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Best Snowboards for Big Guys -Updated

Have you been looking for the best snowboards for big guys? Snowboarding is fun, but many have been discouraged or restricted from engaging in it due to its big size. But this should not be a limiting factor for anyone who wants to enjoy snowboarding.

This review includes some of the best snowboards for big guys in 2020. Selecting one of these snowboards will help you enjoy snowboarding irrespective of your size; focus on the criteria for consideration, too; this will help influence your decision when buying the snowboard.

Best Snowboards for Big Guys

Product NameAmazon
1. Gnu Forest Bailey Space Case Asym SnowboardCheck on Amazon
2. Lib Tech Skate Banana SnowboardCheck on Amazon
3. Capita Defenders of Awesome SnowboardCheck on Amazon
4. Jones Men’s Carbon Flagship SnowboardCheck on Amazon
5. STAUBER Summit SnowboardCheck on Amazon
6.Nitro Magnum Snowboard 2021Check on Amazon
7.Gnu Riders Choice Asym Snowboard Men'sCheck on Amazon
8.Capita Defenders of Awesome Snowboard Men'sCheck on Amazon


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Criteria for Selecting Best Snowboards for Big Guys

For big guys, endeavor to consider essential criteria like the ones listed below before buying a snowboard;

  1. Board Size: for big guys, all that matters most is the size of the snowboard. It should be wide enough to accommodate their foot, which will be big.
  2. Where you will ride: it is also important for big guys to consider where they will be riding before buying. Not all boards work well in all locations, so check your site and see if the board supports such.
  3. Weight: most snowboard has a maximum weight capacity. Ensure you are below the maximum limit if you will use the snowboard. Otherwise, you might be left injured.
  4. Riding style: if you have a riding style as a big guy, your choice will be a little detailed and special. Ensure you search for ones that support your riding style.

5 Best Snowboards for Big Guys

1. Gnu Forest Bailey Space Case Asym Snowboard

This snowboard is designed for men, which makes it perfect for big guys. It is designed with ASYM core, including Aspen/Paulownia with II/III heels. This makes the snowboard lighter, stronger, and popper.

The snowboard has an Eco-sublimated poly top which is tough and environmentally nice. The base of the board carries a sintered knife cut design; which makes it fast, tough and holds wax.

Big guys can feel comfortable on this snowboard regardless of their riding location. The snowboard comes in different sizes, widths, and lengths.

2. Lib Tech Skate Banana Snowboard

This newly developed snowboard; is designed for men making it all the more perfect for big guys. This twin snowboard is ideal for all-terrain, making riding easier than you may ever think.

This award-winning snowboard changes how to snowboard; it adds fun to the process, makes riding easy, and makes it perfect for high-performance riding.

The snowboard is delivered in different sizes, lengths, and widths. The core comprises 75% Aspen, and 25% Paulownia, while the top is eco-sublimated by poly top. The base of the snowboard is also eco-sublimated.

3. Capita Defenders of Awesome Snowboard

This is a high-quality man snowboard that is perfect for big guys. The snowboard is FSC certified and has a dual-core of poppy lightweight poplar core, combined brilliantly with beech, making it more powerful and durable.

For increased power performance and response while still keeping the lightweight feature of the snowboard, it is made with carbon fiber beams.

The special blend of fiberglass magic bean resin help increases the strength and durability of this snowboard. The sintered base materials help smooth gliding while riding. It is offered in several colors, so you can select one that suits your needs.

4. Jones Men’s Carbon Flagship Snowboard

This snowboard has a length of 153 cm, 161cm, and 164cm, so big guys have more than one option to pick from. You can easily ride in the high mountain with this snowboard thanks to its unique and amazing designs.

The board is rated 10 out of 10 flex, so you can be sure of unmatched fun while riding. The tip of the board makes floating on soft snow easy due to the design of the information.

The board has a dimension of 61 by 12 by 7 inches with an overall shipping weight of 10.6 pounds.

5. STAUBER Summit Snowboard

This is another top-quality snowboard designed for big guys. Perfect for all terrains and makes riding more fun. It comes in several sizes, including 128, 133, 138, 143, 148, 153, etc.

It is lightweight and snowboards for all riding. Has a twin-directional chamber with a 2*4 mounting system. It carries a sandwich construction with 100 real wood cores, ABS sidewall, rubber dampening strip, and steel edge sidewall, and it is scratch-resistant.

The snowboard has eight 14mm screws, eight countersunk washers, and other accessories that make maintenance easy.


Getting the right snowboard for the big guys can be tricky sometimes. Irrespective of the size of the buyers, we hope this snowboard comparison review will help you make the right decision when purchasing your snowboard.


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