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Best Budget Snowboard Helmets- Best Picks

A helmet is essential for snowboarding and other winter sports and skiing. When it comes to choosing the best snowboard helmets in the market, is not an easy task. Buying a helmet that goes with the budget is crucial to meet the expected type of helmet needed.

Many buyers are always disappointed after purchasing this kind of product. This usually occurs because manufacturers advance daily with different features, such as the headset, which is not removable, contrary to the manufacturer’s descriptions; this makes it very difficult for the buyer to choose what is right for them.

So, how do you choose the best budget snowboard helmets to protect your head in any event of a fall on or off the track? In this product comparison review, we will review the five best budget snowboard helmets for their money and the criteria for choosing the right in in the market

5 Best Budget Snowboard Helmets

ProductGO TO
1. MOON Ski Helmets Snow HelmetCheck on Amazon
2. TurboSke Ski Helmet, Snowboard HelmetCheck on Amazon
3. ILM Ski Helmet SnowboardCheck on Amazon
4. VELAZZIO Valiant Ski HelmetCheck on Amazon
5. AKASO Ski Helmet, Snowboard HelmetCheck on Amazon

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The Criteria for Selecting the Best Budget Snowboarding Helmet


The snowboarding helmet is designed with three kinds of different materials: the outer layer, the rigid layer, and the foam padding. The materials for snowboarding are essential when you are planning a snowboarding helmet.

Therefore, a buyer must research thoroughly in order t get the perfect snowboarding in the market.


Adjusting the snowboarding helmet is also essential as the buyer must understand the helmet that best fits the head protection, not just as decoration.

Therefore, as snowboarding helmets come in different sizes, buying the one that is perfect for your head shape is essential.

Straps Of things

Some snowboarding comes with padding on the strap so you can have an extremely comfortable, secure fit for the user. As you need an adjustable chin strap to keep the helmet safe, you have to consider it when buying one.


The ventilation system of the snowboarding helmet is essential, and the helmet comes with a different ventilation system, which is crucial when you are hot or in a warmer climate.

Other features

There are features to put into consideration depending on your choice. Some of these features are headphone integration, camera mounts, MIPS (MIPS is a ski helmet technology that helps better protect the brain in the event of any fall), etc.

5 Best Budget Snowboard Helmets

1. MOON Ski Helmets Snow Helmet

One of the many gifts from the manufacturer to the users of this helmet is the budget-friendly price.

The helmet’s ventilation system is one of a kind, as it comes with a button that allows you to get cold or warm instantly.

Also, it is a lightweight helmet with maximum protection offered, thanks to the in-mold technology construction.

The EPS foam liner makes it very safe to wear on your head and helps absorb impact. Also, you will like to know that it has passed all US standard safety tests.

Additionally, it comes with an adjustable orange lens that protects you against 100% Ultra Violet light.   

2. TurboSke Ski Helmet, Snowboard Helmet

The TurboSke Ski Helmet, Snowboard Helmet, is one of a kind, and you will like to know that it has passed all safety tests. Also, it supports EN1077 and ASTM safety-certified standards.

It comes with double-reinforced layers that provide high-end protection from the inside out of the helmet.

Also, the external cap comes from a sturdy ABS material that keeps the helmet safe from breaking easily.

Additionally, it allows for superior ventilation in and out of your head. Also, the adjustable vent system will enable you to control the airflow into your head.

Finally, it has an audio system that allows you to enjoy music when snowboarding. The adjustable size of the helmet makes it very comfortable to use.

3. ILM Ski Helmet Snowboard

The ILM Ski Helmet Snowboard is one of the best in the market, with an unmatched type of durable construction.

The EPS internal foam design helps to bring added safety to the head and also helps to absorb high impact in the case of a fall.

Additionally, the helmet provides standard airflow in and out of the head, thanks to the 17 vents feature offered by the helmet.

Thanks to the adjustable feature, you will get absolute comfort with this helmet, where you can adjust the size to your head size.

The helmet comes with goggles that prevent UV lights, and the brackets on the back help keep the google in place.

4. VELAZZIO Valiant Ski Helmet

The VELAZZIO Valiant Ski Helmet comes with a combination of top-notch EPS foams made in the United States. The EPS foam helps absorb high-impact falls, and the ABS material used in constructing the outer shell is durable.

It comes with a dial button at the back of the helmet helps to adjust the helmet to your desired need while also offering climate control.

Additionally, the plush padded fleece lining has a removable design and can be easily washed.

Thanks to the removable earpad that keeps your ears warm when snowboarding in extreme weather, it offers excellent temperature control.

Finally, it comes with goggles that protect your eyes against ultraviolet light rays.

5. AKASO Ski Helmet, Snowboard Helmet

The AKASO Ski Helmet, Snowboard Helmet, is one of the best budget-friendly helmets on the market. The price is friendly and does not alter the quality of the helmet.

The helmet’s durability is one of a kind, and you will love the EPS safety foam that helps protect against high-impact falls.

You can easily adjust the helmet to meet your comfort needs as it has an adjustable fit for your head.

Also, the helmet comes with an adjustable vent system that helps keep your head cold or warm when needed.

Finally, the helmet offers removable liners and ear pads that allow you to keep your ears warm during cold weather.


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