  • Lift your heels to straighten your legs until your body forms a straight line while keeping your chest open and your shoulders back.
  • Repeat and hold the position for a minute or more.

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