The deadlift is one and can be even the most complete bodybuilding exercise. When done with the right technique and intensity, it allows you to increase your strength and build an impressive musculature on your entire body. The deadlift can also help you melt your rebellious fat and build up your mental strength. This is my favorite strength training exercise because it has allowed me to strengthen my back significantly, and it will enable me to work at full power with my entire body simultaneously.

It is perfect for everybody to weight lifting, even people who are not bodybuilders because the deadlift improves your daily life through the acquisition of better posture, more confidence, better physical abilities while removing chronic back pain. The deadlift is a weight training workout that saves very little muscle and allows you to lift heavy loads, so you’ll also enjoy the following benefits with this exercise:

•    It will strengthen all the bones and joints of your body, from your handles to your calves so that you will enjoy better health and greater longevity

•    It favors your posterior muscle chain and improves the health of your back and hips

•    It allows you to develop high strength and the impressive musculature

•    It strengthens your trunk and develops your abdominals to bring out your beautiful chocolate bar finally

•    It can help you improve your speed, power, and overall athletic abilities

If you are still not convinced of the great interest of the weight lifting, below are the 5 reasons to frequently use the lifting of the earth in your bodybuilding program, or in addition to other training.

1.    It helps in the reduction of fat

The weight lifting is the perfect exercise to include in a training program to lose your fat and maintain and develop your muscle mass. The weight was lifting recruits all the big muscles in your body, like your legs and back and many other stabilizing muscles. By utilizing more muscles at the same time, you will trigger significant energy consumption and metabolic disruption.

By making lifts with intensity, you will burn calories during and after your workout. With the deadlift you also have the opportunity to push your limits more efficiently and more surely than with other great exercises such as squat or bench press. With the weight lifting, you do not need assistance in case of failure, because when you are too tired or lacking in strength, you have to release the bar on the ground.

If you stay focused on your technique, your only risk is the failure and not getting crushed by the bar. So you can put heavy loads on your bar and associate the deadlift with other poly-articular exercises to perform circuit training, which will burn a lot of fat and develop your muscle mass.

2.    Weightlifting enhance all athletic abilities

The deadlift is very useful in increasing your power and improving the transfer of force between the bottom and the top of your body. Many sports disciplines require performance on movements that simultaneously engage the upper and lower body. If you can improve the timing of your upper and lower body movements, you will be better able to develop your running speed, jump height, hitting power, and so on.

The deadlift can also prevent you from stagnating or getting tired using only an exercise like the squat. To effectively improve your athletic abilities, you must try to pull the bar off the ground as quickly as possible and seek to accelerate its movement throughout the movement. Once you manage to create enough speed in your movement and you do not have enough resistance, you have to increase the weight on your bar.

You can also use weightlifting movements that force you to move loads quickly and accurately. The disadvantage is that these movements require a relatively long learning time before actually being able to take advantage of it to improve the force, the power, and the synchronization of the movements. The deadlift responds more readily to this problem because it requires much less practice before acquiring a perfect technique, and it offers almost the same benefits. For example, by training with light loads of 30 to 40% of your 1RM (1 Max Repetition), you will produce substantially the same amount of energy with the deadlift as with the power clean.

3.    The weight lifting helps in attaining stronger abs and back

In comparison with traditional exercises generally used to strengthen the abs, the deadlift turns out to be much better. This is because weight lifting makes work all the muscles of the trunk, such as the rectus abdominis, the obliques, and the spinal muscles of the lower back. An analysis of the muscular activity in the trunk shows that the deadlift is more effective than exercises such as extensions of the back, for example.

By cons, the lift is not necessarily the only exercise to use to strengthen and “reeducate” the lower back. The squat, for example, is more useful to work in the lumbar region because the land raises more the upper part of the muscles of the lower back. So do not use just one of these exercises, because they are complementary if you want muscular legs and a back and in perfect health. These exercises work your hips in a different way, which also requires you to develop your flexibility and mobility optimally.

4.    Contribute To Better Mobility And Less Back Pain

The majority of people who scream that the deadlift is dangerous and causes back pain are the ones that will probably benefit the most from this exercise. The deadlift can, therefore, bring you a tremendous physical improvement, whether aesthetic or functional and in addition to remove some of your back pain.

The deadlift imposes good strains on the joints of the hips, knees, and ankles, which will improve the strength of your bones and thus reduce your chances of fracture. In combination with the squat that correctly constrains the spine, you can adjust the quality of your bones and joint your entire body for years to come. But all this is only valid if you perform these exercises with perfect techniques. Otherwise, you will do more harm than good. The deadlift can help you improve your quality of life, resistance to physical contact and help you in your daily activities such as lifting your suitcases, a piece of furniture or your shopping bags with ease without hurting your back.

5.    It ensures a general progression in bodybuilding

If you use the deadlift correctly, it will make you stronger from head to toe. You will have glutes, hamstrings and a strong back, but also stronger arms with better grip strength. All this extra strength will be useful for you to progress on other bodybuilding exercises.

Here are some tips to ensure your progression to the weight lifting and therefore your general progress in bodybuilding:

If your weak point is when the bar is at ground level, make sure to rest the bar on the ground at the end of each movement, to avoid taking advantage of the elastic energy store during the descent. When the bar is on the ground, you have almost no tension in your arms, your back, and your legs and restart the movement with a dead weight. Your weight must rest entirely on the ground before pulling. This requires you to put lower pressures but allows you to progress on the entire movement. If you want to increase the load moved, you can raise the bar by resting it on a podium or a power rack.

If you have reached a squat plateau, you can raise land in the sumo position and pause in a squatting position. When you are in sumo position, the effort on your legs, and the area of your upper body approaches those of the squat. For example, you can do 4 seconds of eccentric phase, 2 seconds of pause in the low position of the movement and followed by an explosive eccentric movement. The advantage over the squat is that in case of failure, you have to release the bar on the ground.

If you start at the dead end, you can make eccentric phases at a slow speed of 4, 8, or 10 seconds. This requires you to use lighter loads but will allow you to feel the tension in the muscles of your legs and back, and make sure you always have a proper technique. Train with chains or elastic bands attached to the bar, to be adjusted with your natural force curve. On the ground, the load will be the least heavy, and this is where your strength is weakest, and as the bar moves upward, the resistance will increase at the same time as your ability to produce more force.


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