Best Sports Sunglasses For Small Faces [2021 UPDATED]

Finding the pair of glasses that are ideally suited to the shape of your face can become a real challenge, especially if you are lucky enough to have excellent features. With the summer sun coming and ready to shine on us, it’s time to protect our little eyes in a new pair of sunglasses. Looking for the best sports sunglasses for small faces?

Between sports models and trends, it is difficult to choose the pair that will for best sport sunglasses that will fit your small faces. How to choose the best sunglasses in 2019?

We guide you in your quest by offering you to compare all the features of our top 5 for the best sports sunglasses for small faces.



This sunglass is a product of the modern day advanced technology. It was designed to serve as a protection for your eyes and face from harsh sunlight with the help of the lens which features GlareGuard. And you might be asking that “What is Glareguard.” It is a lens coating that reduces glare to prevent eye strain. It also goes further to harmful rays.

The Tifosi Jet sunglasses is aggressive in look, and there is a polycarbonate coating on the lens, which makes it difficult for the lenses to get scratched or shatter.

It has a super-sticky rubber on the nose guard to keep the sunglasses in place, even when sweating. And it comes with a hard case.


  1. GlareGuard filter technology
  2. Great value


  1. Nosepieces don’t stay always stay attached


This version of Tifosi Sunglasses is made explicitly for use with a bike helmet, but they equally go well with running and other sports activities.

Unlike the first one, they are not aggressive in profile, but they instead have a skinny, angular profile that looks sleek on the face and its available in a variety of colors. They are extremely resistant to UV damage.

Lens ventilation helps prevent the glasses from fogging on hot, humid days.  Combined with the open design around the eyes, these sunglasses are less likely to fog.

Ears and nose are hydrophilic, that is, they respond well to water and help keep them in place.  The rubber around the frame ear is adjusted for a perfect fit.

Like the jet version of Tifosi, the slip models also have GlareGuard to help protect your eyes from bright sunlight. But the only difference is that the slip version comes with three lenses that can be used and changed for different light conditions.

The slip sunglass also has a version that comes with a lens (Fototec) that can adjust automatically depending on the outdoor brightness.


  1.   Anti-fog and ventilation
  2.   Water-reactive ear and nose piece
  3.   Comes with a replaceable lens


  1.   May leave too much air around the eyes


This pair of sunglasses provides close to 100% polarization and filters out sunlight and serve as perfect UV protection. 

Taking into account the peripheral vision of the image on the road and the rail, the curvature of the lens ensures that the quality is not significantly degraded.

What makes this sunglass stand out is that it comes with two sets of lenses: one set with the frame and the other set if you want to switch them out.

The lenses are resistant to impact and scratch, so minor accident on your sunglass is no longer a problem to worry about.

The lightweight frame is made of a material that reacts to water; when exposed, the structure is more abrasive and therefore less prone to release.  This helps keep your glasses on, even if the sweat might want to make them.


  1.   Clear, sharp image
  2.   Equipped with spare lenses


  1.   It is easy to lose the spare lens.


The polycarbonate lenses, UV protection, anti-glare coating, new nose, and earpieces all make Podium XC similar to Slip except it has an aggressive profile as Tifosi Jet.

So, it’s somehow a suitable replacement for the slip version. The only difference that can be seen is the lack of anti-fog ventilation. 

It’s not a big problem if you run in a dry area.  You only have to worry when you run in Humid locations or when you are very sweaty.

You can also choose the version with a 3-point lens or Fototec lenses which automatically adjusts brightness depending on the light conditions.


  1. Comes with three lenses


  1. No antifog vent


This sunglass is gender-specific; it is made specifically for women. They come in small sizes, and this particular feature makes it more appropriate for women.

The frame of the sunglass is made of plastic, which is not as strong as the materials used in manufacturing other lenses.

But according to most customers feedback, it has been said that they last long. Although few still complained about the durability.

A variety of colors of the frame, but the most common one seems to be white or brown. On the other hand, the lens has a standard color, which is a rose.

The rose-colored lenses are an exciting feature. This particular color does an excellent job of filtering out bright sunlight, especially during sunrise or sunset.

You’re more likely to see clearly than you are with regular sunglasses during these times.


Work well for early morning activity in the sun


Some users complained the lenses weren’t durable

Criteria To Buy The Right Sport Sunglass For Your Face

Finding sunglasses is a complicated task, especially for the smallest face. They do not just protect the eyes. This article can also completely change the look of the person wearing it.

The choice of this product should not be taken lightly. Do not be discouraged with the existence of several models on the market.

Know the shape of your head

Indeed, different brands of sports sunglasses do not lack in shops. There is even more on the web. The last option for finding the perfect item is to know the shape of your face first.

Just look at a mirror to find out this crucial detail by pulling your hair in the back. Then compare the reflection of your cheekbones, your forehead, your jaw as well as your chin, and you will get a conclusive answer afterwards.

Wear glasses with a square or rectangular frame

Anyone that is very rounded faces will have to choose models with a rather thick rectangular or square frame. Thus, they will be more stylish because their look will be better structured, even refined. A cat’s eye whose frame is full will allow you to highlight your eyebrows.

Prefer round models

You have a jaw as wide as your forehead. It is rather salient and angular. If these features seem familiar to you, then your face inevitably turns square.

The best solution available to you is, of course, to bring more contrast, that is to say, choose the models of the 60s with round lenses. The aviator glasses also allow you to benefit from an original style.

Change your style completely by wearing polygonal glasses

Do not think that rectangular glasses are a little outdated nowadays. On the contrary, these last ones leave you the possibility to accentuate the features of your face.

Moreover, these models a little special remain the ideal for anyone with a, particularly thin and elongated head.

The great news is that you will be able to wear most specimens such as aviator goggles and cat-eye mounts.