Ideal for getting around town, the folding bike can also be adapted to all situations. To get the bread, go to the beach on vacation, take a walk to the market or go to the office, it turns out to be an efficient solution in everyday life, and facilitates intramodality. And can very quickly simplify your life. For those who still hesitate, here are five good reasons to choose the folding bike.

1. The perfect mix between lightness, comfort, and performance

Most models of folding bicycles are equipped with aluminum frame and fork, a material known for its lightness. Its weight is often much lighter compared to a classic city bike, for example. The folding bike is also equipped with 6 to 7 speeds that allow it to climb small coasts.

Its low wheels, 20 inches on average, are often stronger and lighter than larger city bike wheels. And also, it is possible to equip it with all the accessories of a classic bike: mudguard, fire, rack, basket, etc.

For even more efficiency, the folding bike is available in an electronic version. There is also a folding cargo bike to venture on longer breakaways. Without a doubt, today’s folding bikes are more than just bikes. The levels of performance and technology they reach today make them perfectly functional and practical, whether for daily commuting or a simple ride.

2. The transportation of folding bike facility

The main features of the folding bike: its small size and its joints which give it this so fantastic aspect. All kinds of intelligent systems have been developed to allow it to fall back on itself and thus make it as compact as possible. And turn it into simple hand luggage in seconds. This makes the folding bike easy to carry, as well by hand as a suitcase in a car trunk, a cargo holds or a boat. He also sneaks into the elevators and stairs with disconcerting ease.

In general, the reference remains the Brompton. In terms of space, with its 565 mm × 545 mm × 250 mm (or 0.077 m3), it is often unbeatable. As you can see, the folding bike carries the cyclist on the road … and the cyclist takes the bike once on the ground. A true reciprocal relationship.

3. A bike that suits everyone

Another unique feature of the folding bike: there is no specific model for men or women. The frame is unique and suitable for all sizes and builds. Indeed, the adaptation and adjustments of the position on the bike are done by playing at the saddle and handlebars. Once unfolded, adjust the saddle height and height of the folding bike’s stem to fit its size and ride in comfort! So, all the family can use it and feel comfortable like on their bike. A motorcycle that encourages sharing, eventually.

4. No more parking hassles

The folding bike is particularly suitable for small spaces. With him, you do not need to look for a place in a crowded bicycle parking or attach it wildly to street furniture. Finished also the anxiety of leaving his bike alone for several hours in a dark alley without fear of finding it in one piece.

At work or home, it is possible to bring it everywhere at your side and store it discreetly in a small corner. Storing it in a closet, in a storage room or on the balcony will not be a problem. In his office during the day, in his house or apartment – however small he is – at night, you will not let go of a pedal.

5. Intramodality opens its doors

With the folding bike, it’s a whole new field of possibilities and combinations that suddenly become infinite. Intramodality, that is to say, the fact of using several different means of transport in the same route is available to you. It fits easily into public transport, bus, trams, train, metro, and no extra charge! This is the only type of bike allowed in almost all public transport.

Do you want to go cycling in the mountains or on a bike route? Go there by car with your folding bike stored in the trunk, take a bike path, and return by train to your coach. A big blow of a pump or a bad storm at the time of returning from work? Take a bus or subway! With the folding bike, you will find a solution to (almost) all your problems.


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