Best Snowboarding Helmets With Audio [2021 UPDATED]

Have you been searching for the best snowboarding helmets with audio? As we all know that snowboarding is a risky sport which is required to safety measure.

The slightest collision with a tree branch or anything and when you have a reasonably dangerous turn can make you fall from your boards.

To avoid this, it is essential to get the best snowboarding helmet. It is necessary to protect your head from any incidents. To avoid all the risks that are included in snowboarding, it is essential to wear the best ski helmet.

In this comparison, we will review the 7 best snowboarding helmets with Wired or Bluetooth connection audio. But firstly, we will provide more information on snowboarding and the necessary criteria to take into consideration before getting one.

10 Best Snowboard Helmets with Audio

ProductConnectionGO TO
1. POC - Obex Communication Spin HelmetBluetoothCheck on Amazon
2. Bern Watts EPS SnowBluetoothCheck on Amazon
3. Demon’s Phantom Helmet with Brainteaser AudioBluetoothCheck on Amazon
4. The Triple 8 Snow Helmet with Audio BluetoothCheck on Amazon
5. K2 Phase Pro Audio Helmet WiredCheck on Amazon
6. Bern Watts 8Tracks Audio HelmetWiredCheck on Amazon
7. POC Auric Cut Backcountry Spin, Ski and Snowboarding HelmetWiredCheck on Amazon
8.Wildhorn Drift Snowboard and ski helmetwiredCheck on Amazon
9.Smith vantage MIPSBluetoothCheck on Amazon
10.Giro Ledge MIPS Snow HelmetWiredCheck on Amazon

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Criteria for selecting the best snowboarding helmets with audio

The snowboarding helmet is a necessary equipment that is very crucial to avoid all risks in snowboarding. To get the right snowboarding, it is good to choose the well-fitting material.

A perfect fit provides help in avoiding overly tight helmets that compress the head and too wide helmets that can fall off. Also, choose a snowboarding helmet that offers excellent value for money.

The below criteria based on our extensive research will guide you to find the right model.

Wired vs. Bluetooth

the kind of connection between your phone and the helmet you get is essential. This connection can be divided into two types, which are wired and Bluetooth.

Some people will choose wired types over Bluetooth, and some snowboarders will choose otherwise. Therefore, both types are better depending on your choice.

The thing is that wired connection is designed with excellent audio quality, and you do not have to worry about the battery life of your helmet audio.

Also, Bluetooth connection is very convenient to use, and few media players come with Bluetooth connection. because you can only decide to get a snowboard helmet that comes with Bluetooth connection if you are using iPhone 7 and later models.

The Size

when you decide to get your snowboarding helmet, it is essential to choose the well-adapted helmet that is neither too large nor too small so that it provides better comfort and protection.

To choose the right size, you have to measure your head size by making use of measuring and pass it over the ear, the eyebrows on the front, and on the widest part of the skull at your back.

Also, you can get your snowboarding base on the brand guide to get the right size. The important thing is that the equipment must not move or compress your head because it will allow you to put on your mask and sunglasses without any difficulty

The material and lightness

Also, one of the features of a snowboarding helmet to put into consideration is the materials and lightness of the helmet because it determines the resistance and the weight of the equipment.

Through our research, we found out that most helmet manufacturers make use of In-Mold and ABS materials. The benefits of choosing the helmets made with In-Mold materials is that its very light in weight but less resistant over time.

This type is an excellent choice for women and children, but if you are looking for the best snowboard helmets materials for men, the best one to buy is the type of accessory made with ABS mode. 

Although the ABS model is more substantial than the In-Mold model, it is much more robust. To round it up, the weight of your helmet should be around

The Ventilation

As we all know that it is essential for an excellent helmet to have superior protection and maximum comfort. Your snowboarding helmet must have the proper way of circulating the air to maintain a comfortable temperature.

The more your snowboarding has ventilation holes, the better it will be when you are snowboarding with it. Therefore, get a snowboarding helmet that is equipped with an adjustable ventilation system.

Depending on its options

The snowboarding helmet manufacturer is designing different equipment that combines efficiency, comfort, and practicality.

Therefore, choosing the right one sometimes is base on your choice as the options are several and vary from one model or design to another. It recommended that you made your choice base on your expectations and needs.

The design

The design of your helmet is essential and should not be overlooked if you desire an excellent snowboarding helmet. You need to consider the style and color and make sure you choose according to your taste.

Everyone that likes the sober aspects will select black or white ski helmets. And Followers of a flashy look will choose the coloured equipment, red, orange, or yellow.

10 Best Snowboard Helmets with Audio (Wired and Bluetooth connection)

Best Snowboard Helmets with Bluetooth Connection

1. POC – Obex Communication Spin Helmet

this helmet is perfect for snowboarding and skiing, they are an actual step up when it comes to the best snowboard helmet with Bluetooth wired connection.

The Swiss company manufactures this product, and they have set a good standard for a great helmet design with audio sound. It is designed with a wireless audio speaker and mic.

Also, this product comes with three layers of protection, an excellent adjustable sizing system, and better sliding vents for a snowboard helmet built to perform.

There are so many that are snowboard helmet is encompassed, such as remote-control cord, comfortability, designed to be light in weight, excellent performance, and it provides excellent protection.

2. Bern Watts EPS Snow

If in case you have been looking for the best budget snowboard Bluetooth helmet with good audio that has excellent performance, Bern Watts EPS Snow is the right helmet for you. It is designed in a way that it is very comfortable, style, and safety for the users.

