Nowadays, we will see if the practice of this sport can lead us to lose weight. We hear a little bit of everything about it; it has come time to unravel the truth of the time. We will see how it is practiced, where it comes from, and what it can bring you.

What is Yoga?

This sport comes from India, it is practiced for thousands of years, and today it is very established at home. At the base, it is not primarily intended to make you lose weight. But we will see later that it is also possible to make a perfect ally when trying to lose weight.

Going back to its origins, this serves to help you achieve better fulfillment in your life. For some, this will allow you to understand their work better. But also to reduce your stress and all the problems you may face in this modern world. Moreover, for the experts, they can even acquire great wisdom, learn the less vulgar language, and become more tolerant with the people around them.

How is it practiced?

Well, now that we have seen together with the benefits it can bring, we will soon see both ways of doing it.

First, you must know that there is not only one way to practice this sport. The first is the “Western” way; it will instead focus on the sporting aspect of the thing. It can play sports gently. Without having to sweat 3 liters of water or be out of breath as if we had run 10 kilometers.

The second way is much more spiritual, brings much closer to the first practice. This one is also much deeper, going to tap into your inner bottom. With time, it becomes more and more transparent and the more you practice, and the better it is useful for your well-being. Another effect, yoga if you have a considerable overweight or if you are morbidly obese. Indeed, it will tend to have a better image of you to make you aware that you must accept. This may be important in front of people’s eyes not to let go of the business and reach your goal.

It will also assist you to sleep better, and yes if you are less stressed, you will be less thoughtful. Your sleep will be more profound and therapeutic. Finally, it has been proven that people who sleep poorly are more likely to be overweight.

Okay now, before going to weight loss yoga, we’ll see how classic yoga is practiced. You must first do things in order. We must start with the aspect that reflects your personality at first glance: physical practice.

Through the various postures that you will perform, you will be able to release all the tensions of your body. This will relieve and make more flexible the spine, including, or to different muscles of the body. Then comes the mastery of breath, very important, yoga as in meditation. The more precise your breathing is, the more likely you are to chase away negative thoughts in your brain.

If you want to try anything simpler, there are just a few tips and tricks to know. Already, you have to do that, preferably in the morning. Why in the morning? Simply because it is an excellent way to integrate it into a “Morning routine.” And also, because you will tend to be more concentrated than the evening when you come home from work, exhausted by the day’s work.

So, sit comfortably on the floor or your bed with your back straight. The best is to sit in the lotus or half-lotus position, but if you lack flexibility, simply put yourself in a suit. Then put your hands, palms up on your lap and close your eyes.

Finally, try to imagine a sun in your field of vision, a river or a meadow, something calm. You must pay attention to your breathing, keep it steady, and focus on it. To get even better in your bubble, put relaxing music on your mobile. It is also important to wear headphones or headphones. For the duration, no need to practice an hour, especially at the beginning, it would serve no purpose. It is better to perform 10 minutes from Monday to Friday than 4 hours in one go and then nothing.

In conclusion

Finally, remember as always that the basis of everything is food. Anyway, if you become an addict and a yoga expert, you will not realize that your diet will change naturally and without frustration because it will be reasonable for you to have a healthy body and body. Yoga is not going to make you directly lose weight, but it is by all the mental and indirect aspect that it will end up acting.

Hoping you have read the whole article and if you are reading these lines, congratulations because you understand things that others will take years to assimilate or will realize it can never be even.


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