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Buyer Guide: Choosing The Right Golf Club

Below are the factors to put into consideration before choosing your golf club


As for the purchase of any other sports equipment, size is the first criterion to take into account if you do not want it to be a wrong model. We are talking mainly about the length of the shaft expressed in inches or cm.

Each material is designed for precise use. The longest clubs like the woods, for example, are made to strike at a great distance.

However, the length of the shaft must also match your size as well as the distance between your wrist and the outstretched arm. In addition to the length of the handle, it is also essential that you consider the size of the grip so that you can adequately hold your club. Manufacturers generally offer four different sizes, woman, standard, midsize and jumbo.

The number

This feature applies to all types of golf clubs. The latter are numbered from 1 to 9 and classified as follows: long corresponding from 1 to 4, medium from 5 to 7 and short from 8 to pitching wedge. Know that the smaller the number, the more iron allows you to travel from a distance. The more significant figure meanwhile offers shorter shots. This is why irons numbered 1, and two are generally used by professionals.

The material

The material of manufacture is also a criterion not to be neglected because the reaction of the club during the impact depends on it. The so-called shaft of the material can be steel or graphite, and each has its characteristics.

Suitable for novice players and women, graphite shafts that are more flexible and lighter promote slow and short swings. The stiffer and more precise steel ones are advised to players with a fast swing.n However, be careful because if a shaft that is too flexible can divert the trajectory of the ball up or to the left, an excessively stiff shaft may push the ball to the right.

Outside the handle, the grip can also be made from different materials. There are those in rubber that are characterized by their adhesion, those in the polymer that are distinguished by their strength and those leather that have the particularity of being non-slip, but that wear quickly enough.


To choose your golf club, first and foremost, you must take into account your level. Indeed, if you are starting, it is recommended to opt for a series of transition that is simpler, tolerant and allows you to play in all circumstances. Prefer clubs with a big head with oversize to the blades. In case you are a confirmed player, it is better you choose your equipment according to your style of play and your swing. If you have a strong and fast swing, it is recommended to focus on steeper shafts. On the other hand, favor more flexible shafts like those in graphite if you have rather slow swings.

The brand

The best thing is to opt for a brand golf club if you want to acquire resistant and robust equipment and enjoy his favorite sport. The most prominent manufacturers of clubs, such as Longridge, MacGregor, Wilson, Titleist, Taylormade, Cobra or Callaway indeed use materials of superior quality for the design of their equipment. Also, they continuously bring innovations to them so that they meet the needs of the most demanding players.


Of course, a golf club is made to hit the ball, but you will be even more satisfied if it is stylish. Brands are currently making sure that their materials appeal to players both in terms of performance and aesthetics.

The best clubs of the moment, the MacGregor cg1900x and the Wilson Pro Staff HDX Fairway Wood are designed in sleek and modern designs, both grips and heads. So, take the equipment that catches you the most and sticks to your look.


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