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Best Tennis Replacement Grip for Sweaty Hands (Overgrip)

For anyone to become a professional tennis player, training is essential. But not only, but the beginner, confirmed or professional must also have appropriate equipment, including a tennis grip. The choice of it is crucial because it will influence the performance and the progress of the tennis player. The idea is to find the best tennis replacement grip for sweaty hands.

There are several positions to hold the racket handle that regulars commonly call (tennis racket grip). This implies that it is impossible to perform all the typing techniques with the same racket grip during an exchange. It must change regularly.

Criteria To Choose The Best Tennis Replacement Grip For Sweaty Hands

 Racket grip will significantly influence your playing technique, so opt for a model that best suits your needs. The choice depends mainly on your feelings and the sensations you want to have in contact with your racket.

Below are the criteria for choosing the best tennis replacement grip for sweaty hands.

  1. Comfort: “smooth” grips are designed to bring durability and comfort. They are very appreciated for their absorbing quality and softness to the touch.
  2. Adhesion: If you are looking for a grip that offers a good feel and durability, you can opt for grips called “pimples.” They are skinny and easily identifiable with their pimples.
  3. Absorption: If your hands tend to sweat after a few minutes of training, the ideal will be to opt for a grip “peach.” The latter allows quick removal of sweat and is durable.


For your convenience, we offer tips for choosing the right grip for your needs. We have also selected some exciting products you will find on Amazon. Therefore below are the best tennis overgrip for sweaty and sticky hands:

 1. Original Dry Sensation Tourna Grip XL

While playing Tennis with Tournal Grip, In the beginning, you will have a dry grip, but the more you sweat, the more sticky the grasp.  This will only give you a comfortable posture when you hit the ball and when your hold is tacky.

 It has an original dry function that all players can use, whether amateurs, professionals, or even students, to increase their grip when sweating.

 Others may feel that once their hand is sweating, your tennis racket’s grip may loset is fascinating that Tourna Grip is not the same thing as most people accustomed to wearing overgrips, as this will only increase your grip when you sweat.

 The Tourna Grip game also includes a zippered vinyl organizer that holds the entire overgrip in your tennis bag.  Also, it has a roll of finishing tape that can be used when the attachment unravels.


  1.    Suitable for all levels of players
  2.    Increases your grip when sweating.

 2. Babolat Pro Tour

 The Babolat Pro Tour overgrip has a slightly sticky feel and excellent absorbency.  In addition to this, another essential feature of this grip is in the description below.  The manufacturer of this excess grip is proud of the durability of this product.

 By evaluating customers’ feedback, you will know how long this overgrip will last.  Many customers have shown that this overgrip can withstand fatigue in various applications.

The Babolat Pro Tour is also a multi-faceted grip because it can also be used for Tennis, as well as for badminton and other racket competitions.

 The only drawback of this overgrip is your choice of limited color.  Therefore, it is good to remember this mark in the next version of overgrips since it may need to be updated to include the ability to add more color usability.


  1.     It’s durable
  2.     It can be used for other games apart from Tennis.
  3.    Limited color choice

 3. Wilson Pro Overgrip

 Made of polyurethane, Wilson Pro Overgrip is an excellent tennis tool that complements your tennis service. 

The most passionate players like this because of its ultra-thin structure with a high-elastic felt surface because it provides the best feeling.

The Wilson Pro Overgrip consists of three and is perfect for Tennis.  Frequent tennis players have used the grip of this brand.

Wilson Pro Overgrip is available in various colors, such as orange, green, pink, yellow, cyan, silver, and rose.  Color selection is one of the most appealing features that makes it attractive to many players, men, and women.

 This grip is also ideal for beginners because it can be easily applied.  Its functionality and general structure make it an excellent choice for professionals and beginners.


  1.     Available in varieties of colors
  2.    Recommended for beginners

4. Yonex Super Grap

  You must check the Yonex Super Grap Overgrip if you are searching for a grip that does not slide while sweating.

 Sweating has always been a problem for any sport involving a racquet, so racquet players prefer an excessive grip that is less likely to slip. Many tennis players like this grip. Even badminton and squash players like this because it is slip-resistant.

 When you buy the Yonex Super Grap overgrip, remember that it is a roll with three strips.  Other buyers initially complained that the manufacturer had cheated them because they only saw one volume at first glance. 

However, immediately after you open the package, you will see three strips piled on a roll.


  1.     It is slip-resistant
  2.     It can be used to play badminton and squash too

 5. Overgrip Head Super Comp

 Another right choice for professionals and beginners is Head Super Comp Overgrip.  As most tennis players have experienced, sweat has been a struggle when a racquet is used because it increases the likelihood of sliding. 

That’s why Head Super Comp Overgrip is an attractive piece of Tennis for frequent athletes due to its excellent sweat absorption.

 Also, this type of grip is excellent and provides comfort while you play.  A remarkable feature of the Head Super Comp Overgrip is that it is easy to apply and, therefore, highly desirable for beginners.  Finding the best angle when using this overgrip is one of the characteristics that any beginner should look for in grip.

 This is a good option for most buyers because no matter how often they use overgrip, their sweat absorption and adhesion remain the same.


•    Its a good absorber of sweat

•    Easy to use, especially for beginners


The grip itself: the (grip for Tennis) is designed to improve the grip between the handle and the fingers. It allows to optimize of the grip when handling the racket and effectively absorb the vibrations after each hit.

The overgrip prevents the racket’s handle turns at the time of the shot. It enjoys the same qualities as the grip, except it is thinner than this. Also, ingthickening the handle provides a better grip when handling.

The sponge grip: the primary function of the sponge grip is to absorb the sweat emanating from the player’s hands. It is composed solely of cotton.


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