Have you ever wondered how some athletes are doing to be so intense and explosive? Will provide more insight into the secret of getting a physical and impressive athletic quality.

It is always sure that to get such good body structure, these athletes don’t just make triceps extensions, tons of biceps curl, or thigh presses, as can be seen mostly in most gyms.

Because if you want to get a healthy body, powerful, muscular, and drawn, it is not with regular weight training programs which you will get there.

By this, the gyms would be saturated with men and women with dreamy bodies, but that’s only seen in the boring movies. The reality is that only sure followers who spend several hours a day carving their bodies achieve an aesthetic physique, but barely functional. If you want a body with physical and athletic abilities, you need to leave the herd. You need to venture on the way which is sometimes scary and yet can result in where everyone wishes to go, but where almost no will succeeds.

Few people make use of this technique, because it requires a lot of work and perseverance to master the main movements. You also have the desire to always excel in moving heavier weights, which force us to compete with ourselves consistently. To have a continuous progression, it requires to have an active lifestyle, and pay attention to sleeping and diet. This may sound too challenging and too demanding, but once you get your bearings and get used to that lifestyle, nothing can make us go back.

It can assure you that nothing will be able to transform your body as efficiently and quickly as weightlifting moves. But maybe you think that bodybuilding through weightlifting is not for you, it’s too dangerous or too technical.  But there is a better way to enjoy the advantages of these movements, without wasting time with the technique.

For this, you need to perform these movements with dumbbells or kettlebells. To make things even more comfortable, at first, you can perform movements using just one arm. By a bar, you can break down the adjustments to enjoy all their efficiency without risking technical injury and fault. For instance, perform a power clean followed by a squat front or a power snatch followed by a squat overhead. Knowing that you can use the weightlifting motions immediately, you get your next workout; below are the three good reasons to use them during your weight training or fitness workouts.

1: Weightlifting moves will increase your strength as never

 One of the great benefits of weightlifting movements is that they will force your body to recruit more muscle fibers and also put back unused muscles until then. With weightlifting movements, you have no other way than to move the load quickly, which will help develop the efficiency of your nervous system to recruit more muscle fibers simultaneously. In general, there can be up to 30% of our muscle fibers that are never used.

The only time your body will recruit these muscle fibers is during quick movements with loads, like weightlifting. This does not happen when you train with slow movements, as are most bodybuilding movements used in bodybuilding programs. Weightlifting movements are beneficial if you are trying to develop your strength and muscle mass. Imagine how durable your power would be if your body were able to use 30% more muscle fibers during your bodybuilding exercises.

The strength and volume of your weight training could be much higher, and your strength and muscle mass would increase faster. It is also valid for your speed of travel, with 30% more fibers recruited at the same time you would not run more quickly? Or do not jump higher? It is obvious!

2: Weightlifting moves will make you a better athlete

 What is excellent with the weightlifting movements is that the more you get on these movements and the more you generally develop better athletic abilities. Thanks to the weightlifting movements, you will become overall, stronger, more powerful, faster, with better functional mobility, better balance, and better coordination.

The more you seek to be better on weightlifting movements, and the more all of these physical qualities will increase in parallel. It’s not like killing two birds with one stone. But six birds with one stone! Whether you are a competitor or not, you must always try to elevate your athletic abilities.

In all cases, you must seek to have a better level of strength, stamina, and resistance.you will get at least is an excellent quality of life. But if you are a sports practitioner and especially sports that require a lot of strength and power like MMA, Rugby, Judo and Sprint, weightlifting should be part of your training arsenal.

And even more, if you are a crossfitter because if you manage to achieve with a heavy load and with a perfect technique a snatch or a clean and Jerk, you work with a lot of volume and density will be more comfortable.

3: Weightlifting moves will make your fat disappear at the speed of lightning

 When you make a weightlifting move, you use almost all your muscles, from feet to head. With these movements, you will also move large loads over a long distance.

The two, combined, will force, more than any other movement, your body to use your muscles and energy systems to full capacity. This will create a great deal of energy on the moment, but also significant metabolic disruption and activation of fat burning hormones.

If you do weightlifting regularly, you will force your body to burn fat almost continuously. Weightlifting movements thus simplify things a lot when it comes to creating specific workouts for fat loss.

But even if your primary goal is not to lose fat, if you want to be right in your body and especially to be a better athlete, you must try to minimize your body fat. The fact remains dead and, unless you want to become sumo, any excess fat will slow you down and limit your physical performance.

You must, therefore, seek to minimize your fat level and develop a robust and functional muscle mass. For this, as you have understood, the ultimate tool is the weightlifting movements.


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