Best Skates for Flat Feet [2021 UPDATED]

As a skater, it is always imperatives to take into account the foot size of your skate because of its comfortability and fitness. If your skates are too tighter or not fitted well, you will find yourself having a harder time to skate well, and you will be left with discomforts.

And sometimes, having flat feet can make getting the right fit for shoes and skates trickier than people with wide or regular width feet. We are going to break down the best skates for flat feet to help you find the perfect pair for you.

8 Best Skates for Flat Feet

1. Bauer Nexus N2700 Skates

If you are a flat-footed skater, Bauer Nexus N2700 Skates Is the right skate for you. This skate is manufactured for any skaters that have a wide forefoot and flat feet.

Bauer Nexus N2700 Skates is also suitable for anybody that has a deep heel, high instep, wide or flat feet. This skate is designed in such a way that the rider will get a trigger system for the quick release of the steel blade, and in any case, you can decide to sharpen or replace the steel blade.

It is made with a midgrade which used to construct the steel grade that lasts long and never get rusted. This skate is also made for any skaters that are just beginning to develop their skills as a beginner.

It brings comfort while riding with it through the black tongue that provides support and comfort to the ankle. The design of the skate helps It to be moderately stiff and gives the skaters both protection & comfort.

2. Botas Largo 571 Pro Hockey Skates

Botas Largo 571 Pro Hockey Skates is another best skate for any skaters with flat feet, and it is manufactured in the Czech Republic.

This skate is made for any experienced skaters out there or anyone that are not casual skater because it is designed in such a way that it can handle a lot of force. They design the skate with synthetic leather with a waterproof finish, which makes it water-resistant skate.

This indicates that you can clean your skate without water getting inside of the skate. It comes with a soft nylon fabric that provides comfort from the inside and durable stainless steel.

The skate is very light in weight, durable and stiff. Although the skate is slightly cost, it is the perfect skate for any experience skaters with flat feet.

3. Bauer Nexus N7000 Ice Hockey Skates

This is another one of the best skates from any flat feet skater out there. He manufactured to understand that most challenges of most of the skate are the narrowing features that brings no comfort to the skaters.

Bauer Nexus N7000 is designed in such a way to fit perfectly for the flat-footed skater. This skate is line with hydrophobic microfiber, which provides help I keeping your feet dry through many hours of skating.

Also, the skate comes with a footbed, which is designed with a Form-Fit material that includes an added stabilizer grip.  Lastly, the skate is made light in weight and very strong to protect your feet.

4. Bauer Senior Nexus 4000 Skate

This is another skate from Bauer Senior Nexus, and this skate comes with an exceptional feature as it is made for any flat-footed skater that desires a skate with a deep fit.

The skate is designed to bring a lot of comfort for the skater while riding on it. Some people called the design of the skate deep V with it its deeper heel pocket features.

The skate us very durable with its brushed nylon liner and a TPR outsole, strong enough to last for some years. The deep V feature makes it perfect while skating for so many hours without your feet getting hurt.

5. American Athletic Hockey Skates

American Athletic Hockey Skates is made for any flat-footed skater that is just starting because they are not costly. Or if you want the best budget skate for flat feet, this skate is the right one for you.

This skate is not made for any hockey competition but the beginners or casual skaters. The durability rate of the skate is low compare to the other above, and it comes with non-rusted stainless steel.

What you need to know about this skate is that it is perfect for beginners learning to ride skates as a fleet skater, and it is designed with moderate stiffness.

6.Jackson Ultima Softec Classic

The Jackson Ultima Softec skating shoe is a perfect option for all hockey players and skaters ranging from men, women, and children who desire optimal performance and a smooth skating experience.

It gives a warm sensation to the foot due to the Thinsulate lining, tongue, and foam padding, ensuring enhanced insulation and comfort. The Jackson Ultima Softec skating shoe is lightweight as the latest design is joined with a synthetic outsole.

It has a smooth glide and ensures balance when performing sensitive and flexible movements. It also has high durability and a long life span. You want comfortability and reliability with style, then Jackson ultima often is the right choice.

7.Botas – Attack 181 – Men’s Ice Hockey Skates

The Botas attack 181 is a thorough definition of dynamic design infused with top-notch quality. The blades of each foot of the staking shoe produced from stainless steel, which helps to ensure a smooth glide on the ice.

It also has an ankle pad with an anatomically shaped tongue and flexible body. The Botas attack 181 comes with varsities of colors (black and silver), making it trendy and sporty.

Its use during recreational activities on the ice; the fabric made is of high quality, fashionable, dynamic prints, fully padded, and has a durable plastic sole.

8.K2 Skate F.I.T. Ice Skate

The K2 skate boot is what you need for a smooth and protected skating experience. With its high quality and excellent design, you are bound to have a jolly skating experience. It is soft and warm, which ensures that your feet are well-protected.

The blades are manufacture from stainless steel, which provides the user with a firm connection for smooth operation. It comes with stability plus cuff for a perfect blend of support when needed, thereby eliminating overall stake weight and offering versatility for a wide range of skaters.

The inside is linen with a Thinsulate liner which is considered the warmest thin apparel insulation.

How to Size Your Skates as a flat foot skater?

It doesn’t matter how high quality the skates are, if they are not the right size, they will never be the right fit. With the right fit, the best skates for flat feet can change the outcome of your riding by improving your overall skating and ability. Also, Finding the right pair of skates is critical to your success on the ice.

There are quite a few skate features that you will need to take into consideration that goes well beyond the width of the skate. But the process does not need to be daunting.

You might already know that you have flat feet, but you should also make sure that you understand what a good fit should be. To begin with, you will have to identify what your foot type is, whether it is narrow, regular, wide, or extra wide.

We will help you figure out your foot type below. Once you have confirmed what your foot type is, you will have to take into consideration what your level of play is.

If you are a competitive player or a recreational player, or even an aggressive or more casual player, you will not need the same type of skate.

What’s Your Foot Type?

There are four primary types of foot types: narrow, regular, wide, and extra-wide. You might have an idea of what your foot type is, but you should be sure before committing to a kind of hockey skate.

The typical labels on skates are:

  1.    C / N = Narrow Fit
  2.    D/ R = Regular Fit
  3.    E / W = Wide Fit
  4.    EE = Extra Wide Fit

Typically, the width that you buy your regular shoes or sneakers in is the same width that you should be buying in your skates. If you are still not particular about what type of skates you should get, you can measure your feet to be sure. Check out the thickness of both your feet and ankles as well as the width from toe to toe.

Lastly, your foot type is also affected by how old you are and what category your street shoes are in. If you wear a men’s size seven or higher, you will fit into senior skates. If you wear a boy’s size 2 to 6.5, you will wear junior skates, and if you wear anything 1.5 or less, you will be in youth sizes.


If you are a flat-footed skater, it is possible to experience pain and discomfort caused by different factors. But wearing too fitted skates can relieve the pain.

We believe that our list of the recommendation above will provide the help your need in selecting the best skate for flat feet. Thanks!