These products are equipped with high-quality Bern Watts headphones, which makes it very easy to ride and hear good music. The manufacturer makes sure that your snowboard helmet stays dry and fresh all day long.

They are fits perfectly, and they come in different sizes (S-M, L-XL, and XXL-XXXL) to maximize comfortability.

Lastly, they are made in various colours such as matte navy blue, matte black/matte Cordova, satin white, matte grey/black, leaf green, matte black, and satin orange.

3. Demon’s Phantom Helmet with Brainteaser Audio

If you are the best snowboard helmet with Bluetooth audio that is very style and comes with a high-quality headphone with value, Demon’s Phantom Helmet is the right product for you.

These snowboard helmets are designed with various features, and they are adhering to all safety standards. They are covered with a smooth ABS shell and lined with EPS foam padding.

They are designed with Vents in the front and back of the helmet, which makes it aesthetically cool and will always keep you dry while riding.

The best feature of this snowboard helmet is the headphone integration; all you need to do is plug the auxiliary cord into your smartphone and start riding with any music of your choice. It was designed with a significant volume control system, which was easy to control.

Lastly, the helmet comes with different colours, which are grey, orange, green, blue, white, and black and comes in various sizes, which are S, M, L, and XL.

4. The Triple 8 Snow Helmet with Audio

If you are looking for the best cheap snowboard helmet that comes with Bluetooth audio sound and a built-in audio system that is integrated into the earflaps for ultimate comfort, Triple 8 Snow Helmet is the right product for you.

The helmet is made of eleven vents with mesh covers on the helmet, the manufacture makes ventilation the priority while designing this product.

For comfortability and extra support, the manufacturer designed it with a back neck curtain. Also, it is made with a 3.5mm aux cable to plug into your music quickly and easily.

Best Snowboard Helmets with wired connection Audio

5. K2 Phase Pro Audio Helmet

If you are looking for the best snowboard helmet with audio that is very comfortable and adjustable and safe snowboard helmet with wired audio connection, K2 Phase Pro Audio Helmet is one of the best, as it is also guaranteed with K2’S, patented fit system.

This snowboard helmet is designed with a good ventilation system and very easy to use. This product is designed with a Level 2 Baseline Audio System, which includes an integrated headphone and volume control to hook to your music headphones.

This product is the best when comparing it to another brand today.

6. Bern Watts 8Tracks Audio Helmet

When it comes to the best audio snowboard helmet with the best budget, Bern Watts 8Tracks Audio Helmet is a great price snowboard with a wired audio connection.

The Bern Watts 8Tracks Audio Helmet is the best way for a snowboarder to look rad on the mountain while snowboarding. It comes with a watt that is very certified for snow, bike, and water.

This product is also designed with wired audio connection, lightweight, and water-resistant, and it can be adjustable with 11 vents. It is one of the best too because it can be used for water, snow, and bike.

7. POC Auric Cut Backcountry Spin, Ski and Snowboarding Helmet

What makes POC Auric Cut Backcountry Spin so different from others is the best features that are included in the design. This product also will provide you with the best sound quality and is designed with remote control, which can you pick up a Call.

The brand makes it easy for the user as the music volume and tune can be adjusted without the need of taking your phone out. Lastly, it comes with an adjustable ventilation system. And lastly, it is designed with the vents at the goggles.

8.Wildhorn Drift Snowboard and ski helmet

These are of the highly-rated helmet suppliers of the U.S. Ski team and available in various colors. It comes with great features, including high-grade lightweight protection and a VNT ventilation system, which give e you complete temperature control and airflow.

It is designated with the ergonomic design, unparalleled performance, and comfort of drift snowboard helmet and twenty-five percent (25%) lighter than a most competing product.

The earpads are audio compatible with an optional accessory and removed to make the helmet more comfortable during the warmer ski days. This helmet is made to accommodate different head shapes and ski goggles for a custom fit free of gaper gap for youth, women, and men.

9.Smith vantage MIPS

The smith vantage is a multi-directional impact protection system and has remained the best choice helmet for years. Its attributes make the helmet so comfortable with the viewers, like Hybrid SL construction, ventilation system, and protective system make it one of the best choices that money can buy.

It comes easily adjustable Boa dial system and Boa tighten, which make the helmet provide a custom fit for head shape, which provides a pressure point-free and comfortable ideal.

The multi-directional impact protection system manages rotational impact force joined with brain injuries and employed a given amount of Koroyd.

10.Giro Ledge MIPS Snow Helmet

The GIro ledge MIPS helmet has a hard shell construction that produces a minimalist look skate-style design, simple design, and a clean line that achieves a careful look.

This helmet is designated to be adjustable in size for layering in low-temperature season, with a removable ear pad for the warmer or hot day on the skill hill and a removable goggle retainer.

The stack vent in the center of the helmet aligns with the goggles helps to keep them fog-free and clear and made for a perfect seamless compatibility fit. Giro has solid construction, but the price is much more affordable.

Why you should get the best snowboard helmets with audio

A snowboard helmet with audio is not necessary to have, but it provides help in reducing headphone pain. Therefore, for snowboarders that choose music as their best company, it is recommended for them to get the best snowboard helmets with audio.

Another advantage of using a snowboard helmet with audio is that it minimizes your belonging because you don’t have to comes with headphones again while preparing to ride.

The less the possession, the less the trouble and less risk of losing headphones when reaching the big mountain. But if you are not a fan of music or you don’t need to hear music, then you should get the normal snowboard helmet.