There are many treadmills available nowadays in the market and but to get the right treadmill, below are the criteria to get the treadmill;

The Engine

The centerpiece of the device, the power of the engine determines its endurance and its lifetime over time, depending on the operating speed used. Because in second place behind the user, it is the engine that performs the bulk of the work, hence the need to opt for an engine that will hold in the long run.

A limited power engine of poor-quality overheating, especially when it is forced to operate at its maximum capacity. It can lead to breakdowns and repairs as the choice of good equipment saves.

One of the elements to get an idea of the quality of the engine is to check the duration of the warranty offered by the manufacturer. The longer it is, the better the quality.

If the engine power is measured in horsepower (HP), there are also Peak Notations (HP), which indicate the maximum potential of the belt, and continuously (HPC) which show the maximum power that can be deployed by the machine for the duration of the exercise.

Engines of the same power can also have different durability’s depending on the quality of the parts used. It is essentially the use of the carpet that determines the engine model that is needed. In general, 2 HP continuous mats are suitable for occasional training, or 1.5 hp for walkers, and carpets over 2.5 hp are ideal for very regular runners who do long sessions. and close together.


This is a fundamental criterion because it is thanks to the damping system that the user’s joints are protected from the trauma associated with the shock of the practice of the race during the training sessions.

Also, the damping quality directly affects comfort and the risk of injury. Suffice to say that this is an essential criterion because the quality of the damping has a direct impact on the body and the muscles when one practices the race regularly. The mats available on the market offer excellent damping systems, reducing the effect of strides by 15 to 40%. Some are even adjustable, which allows adjusting the level of cushioning desired during workouts.

For occasional use or people using the carpet as part of rehabilitation, soft cushioning is enough, but for regular runners, the choice must be towards a model offering firm cushioning to give more rest to the stride. There are models equipped with a level compensator, also called stabilizer, which makes it possible to correct the defects of the ground and to offer a better comfort of use.


The majority of devices offer the possibility of tilting the slope of the carpet and allow in particular to simulate the ribs, as in outdoor races. The inclination of a carpet is generally between 0 and 15%. The tilt bearings, which vary the drives, are manually adjustable on low-end models, high-end models with electrically adjustable inclinations. Some treadmills can handle the incline depending on the program chosen.

It is recommended to tilt the carpet to at least 1% to reproduce the phenomenon of resistance of the air felt when running outside.

The weight of the carpet

The weight of the carpets generally varies between 110 kg and 180 kg. Because it determines the stability and robustness of the device, the weight of the carpet is essential, primarily if you practice the exercises intensively. Also, it is possible to add weight to the carpet, and take fifty pounds more can extend the life of the engine.

The dashboard

The dashboard of the treadmill is an element to consider seriously when buying it. A full screen and easy navigation are the characteristics of a useful dashboard. Then, the ergonomics of the table, and the quality of the indications provided, such as the duration of the session, the distance traveled, the number of calories burned or the inclination are pleasing. Some models are equipped with a USB plug to connect an MP3 or a Bluray player. There are even carpets with an integrated voice coach that encourages the user during training.


Most treadmills are designed to reach a maximum speed of 16 km / h, which is sufficient for the majority of users and quite suitable for walking or running purposes. However, for riders preparing for small sports events, this speed may be too limited, and it is advisable to turn to more expensive models but reaching speeds closer to 20 km / h.

The fan

Some models of treadmills are equipped with a fan, sometimes even directly integrated into the console, allowing to cool during the training. For appliances without a fan, do not forget to run in a ventilated room with a fan on the front.

Features and training programs

Manufacturers have understood that choosing a device with integrated programs is now very important, and machines now offer a lot of plans to achieve its goals, whether it is to lose weight, to work on endurance or to maintain an excellent physical condition.

The other advantage of the software is that they manage all the useful data to prepare correctly, whether it is speed, average speed, calories burned, time, distance traveled, the duration of the race, or the heartbeat and the average heartbeat.

The majority of devices are now sold with a dozen programs installed on the device, but advanced models have training connected to smartphone applications that offer the ability to follow the evolution of its performance. Some machines even have screens to simulate races in the most beautiful parks in the world!

Treadmills following technological developments, we now find devices equipped with a built-in MP3 player, a radio, a TV, and a virtual coach, all features that help improve the experience on the market. Carpet but also significantly increase its price.

The size of the treadmill

Most treadmills measure between 100 and 152 cm. If the size of the carpet is not very important when walking, it is much more when running. Regular runners are therefore more comfortable on large and long carpets to stride.

It is the tread that the racing space depends — the broader and more prolonged the band, the higher the racing space. A tread must be at least 40 cm or more for all users and obviously, exceed its stride.


For some users with a reduced living space, one of the essential criteria is to invest in a device that can be stored easily. Entry-level models are often more portable and lighter than larger machines. Some tools fit in a closet or can even be transported in a car trunk. For people with little strength or wanting to store their device easily, the best choice is the foldable treadmill. It should be noted, however, that since lightweight devices are less stable, it should be checked that the selected carpet model is compatible with the intended use.


Every electric treadmill today is equipped with an automatic shutdown system that stops the unit immediately if the user falls. A feature needed for the elderly or undergoing rehabilitation, and parents whose child would have used the machine without their knowledge.


There are two types of warranty, the warranty offered by the manufacturer and the warranty provided by the seller, which are between 90 days and several years, some manufacturers even offering a lifetime warranty! In addition to the economic argument, the long-term guarantees are a guarantee of quality because they show how much the manufacturer has confidence in his product. In contrast, the warranties of 6 months or a year are to flee because the quality of the machine is certainly not at the rendezvous.

The price

Treadmills are on the rise, the offer is essential, and the range of devices available on the market is extensive. Most machines are in a price range starting with cheap treadmills to less than $300 and can reach more than $5000.

Of course, if you want to make a comparative treadmill, more we want to benefit from features, and the price goes up, the key is to choose a model adapted to the use that we want to make.

Treadmills for beginners

Any novice must, first of all, ask questions about his physical abilities and the goals he wants to achieve before he can know which treadmill to choose. Is it about improving one’s fitness, losing weight, or preparing for a race? Should the user take into account physical constraints, such as a cardio problem or joint pain?

Practical aspects should also be considered, especially if space problems are encountered, and the functionalities that one wishes to have, including those related to new technologies. Finally, there is also the question of the budget.

You should know that manufacturers have launched a range of treadmills dedicated to beginners on the market. Depending on the budget that we want to spend, it takes between € 500 and € 1000 for a good treadmill for novices to be assured have at least a 1.75 horsepower engine, a speed of 16 km / h and exciting features.

Treadmills for experts Treadmills must meet more critical requirements for experts. It is starting with the weight of the carpet that must be enough to ensure its stability. Maximum speed and possible inclinations are also essential criteria.

Finally, it is a question of defining the functionalities necessary for it needs to reach its objectives, or merely those which one wishes to dispose of and in particular the integrated programs, the presence of a sensor heart, the quality of the dashboard or still the ergonomics of the console.


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