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Best Scooter Helmet For Toddlers -Updated

Is it very challenging to choose the best scooter helmet for toddlers? We have written this scooter Helmet Buying Guide to help you with the best five best scooter helmets for toddlers of the moment and reviews. Everything to help you choose the best-seller scooter helmet.

The ideal remains to find the perfect compromise between the lightness of the helmet and the level of protection rather advantageous in weight but also a budget issue.

Toddlers must wear a helmet adapted to their morphology and the practice of their scooters. Below are some tricks to help you choose the right child bike helmet and the five best toddler scooter helmets.

5 Best scooter helmet for toddlers

1. Bell Sidetrack with MIPS ProtectionCHECK ON AMAZON
2. Joovy NoodleCHECK ON AMAZON
3. Giro Children's Tremor HelmetCHECK ON AMAZON
5. Pro-Tec Classic Bucky Kids Scooter HelmetCHECK ON AMAZON

Criteria to choose the best scooter helmet for toddlers

To invest in the best scooter helmet, it is essential to look carefully at the different approaches we will present below. We will not forget the type of use you have planned to make.

This type of helmet may be suitable for everything, but if your kids are a fan of scooters and make figures, the wide face helmet will be more robust and efficient. It will meet more of your expectations.

  1. The articulated part: This is the chin rest. This must be the most pleasant and easy to handle.
  2. Comfort: an uncomfortable scooter helmet will not be a good helmet; purchase the scooter helmets that are more comfortable for your kid
  3. Size: To choose the right scooter helmet size, start by measuring the cranial perimeter of your child. Use this value to find the correct size in the size guide for each model. Do you hesitate between two sizes? If you doubt, choose the smaller of the two: the mosses will naturally settle over time.
  4. Weight: even if the size corresponds to him, its weight will indeed be much too high if it’s for an adult. For even more than for you, the importance of your child’s helmet must occupy a prime place at the time of choice. Buy a scooter hamlet that best fits your kids in weight and size.

5 Best Scooter Helmets For Toddlers

1. Bell Sidetrack with MIPS Protection

Bell sidetrack is a respected brand and an excellent choice if you are looking for a helmet with MIPS protection, a mountain bike shape at the lower part of the head, and superb head coverage.

 It has a removable head visor and is covered with 15 vent holes for enough ventilation. The construction is made from a polycarbonate shell with EPS lining on the helmet, which fits a head diameter of 50-57cm.

 Easy to operate with a dial system for one-handed adjustment. It’s a smaller dial system without agitation and rubber grip, but it works! 

The slider on the side strips can be better adapted to fit better and pull clips at the bottom of the chin.

2. Joovy Noodle

This scooter helmet is a light and portable scooter helmet that is made to fit kids perfectly.

Lightweight features allow it to be very easy to perfect for the kid, and it is more comfortable whenever they wear it since they will still possess control over their neck and head movements.

With the chin straps threaded using the back dial-adjust, the Noodle is more stable on small heads, and the separated straps make the helmet incredibly much more comfortable to get on.

The double-color chin buckle (black on the left, red on the right) makes the clipless complicated to spot and ride off a moving kid.

3. Giro Children’s Tremor Helmet

Giro is a highly respected brand for the construction of both Adult and child’s helmets, with an excellent record of quality helmets.

They are very good at making helmets, so their tremors should not differ. What are things that we should expect with this version of Giro?

For a start, the dial system is easily adjustable. The adjustment is so proper that you wouldn’t need a change on the side straps on the helmet.

The large dial and rubber grip make it easier to use when on a child’s head, especially a fidgeting child. And it also features a perfect buckle to connect underneath the chin.

The inside is lined with standard sealed pads made from high-quality performance material to absorb sweat. It has 18 vents holes to keep the head fresh in warm weather.

It has a highly extended visor to protect the children’s faces from the sun. The helmet has a polycarbonate inner shell with EPS lining.

And lastly, it comes in a variety of colors. So, you have a lot of options that you can choose from.

4. Giro Scamp – best choice For Toddlers

if you have been searching for a perfect fit for a toddler or small kid, The Giro Scamp is a very suitable choice. It consists of  two sizes, an extra small (43-49cm) and a small (49-53cm)

What differentiated this helmet apart from its competitors is the simple adjustment system. It has an adjustment dial at the back. The side strips are also optimized for optimal adaptation.

Lightweight and comfortable to wear in a polycarbonate housing and EPS-lined in-mold construction. The lower buckle can be securely fastened to keep it in place. It is perfect when trying to fit the helmet on a fidgeting toddler.

The helmet is designed with a narrower profile at the back and is perfect for a trailer or bike seat uso.

5. Pro-Tec Classic Bucky Kids Scooter Helmet

The brand makes a standard scooter helmet to guard your kids against bumps and impacts. It is beautifully made with a two-layer foam lining and HDPE inner shell that prevents pinching or any head injuries from the accident.

These scooters are strong, lightweight, and fit beautifully for your child. Pro-Tec Classic Bucky Kids Scooter Helmet is made from 11 holes in the course of youth helmets for suitable and fast ventilation.

One feature that makes this scooter helmet so extraordinary is that it was made with the collaboration of bucky lasek (six times World Skateboarding champion). Therefore, it is a bang for the buck, which implies that it will make your kids professional scooter ride.


The helmet is an essential piece of equipment for the scooter. How should parents go about choosing the helmet for their kids? This is the purpose of this buying guide.

We share our opinion on the scooter helmet to help you choose the best product. But remember that the best scooter helmet for your needs will ensure your kids’ comfort and safety. 

Different types of models

The helmet is available in three models

The jet helmet

This is the helmet that can be known as the vintage motorcycle helmet. It protects the skull and is a little behind, and that’s all. This is not a helmet used to do long distances.

The modular helmet

This is the helmet that we presented to you in this comprehensive guide. It is the one that can be transformed into a jet format and a basic format.

The integral helmet

This is the helmet that offers the best protection possible. All parts of the head are protected with plenty of foam on the inside to cushion shocks if they ever occur.


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