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Buyer Guide: Criteria To Choose Your Complete Golf Kit

Follow the below criterion before buying your golf kit

The shaft (club stick)

The shaft will determine the comfort of use, which is essential if you want to achieve specific shots, or if you like to indulge in this sport for long hours. The shaft corresponds to the golf club handle and will be manufactured in either graphite/carbon or steel.

The steel shaft hits much harder. This allows you to make significant strikes, but it will also cause vibrations throughout the club if your swing is missed. In this respect, it will be more appropriate for experienced players especially since they are heavier.

Conversely, the shaft graphite (or carbon) will be more comfortable to handle, easy to use and therefore be perfect for neophytes. While they certainly offer a reduced impact, do not forget that golf does not depend on brute force, far from it! The carbon shafts have appeared more recently and are popular with many players, who consider that they synthesize the other two types of iron.

The grip

Now let’s move to the grip on the club neck. The most important here will be the size and, of course, it will depend directly on your size and morphology. If you buy a grip too big for you, it is unlikely that you will manage to control the trajectory of the strike. Conversely, a grip too small will force you to bend your back – which is already very unpleasant – but there is also a chance of a sliding effect occurs at the time of typing.

So think about taking into account your morphology before investing in a golf club. Remember that there is not a perfect size, but a suitable size!

The head

We finally arrive at the last part of the golf club, namely the head! Or should we say heads, because we find the offset, the dregs, and the loft? In reality, you will not usually have to choose from your purchase between different types of head. Indeed, you have probably noticed that men’s golf kits have several clubs: in reality, they have different heads.

So what can these heads serve? Some heads will hit harder but will be less precise (which may be practical at the beginning of the game), while others will offer more or less essential effects. You will discover the subtlety of the different heads during your parties – and then choose your favorite head!

Product reliability

Even if you turn to cheap golf series, these still represent a particular investment. Since you will have to set a budget for your purchase, it is best to invest in quality golf equipment, which will maintain excellent performance over time. It would be a shame that after a few greens disputed, the coating of your club is already starting to disappear!

For this, two options are available to you. First, know that several manufacturers have earned an excellent reputation in the manufacture of complete kits of golf man quality.

These manufacturers, which you will find in our comparison 2019, bring to their products superior know-how that ensures you have quality at your disposal.

However, if a reputation even deserved is not enough, then you can see the customer reviews and users that you can collect on the forums. These will bring you direct feedback from many users, allowing you to have reliable sources on reliability


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