In recent years we have witnessed a real phenomenon, the “Healthy Lifestyle” is becoming more and more followers to the point that many decide to change their lives to become a Yoga teacher, sports coach or practitioner in natural health.

We can only welcome so many new vocations because the more people there are to promote a healthy and sustainable way of life, the better the planet and those who live there will live. Getting started is good, but the last is better! So here are some tips for successful conversion.

1. We learn about its legal obligations

Granted, this is not the most exciting part of the process, but it is essential. In France, the professions of a yoga teacher, like that of the practitioner in natural health not regulated. This means that no diploma or certificate is needed to teach/practice in the eyes of the law.

2. Yoga: What about training?

Today hundreds of training courses are offered. The offer is not very readable and budgets to allocate often very important: up to $10,000. If you want to do training here are two possible ways:

The “Yoga Alliance” training: They are delivered by centers referenced by the company of the same name. To be able to use this “label,” the schools must pay an entrance fee, and the professors must, every three years, justify a certain number of hours of teaching and personal work. Many centers are certified around the world.

You are learning directly from an experienced teacher. Often less expensive and exceptionally fully adaptable to your needs and your schedule. Contact the teacher you would like to become a student and present your project conversion. In any case, your approach is personal and must be guided by the sincerity of your desire to share. Those who do not see yoga as just a business will not delude long. This path requires a total personal commitment that cannot be compromised.

3. Live your passion

A reconversion project often finds its origin in the will to “Live of its passion,” in this concept there are two words to remember:

Passion: Yoga is a passion, a way of life; it is part of you; it is your essence. In your process of conversion, you want to allow the most significant number to enjoy the benefits that you have experienced. It’s beautiful, it’s commendable, and that’s what should animate you every day.

Living: If the idea of making a living with yoga makes you feel uncomfortable; you will have to go beyond this state of mind at the risk of compromising your reconversion. But how? Follow the guide! Take the doctors they save lives; they heal, they help others, it is their vocation, their passion, their essence we do not do medicine we are doctors.

They make a living doing this. And that’s perfectly normal; nothing is shocking about it. So why do you feel bad about making a living by bringing a little comfort and comfort to the people who ask for it? We agree; there is no reason!

4. Marketing: No, it’s not a big word

A reminder marketing combines an infinity of techniques and tools that can help you find your customers, capture their attention, meet their needs, and retain them. Not bad is not it?

In any case, to sustain a business marketing is essential, there is a multitude of books, blogs, and sites dedicated to it and that can allow you to establish an action plan tailored to your business. There are also advisors who are there to help you: Business creation advisers, as well as institutions such as Chambers of Commerce or Chamber of Commerce (CCI or CMA). Think about it because creating a business cannot be improvised!

5. Analysis paralysis

Defining a roadmap when starting a business is INDISPENSABLE. This helps to set goals and strategies. However, what matter in business creation is ACTION. You will make mistakes, yes you will probably take wrong directions, turn around to leave. It does not matter. On the contrary, the experience is the only qualifying training that will allow you to create a sustainable activity that suits you and you.

So do not fall into the trap of over-analysis at the risk of finding yourself suffering from the “Analysis Paralysis” syndrome do not wait for the right moment, do not expect to have useful information or meeting the right people as this will probably never happen.


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