Best Ski Pants for Curvy Figures

Have you been searching for the best ski pants for curvy figures?

Maybe you are an amateur skier, an off-piste, or perhaps you always like to ski on the groomed slopes. Whatever your choice as a skier, it is essential to get the right ski pant that best fit you and your needs.

To find the best ski pants for curvy figures sometimes can be difficult; that’s why we decided to conduct research and review the best ski pants for a curvy figure that both fit you.

When there are a ton of pants to choose from (and some are very expensive), how do you know which ski pants to choose? All of this will be the answer in this article.

But before we review the best ski pants available in the market, below are the criteria to put into consideration before you get your ski pants.

8 Best Ski Pants For Curvy Figures

1. Singbring Men Women Outdoor Fleece Lined Windproof Hiking Pants Waterproof Ski PantsCheck on Amazon
2. Arctix Women's Insulated Snow PantsCheck on Amazon
3. Wildhorn Kessler Women's Ski PantsCheck on Amazon
4. BenBoy Women's Outdoor Waterproof Windproof Fleece Slim Cargo Snow Ski Hiking PantsCheck on Amazon
5. PsemesP Women Snow Ski PantsCheck on Amazon'
6. Lands’ End Women’s Plus-Size Squall Snow PantsCheck on Amazon
7. Obermeyer petra pantsCheck on Amazon
8. Pulse men's technical bib snow pantsCheck on Amazon

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Criteria for choosing the bests ski pant for curvy figures


Almost all ski pants have some level of waterproofing or water resistance. If you are skiing in an area known for its very wet snow or mud, a reliable seal is critical and must be put into consideration when you decide to get your ski pants.


When it comes to ski pant, most skiers want a different kind of pant that comes with ton features, and there are others that choose to go for the simple for and most aerodynamic pant possible. But it is essential to know the features you want you to ski pants to have as it is necessary to get a ski pant that will keep you warm and make you comfortable.


This feature is essential as it ensures to make snow stay outside anytime you are skiing. it is necessary to put it into consideration when trying to get your pant

Sealed Seams

Other key features which are very important to put into account are taped seams for durability, anti-scuff protection, a mesh ventilation system to help you warm and cool as needed, and an adjustable waist strap to comfortably fit your underwear -layer.

Radio Pockets

Some brands come with radio pockets and a reflector to help pick up radio signals in the event of an avalanche. It is therefore recommended to go for a ski pant that incorporates radio pockets.


The better the insulation of a pant, the more comfortable it will be for you to move freely when skiing. The insulating pants have a waterproof outer layer and are lined with fabric on the inside for extra warmth. The insulated pants are perfect for year-round skiing, whatever the conditions, although they are maybe a little too warm for some.

8 Best Ski Pants For Curvy Figures

1. Singbring Men Women Outdoor Fleece Lined Windproof Hiking Pants Waterproof Ski Pants

With this multifunctional pant, you are free to do anything you want from skiing to hiking and any other sport you intend to do.

It comes in a soft-shell polyester with an adjustable waist that brings massive fitness to the pant on your body.

It comes with two-sided zippered pockets where you can keep your mobile phone or other mobile essentials.

Additionally, the comfort you get from this pant is excellent, and you will like that the pant serves a unique purpose for ladies with curves.

Furthermore, the durability of this design is also really excellent, and it will make the product last longer with any user.

2. Arctix Women’s Insulated Snow Pants

The Arctix Women’s Insulated Snow Pants presents with zipper closure, and you will fancy the fact that it is washable in the machine.

It offers a THERMALOCK design that helps to maintain temperature, and the durability that it provides is topnotch.

The coating of this pant allows for excellent outdoor resistance to wind, snow, and water. The impact and abrasion feature help to prevent the pant against damage.

 The THERMATECH feature also helps to maintain excellent insulation that will allow for high warmth degree during cold times.

Also, the pant allows for excellent mobility, thanks to the technology that helps to get rid of the high weight brought about by the insulation.

3. Wildhorn Kessler Women’s Ski Pants

The best feature of this highly sought-after pant is the unique mobility feature that allows you to move freely.

It comes with an articulated 360-degree fit and feels feature, and the design is highly ergonomic, making it easier to use by snowboarders.

Additionally, it protects against any weather condition, and it comes with a 12k waterproof design coupled with Dupont DWR coating.

It comes with a soft feel on the body while also offering a great deal of warmth during cold conditions. Additionally, the elastic gaiters help to stop the soft powder from getting into your pants.

It comes with a useful storage feature that will allow you to move with your essential skiing gear or materials.

4. BenBoy Women’s Outdoor Waterproof Windproof Fleece Slim Cargo Snow Ski Hiking Pants

Check on Amazon

With the 92% polyester design and 8% spandex material, you are sure to get an excellent waterproof feature from these pants.

It also causes warm, abrasion-resistant, and maximum comfort. Additionally, it presents with a multi-zippered pocket that will allow you to keep your essential stuff.

It is a perfect slim fit skiing pant with an excellent adjustable waistband to make it fir rightly on your body.

Additionally, the pant offers great styling that will allow you to ski with style, and it comes with excellent water repellent features.

It is a multifunctional pant that is used for various sporting adventures, and you will like that it protects against excess wind.

5. PsemesP Women Snow Ski Pants

For the best of warmth and comfort, the PsemesP Women Snow Ski Pants is one of the best you can get in the market.

It is a tactical style pant that comes with an excellent fleece lining for the best of your leg’s warmth during cold weather.

The pant comes with a unique scratch-resistant design. It is a unisex pant that allows for comfortable use any day at any time.

You will love the multi-pocket design that allows you to keep all your essentials like cards, phone, wallet, key, and other stuff.

It comes with an elastic waist design to immediately fit your legs. Finally, it comes in a tear-resistant design, making it a long-lasting pant.

6. Lands’ End Women’s Plus-Size Squall Snow Pants

The land end women’s plus-sized squall snow pant gives you comfort with a thin layer of lightweight insulation that keeps you itch-free and warm for hours. It is produced with a water and windproof shell and comes in various sizes and colors as desired.

The squall snow pant has Cordura patches on the inside of each leg and three pockets with an elastic waistband and snaps/zipper closure. The linen is made from polyester and can be machine washed.

It keeps you warm and comfortable all through your winter activities and has sealed seams that prevent rain, snow, sleet from getting in your body.

7. Obermeyer petra pants

The Obermeyer petra pants are styled to fit like a glove and compliment any jacket. The seams are sealed, and it has a water resistance hydrophobic insulation with its availability in various sizes. I

t provides comfort with mid-rise fits, zippered ankles, fleece lining and adjustable waist elastic with loop and hooks for secure even a better fit.

It makes you stand out in style with its four-way stretchability for total flexibility as it blends hot design details in a cold-weather performance. It is available in a special size and enables you to itch to sport on both lodge and ski days.

8. Pulse men’s technical bib snow pants

The pulse men technical bib snow pants  give you comfort and have all technical features you will need.

It is produced with  a perfect ski clothing  that enable perfect for snowboarding, skiing, sledding, tubing, snow mobiling, snow shoeing, working outdoor or just catching fun in the snow. It has a suspender snow pants that will encircle your body in a fully waterproof shell and an adjustable waist.

The pulse men snow pants are also produce a unique gripper snow cuff inside the legs, pants, a well ventilated leg zips and a critical taped seams with a 32 inch.


We have listed the 5 best ski pants for curvy figures that will be extremely perfect for you. We hope through our selection, you will be able to select the right ski pants for yourself.