The treadmill carpet optimizes the race

Not only is running on a mat no more complicated than running outside, but the device is consistent with the biomechanical requirements of the race stride. The carpet motor-driven treadmill does not require the user to provide extra effort to its natural pace, and apart from the air resistance generated by the displacement, the characteristics of the race are identical to outdoor jogging. One can even reproduce 100% of the conditions of a natural race by inclining at 1% the carpet, which imitates the phenomenon of the resistance of the air precisely. Also, it is possible to tilt the treadmill in different ways to create different unevenness profiles, such as outdoors.   The carpet helps to regain form

With walking and running on carpets, knees are saved. In fact, unlike the hard surfaces of roads and trails that use the cartilage and joints, the treadmill reproduces a natural and straightforward movement while damping shocks. This feature even allows people with reduced mobility or following a rehabilitation program after an injury or accident to use this type of device, which mobilizes the body safely.

Also, in addition to bodybuilding exercise weight, the carpet helps retrain the muscles.   It can be installed anywhere and practice anytime

With a treadmill, you can train at any time without having to worry about being disturbed by professional constraints, the vagaries of the weather or suffering the inconvenience of urban pollution. The device unfolds in seconds and is immediately operational. Buying a carpet to practice at home for a budget equivalent to several months of the subscription in a gym can amortize its investment in the medium term. The moment temperatures are very high or too low; it is always possible to train in a stable and temperate environment.

The treadmill makes endurance work and progresses quickly

With a treadmill, you walk or run as much and as often as you want, and at the desired pace, up to 6 km /h for a speed walking, and from 7 km / h for the race. Even when you think you’re standing still, the kilometers pass by and help build endurance.

Training on a treadmill is exceptionally motivating as progress is visible at every session. By doing exercises regularly, twice a week being ideal, you can gradually increase the pace at each session or increase the difficulty in stages, for example, by tilting the mat one more degree.

Using the treadmill helps burn fat and makes a concrete belly

The first benefit of treadmill exercise is to burn the calories consumed during the previous meal. After 40 minutes of training, the body begins to draw on its reserves of fat, and the body becomes permanently thinner. Walking or running on a carpet equipped with a calorie counter, you can adjust the pace of exercise so that you can lose weight.

Exercising on a treadmill also stimulates all of the muscles of the body, legs, thighs, buttocks, abdominals, and even the back. The body refines and carves as time goes by.

By using more than two-thirds of the muscles, treadmills burn more calories than any other fitness machine. It is the perfect solution to lose weight when combined with an adapted diet.


Depending on how you use it, there are different types of treadmills available on the market.

1 Manual or magnetic

Treadmills These treadmills, which have no electrical or motorized parts, are the most affordable. The runner operates the apparatus while standing on the carpet arm and turns the tread while walking or running. The belt is powered by the movement of the user that directly affects the speed by slowing or accelerating the stroke. The rolling resistance is adjusted by approaching the magnetized jaw of the magnetic wheel more or less.

2 Motorized treadmills

This is equipped with an electric motor, these machines advance the belt during walking or running, which does not need any extra effort on the part of the rider to drive the tread, and guarantees speed and a constant inclination. The user can control his pace at a sustained momentum and enjoy a smooth workout. Motorized treadmills are most often provided with features such as tilt and programmable workouts, and are generally more substantial and more expensive.

3 Folding treadmills:

Smaller than traditional treadmills, they fold for secure storage. Designed to be lightweight and compact, folding treadmills typically have limited features.


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