The back pain can be caused by many mechanical or inflammatory diseases. In general, back pain is not a problem for cycling. But in any case, the opinion and agreement of your doctor to do a regular exercise of this type are necessary.

Some back problems may require special precautions. It’s all about quantity and general care. But overall, sport is recommended for back problems, and cycling is part of the possibilities if it is well done. Here are the tips you will need:

How to adapt your bike?

A good posture on a bike is crucial if you want to avoid back pain.

•    First of all, opt for an exercise bike because it prevents micro jerks encountered on the road which are harmful to your back

•    Keep your back straight and avoid squatting or bending your shoulders while pedaling

•    Adjust the height of the saddle

•    Tilt the saddle about 10 ° forward; this will improve the curvature of your lumbar spine

•    Tilt the handlebars to keep your back as straight as possible to reduce muscle tension at the lumbar level

•    Spread some of the weight on your arms and hands while keeping your chest and head up.

•    Keep your arms slightly bent while pedaling, allowing the upper part of your body, rather than your spine, to absorb some of the stress

•    Maintain an angle of 90 degrees knee top of the stroke. It’s more effective and better suited to your hips and lower back

•    Vary of position time to time as periodically change the angle of your upper body will help prevent tiredness muscle in your back

•    You can add handlebar extensions or risers as needed for a more straight back.

What exercises to do on the bike?

Once correctly installed, here are the precautions to take for your back:

Start with short durations at the beginning to assess your tolerance and to re-train gradually. For example 10 minutes twice a day, then 15 minutes, then 20 minutes and then when the time is long enough, go to once a day. The gradual recovery, therefore, limit muscle fatigue in your back

Put a weak resistance to begin so as not to aggravate your back pain. First, focus on exercise duration rather than intensity. When the length is sufficient, and you feel fit gradually increase the resistance if you wish.

Other tips for back pain

Extend to treat back pain

If in case you suffer from back pain, it is essential to stretch every day. Five minutes is enough, but it is the regularity that counts. It is necessary to stretch the lower back, but also other muscles that intervene in the back pain. For example, the iliopsoas, the pyramidal, the gluteus medius, and the posterior chains in the legs with the hamstrings. You can watch the different exercises on these videos.

Muscle up to limit back pain

The bike does not specifically strengthen the central muscles of the body ( abdominal and dorsal). Most doctors consider them an essential part of the prevention of low back pain. Even if you have strong legs, an imbalance between the flexors and extensors of the trunk can participate in your sore back. So add some muscle building exercises to strengthen your abdominals, your obliques, and a little sheathing.

A good sitting position to avoid back pain

You are not unaware that we spend a good part of the day sitting. So get to well your posture when sitting is critical.

Different types of bike for back pain

An exercise bike offers a non-impact workout, which means there is no force on your joints or spine while you ride. In the apartment bicycles, there are right bikes and recumbent bicycles. An upright bike is made like a regular road bike. You ride sitting upright or leaning forward like a runner. You can work sore muscles in different places by changing position. The recumbent exercise bikes position the cyclist’s body in an inclined position. As the backrest provides support for the lower back, base on the nature of your condition, this kind of exercise bike can be more comfortable than a right motorcycle.

The right bike

The use of a right bike is the best type of exercise bike for people suffering from lumbar canal stenosis or osteoarthritis. This type of bike can be more comfortable because it allows you to lean forward while riding. Osteoarthritis is linked to cartilage wear in the joints between the bones.

Spinal stenosis is a common condition of the back in human over 50 years old. The spine narrows and puts pressure on the spinal cord and nerves. Symptoms include pain, numbness, weakness, and cramps in the limbs. One of the non-surgical treatments of the disease, just like osteoarthritis, is physical exercise.

The recumbent bike

If your back pain is related to mobility or balance difficulties, a recumbent bike can be your perfect option because you can sit in a reclining position or lift the seat so that it is declining. Both locations release pressure on your back.

For example, degenerative disc disease is a painful condition of the back. It is caused when the intervertebral discs are damaged by age or injury. The disks act as dampers for the bones of the spine. They keep the back flexible and protect the nerves. The acute pain associated with this condition makes normal mobility extremely difficult. A recumbent bike may be the best type of stationary bike for this excruciating back pain because it offers lumbar support.


F area of the bike will help you reduce your back pain. Do not forget to combine the other exercises, and the back pain will be for you an old story! Especially since cycling will also improve your cardio, maintain your joints, and reduce your stress. It is a perfect compromise for your physical and mental health, the benefits of which are well described in this article. So choose the bike that suits you best to make the most of it.


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