1. A complete gym in a backpack

With resistant bands is the weight room that is available anywhere and anytime for you! No more hassle of going or finding a weight room.  Lightweight and easily transportable, you can put them in your suitcase when you travel and use them to get a good workout in your hotel room, outdoors, at your vacation spot or just at home.

2. Fits all: from beginner to high-level athlete and how to choose your pack?

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert athlete, the elastic bands of bodybuilding adapt to all levels. The different band tensions allow adjusting the intensity of your exercises according to your level or the difficulty of the movement or the circuit.

You can even use multiple bands simultaneously to increase stress and tension. If you have a bodybuilding experience and want to use your programs or methods, then the NOMAD MUSCLE PACK is suitable.

3. Allows you to train all muscles effectively

As seen in the video, elastic bands can replace weights on any conventional bodybuilding movement that you may have already practiced. Biceps, triceps, shoulders, pectorals, back, glutes, abs, thighs, all the classic exercises of bodybuilding can be reproduced with the elastic bands. The difference is just at the level of resistance.

With weights or dumbbells, the load is constant because of gravity. With the bands, the tension is progressive, the more one pushes or pulls on the elastic bands, the more the tension increases. The stimulation is different but just as intense.

4. Less traumatic than working with a load:

As the tension during movement is progressive, training with elastic bands is less traumatic in the joints and tissues. In fact, with weight training, you always choose a load or weight that you can lift in the position where the joints or your muscles are weakest precisely to avoid injury. However, the charge becomes insufficient in the corners where you are active.

With elastic bands, the opposite is exact: in the corners where the joints and muscles are fragile and therefore sometimes painful, the elastic bands offer little resistance.

On the other hand, in the holes where the joints and the muscles are healthy, the elastic bands provide a resistance superior to the weight and dumbbell. The elastic bands, therefore, make it possible to progress even when you have old articular pains, making them ideal for all sportsmen young and old.

5. Training of the whole body:

The elastic bands can be used for a complete full body workout or to work the upper and lower body separately to train all the muscles of your body. One can choose classical exercises or more complex polyarticular and three-dimensional movements.

6. More specific for sports physical preparation

The elastic bands make it possible to work with different force vectors (vertical, horizontal, transverse, that is to say in rotation and of course, all the combinations of the vectors between them).

Also, the work with elastic band strength training can work with contraction speeds (acceleration and deceleration) and dynamic sheathing much closer and specific to sports movement and human movements. They are therefore much more suited to work explosiveness, power, and endurance specific to sports movements.

7. Combines with the workload to increase profitability and efficiency

The work with cast iron and the elastic bands can be connected in a single change to take advantage of their benefits while combining different force vectors between them.

8. Allows you to progress to pulls and dips

Tractions and dips are efficient and exciting weight training exercises, but often very difficult when you start, and you lack strength. By releasing the body in the low position where there is the least force on these two movements, the elastic bands make it possible to progress quickly on the pulls and the dips.

Bodybuilding: Finisher upper body session / back tension tensile contrast with CTS elastic bands. The green stripe allows you to perform explosive rehearsals, as it dumps almost 40% of the body weight.

As soon as the speed drops, we go to traction with violet CTS elastic band without recovery and for the maximum of repetition. Muscle congestion of the back, arms, and forearms guaranteed. Tips, elastic bands, and lightweight training equipment on www.christophe-carrio.com

9. A huge variety

Your muscles quickly adapt to the movements you often make, so changing programs every two months is necessary, and adding variety to your exercises is the key to boosting your muscles and continuing to progress. Elastic bands offer hundreds of movement variations by the different force vectors that they work with, and the methods they allow to use.

Not only does this variety make progress, but it also reduces the risk of injury. You can find turnkey programs only with elastic bands and body weight in MEP programs 1, 2, and 3.

10. Improves joint mobility and recovery

The elastic bands are also used to decompress and mobilize the joints and also to stretch. They help relieve tension around the joints and keep muscles and tissues supple, which limits the risk of long-term injury.


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