It’s been a few months that you practice yoga or want to get started, and you decided to invest in a real yoga mat. What are the criteria for choosing a yoga mat? Should we focus on size, color, thickness, price? What is precisely the difference between a floor mat, a yoga mat, and a Pilates Mat? We have analyzed for you a whole lot of criteria to best help you to choose the ideal carpet for you according to your practices and your physiognomy.

The thickness

There are different thicknesses of carpets. From the thinnest (1.5 mm) to the ultra-thick (15 mm). Ultra-thick should be reserved for Pilates or ground exercises. The more beautiful the carpet, the better your stability in equilibrium postures. But the thicker the mat, the more comfortable it is and protects your joints.

The beautiful carpet is the most suitable for yoga practice because it gives you excellent stability during standing or balancing postures. Moreover, he is very light. As for the thick carpet, it is more comfortable and therefore better adapted to the ground positions and protects your joints. And with its thickness, it is thermal insulation during your practices.

The material

Yoga mats are usually provided with a non-slip coating that is useful in some postures as it will prevent your carpet from slipping and you with it. Guaranteed comfort! The carpets that adhere the best are those made of PVC, but unfortunately, those are also the most toxic. Fortunately, more and more brands are going green, and you will find a large choice of yoga mats free of harmful products, made of natural or recycled material: they are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and you have good karma!


Some carpets are light, easily transportable, have straps, and roll quickly. Select a yoga mat that suits your needs: if you have to move it every week, choose lightness and opt for the carpet traveler. If you can leave it on the spot or practice yoga at home, prefer the comfort of the sedentary carpet that will be more robust.

The price

Price is always an important criterion when choosing a product. For the yoga mat know that it can cost between 3 and 300 €. But it is better to avoid the first prices, which are often of poor quality and which do not give you any comfort. If they seem economical, know that you will have to change it more often and so, in the end, it will have cost you dearly. Starting at € 20, you can find perfect quality mats that will last a long time and meet your needs for comfort, weight, etc. You will find in this regard a comparison of yoga mats to guide you. But of course, if you want an eco-friendly yoga mat, you’ll have to pay the price.


Do you think that any rectangular object that lies flat on the floor is a yoga mat? So, this section is for you. As you would not ping pong with a tennis racket, learn to recognize a yoga mat to be sure to practice in the best possible conditions.

The floor mat, to avoid yoga

Called fitness mats, camping mats or floor mats, this is the one everyone has somewhere in the back of an old closet. This type of rug, invented in the 70s for camping and camping, has become a must for hiking equipment. It has a dual purpose: thermal insulation and comfort of the camper. It is also known as a fitness mat because it can be used for some ground exercises or even yoga practice.

However, a specialized rug is preferred for two reasons: the floor mat wraps around itself when unfolded. And it’s very annoying when you have to spend the first 20 minutes of the yoga class holding your carpet so that it does not roll on its own. Then, the floor mat has no anti-slip coating. The feet and hands slide easily and, after a few sessions, you end up tearing it.

The Pilates carpet, too thick for yoga

The Pilates mat is almost identical to the yoga mat. The only difference is that it is much more abundant! To understand why, a little explanation of what Pilates is:

The Pilates method is a system of physical exercises combining dance, yoga, and fitness, which aims for general physical well-being. While yoga alternates standing, sitting and lying, the majority of Pilates exercises on the floor is lengthened, hence the interest of a comfortable carpet.

The yoga mat, the real one, the good one

Of course, you can practice yoga on any surface. The first yogis practiced on the floor, without any carpet. But cold or hard surfaces are uncomfortable, and sometimes dangerous for our sensitive joints. Most floors slip in some positions, the fragments of the floors hurt. And then, the floor is full of feet that walk on it; we do not necessarily want to put his bare feet or his hands, let alone his face.

A good yoga mat is a carpet that eliminates all these disadvantages without creating others. The interest in having the right carpet during practice is simple: forget that you have a carpet, to focus on your body and mind.

In conclusion

To summarize, the thickness, the material, the handling, and the price are the four main criteria for choosing the right yoga mat. Other criteria are also to take into account if you want to find the yoga mat, or only if you hesitate between two models. Think of a rug that fits your size, for example, especially if you are very tall. Look also at the colors offered by the different brands.

As much to buy an object that you like. Be careful, however, with the light colors, which get dirty quickly. Finally, look at the brands. From classic sports brands to yoga professionals, to eco-friendly brands, you will surely find your happiness.


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