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Best Hockey Skates For Beginners [RECENTLY UPDATED]

Finding the perfect hockey skates for you is essential for every player that begin to skate. It doesn’t matter if you are already getting skillful or just starting, wearing the right hockey skate can make all the difference every time you hit the ice. Whether you are looking for new skates to advance your riding or need a pair to start practicing your new hobby, we take a look at the best hockey skates for beginners on the market right now to help you find the pair that’s right for you in no time.

When it comes to finding the best hockey skates for a beginner, considerations are likely to vary. With factors like play style, skill level, how often you skate, and, of course, your budget. Check below for our hockey skate recommendation that best fit for beginners.

5 Best Hockey Skates For Beginners

Product GO TO
1. Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Hockey SkatesCheck on Amazon
2. CCM Super Tacks AS1 Ice Hockey SkatesCheck on Amazon
3. Bauer Vapor X500 Ice Hockey SkatesCheck on Amazon
4. CCM Jet Speed JS Pro SkateCheck on Amazon
5. Bauer Supreme S140 Junior Ice Hockey SkatesCheck on Amazon

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Criteria For Choosing The Best Hockey Skates For Beginners

When finding the best hockey skates for a beginner, considerations are likely to vary. With factors like play style, skill level, how often you skate, and, of course, your budget.

It is important to note that you should choose skates that suit your abilities and your budget for the best results. Of course, there is more to take our word for it, so below are the features you should be looking for in when you decided to purchase your hockey skate as a beginner;

The Heel

The heel refers to the back of the shoe, which secures your heel to provide stability while you skate. For beginners, the type of heel support is essential, so be sure to take this into account when shopping.

The Comfortability

If you spend hours of your time skating, you will need a pair of comfortable skates, ideally those that you will not have to wear thick socks. For optimal comfort, you want to choose padded soles, breathable materials, and waterproof properties to keep your feet dry and warm at all times.

The Supports and runners

The supports and runners are intended to mobilize the skater. Most beginner skaters always make use of a one-piece carrier or runner. Therefore, it is essential to remember this while making a purchase.

The Lace

It is perfect to find a skate with a quick and easy lacing system that will always make you feel secure. That said, if you are not satisfied with the laces of the skates you have chosen, they can be easily changed, so it is not all and end up with everything, it is just worth considering.

The Size

It is important to remember that the majority of skates on the market are smaller than standard sizes. As a beginner, you will need to try your skates before making payment to find the perfect size.

The Level of Play

It is also essential to consider your level of play when shopping for your skates. If you plan to skate occasionally or are inexperienced, you may not know enough about your skating style and may not be using it to buy an expensive pair of skates. If so, opt for a pair that is both economical and versatile until you can part with more money for the style that best suits your use and needs.

5 Best Hockey Skates For Beginners

1. Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Hockey Skates

Bauer Supreme 2S Pro is specifically made for the professional skaters, but we choose thus skate for the beginners because of its stability features. The skate comes with a footbed that provides a lock-fit, which is essential for stability throughout rider foot and up into their ankles.

They designed with a tongue that is wonderfully made from a high-density foam underneath a durable layer of felt. Also, they made the boot of the skate to be able to mould your feet to avoid a blister.

These skates also use Reflex Pro facing and an agile custom lacing system, which helps get the boots on and off more susceptible for the beginner skaters.

They skate design to bring comfort to the hockey skaters; therefore, if you are a beginner that has the boldness to be pro within a limited time, this is the right hockey skate for you

2. CCM Super Tacks AS1 Ice Hockey Skates

If you are a beginner hockey skater that is looking for the high-performance skate to increase their skills, then CCM Super Tacks AS1 is the right skate for you.

They designed the skate in such a way to have a long edge life with a low risk of corrosion with a black oxide coating and is also designed with Speed Blade 4.0 edge holder with Speed Rib technology.

The thing about this skate is that it has an exceptional geometric design that increases the stiffness and the energy transfer.

The skate provides you with a dry foot after riding for many hours with the Total-Dri Pro liner designed with it, and also comes with DuraZone abrasion pads that aim for the protection of the skater while skating.

One feature that makes the skate perfect for beginners is the medium and high inserts that are included, which help guide skaters for the best support level for you.

3. Bauer Vapor X500 Ice Hockey Skates (Youth)

Bauer Vapor X500 is another best skate for the beginners in the market today. The skate comes with a Tuuk edge holder that has a quick-release trigger system to enables for blade changes as quickly as possible.

The skate is designed with TPR outsole, which provides stiffness for more effective’s energy transfer. Also, the skate is equipped with wicking microfiber lining that provides moisture with the interior heel pads.

The skate is designed for any beginner’s youth or adult skaters out there. The manufacture designed with a skate with two-piece white felt tongue that comes with a lot of high density that provides the durability features

4. CCM Jet Speed JS Pro Skate

CCM Jet Speed JS Pro Skate is an expensive skate that is also good for the beginners, and the manufacturer has been one of the common skate brands for some years now.

The skate is made to last long with the Speedblade 4.0 blade holder that comes with a good stainless-steel runner for a perfect edge.

They designed the boot with a synthetic composite shell with a foam core that helps the skater by providing an incredible stiffness as long as the boot s moulded nicely to your ankle and foot with minimal break-in time.

Additionally, the skate comes with a 7mm two-piece felt tongue just like the Bauer Vapor X500 above, and an air vent on the bottom of the sole provides comfort while skating with it. The skate is very costly, but it is good for its money.

5.   Bauer Supreme S140 Junior Ice Hockey Skates

This is a skate for beginners. If you are a beginner’s skaters that don’t want to spend a lot, buy a skate to learn how to skate very well, then this is the right skate for you.

Bauer Supreme S140 is considered an economical skate that is made for youth and adults. The skate is designed with a premium microfiber insert that aims to provide comfort and support for the users.

And they built the skate with an anatomical design that contributes to the foot control as a beginner’s hockey player while riding with these skates. 


if you are a beginner skater, it is recommended to go for less budget skating until you can determine your wants and needs. Once you’ve found your pace on the ice, you may want to invest in a pair of slightly more high-tech skates.

You can now decide to get the hockey skate of your choice and always know that finding the right skates for you will likely be a matter of personal preference, trial and error, and how often you plan to wear them. 

We believe our list of the selected product for the best hockey skates for beginner provide solutions to your needs.


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