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Buyer Guide: Getting The Right Equipment For Golf

Below are the factors to consider choosing your golf

1. Club

There are all kinds of clubs, so how do you know which material to choose to start. Here’s is the recommendation through extensive research:

people who start an activity have the most robust growth curve. As a result, the needs in terms of equipment will very quickly evolve until stagnating. In other words, it is better to take a very simple half-series at the start and to forge a precise idea of ​​the type of golfer that you are (slow or fast swing, the need of distance or control, desire a very light or more massive club). A straightforward first tip is to go online to find a half series of opportunity that will be perfect for your primary needs.


Basic material to play, choosing a bag can completely change the way you enjoy golf.

There are three types of bags.

Cart bag

Material- trolley bag: The trolley bag is the largest of the bags and must imperatively be placed, as the name suggests, on a trolley because it does not stand alone. This is the bag that most regular golfers have. The great advantage of this type of bag is that you can put all the equipment you want: balls, tee, scorecards, all clubs, towel, brush, umbrella, documents, pockets for clothing. In short, everything !!

The disadvantage is that it is forbidden to take them, and more particularly the wagon that goes with it, during the winter period varying from the end of October to the beginning of March. Trolleys are forbidden for the simple reason that trolley wheels form lines on the route due to more frequent precipitation during the winter. This can vary between each golf course and the region in which you are.

The mandatory nature of the trolley can also be penalizing the size of the trunk of your car too. Indeed, a trolley bag will not help you if you can not transport it.

Tripod bag

The tripod bag is a compromise between portability and storage capacity. Some tripod bags can be put on trolleys as well. This is the bag I have been taking for a long time because it allows me to play most clubs and can also be made during the winter. this kind of bag is compromised and the possibility of putting it permanently in the car. Having your bag all the time makes you want to come to golf more often, and indirectly help you improve your game.

Pen bag or practice bag 

The pen bag is the ideal bag for a session of practice or to a small nine holes late evening. This bag is very light but only allows you to carry a few clubs with you. Be careful, some of these bags are without tripods, so be vigilant on this point.

3. Balls

In general, it is at the beginning of the most difficult to appreciate the differences between the balls when one starts. That’s why I also recommend you to search online; probably you will find a discount for a good number of balls


This is important because they do not break, unlike wood tee. The difference in appreciation between the plastic and wood tee is minimal for me.

On the other hand, what is highly practical in the form of tee is when it looks like this:

This kind of tee allows you to have the right height to put the ball to hit a strike with an iron. The same style exists for wood and drivers. To have a tee for the practice area, this is the kind of tee that you can have:

5. Gloves

The gloves allow you to have a grip on your club without having to hold it too firmly. When we start golf, we often tend to tighten the club firmly for fear of letting go. The consequence is that glove wear is strongly felt. That’s why I recommend you search for gloves on the website. One trick is to have gloves for the practice and one or two pairs of gloves for the course.

One is almost disposable, do not put the price on it. The other pair of gloves should look for a practical sense with a brand – magnetic ball on the back of the hand. This will prevent you from continually searching for a coin or other to score the ball when you are on the green.


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