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Best Skateboard For Tricks And Cruising [ULTIMATE GUIDE]

Every experienced skater love to perform so many tricks and has fun skating because cruising around on a skateboard is cool and advantageous. Making use of skateboard transporting stuff is economical and safe for you as a skater. However, when it comes to choosing the best cruising skateboard, it is a time-consuming and very frustrating task to do. Therefore, we have decided to review the best skateboard for tricks and cruising, and the criteria need to be considered before deciding to purchase your skateboard.

5 Best Skateboard For Tricks And Cruising

ProductGO TO
1. The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard SkateboardCheck on Amazon
2. Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Skateboard CruiserCheck on Amazon
3. Mini Cruiser Skateboard Retro Style Plastic BoardCheck on Amazon
4. Arbor Oso Foundation Cruiser Check on Amazon
5. Rastafied Dot Street SharkCheck on Amazon

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Criteria for choosing the best skateboard for tricks and cruising

Skateboards for cruising are a common vehicle of rolling around or commuting from home to work, or to school effortlessly. Getting the right skateboard that fits for many tricks and cruising is very difficult. And that’s why we come up with the factors to consider while trying to buy your cruising skateboard.

Deck with concave and compatible wheels

The first element to look for when trying to get a skateboard that is perfect for cruising is a deck with concave and compatible wheels to be able to hop on and off easily and direct the board accurately and smoothly.

Style and design

The second factors are style and design, which is very important when getting your cruising skateboard. The design of the skateboard will determine if the skateboard is perfect for performing many tricks or not.

User review

Another factor to consider is the review of the user about the particular product you want to buy. What are they talking about the skateboard and is it perfect for the purpose you need it for.

The wheel

It’s also essential to consider the wheel; there are different types of the wheel, such as the 48mm, 52mm, 56mm, and 600mm. But remember that the most common type of wheel perfect for cruising is 52mm and 56mm.

To get the perfect skateboard for cruising, it is recommended to go for a standard size of skateboard trucks to get the performance in performing many tricks and minimize the wheel bite while going downhill. And lastly, go for high quality bearing skateboard type.

5 Best Skateboard For Tricks And Cruising

1. The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

Have you been looking for the best skateboard for tricks and cruising, The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard is the first skateboard that is good for cruising on our list.

The product is designed to be perfect for beginners and professionals. They come with a lot of features such as deck which comes with a length of 44” and width of 9 inches, Hardwood maple and artisan bamboo which is combined to provide a durable deck with perfect concave and other high-quality materials that make the skater very durable to withstand all sort of surface.

The skate is suitable for cruising because of the excellent performance and quality materials equipped with it.

2. Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Skateboard Cruiser

This is another skateboard that is made suitable for any skateboarder that loves performs tricks and cruising very well. The ZED brand manufactures this skateboard, and it aims to provide a skate that is very suitable for the beginners and the professional.

The skateboard comes with a deck that is made with a high-quality combination of Bamboo and Maple wood, which bring the durability features.

The truck of the skateboard is made with aluminium, which helps the skateboard to bear the pressure of jumps and quick turn over while skating with it.

They designed the skateboard with the kick-tail shape that allows the riders to flip over and display their skills to everyone. The skate is made perfectly for cruising and tricks.

3. Mini Cruiser Skateboard Retro Style Plastic Board

We added Mini Cruiser Skateboard Retro Style Plastic Board to our list because of the flexy technology implemented into it, which makes it perfect for cruising and perform many tricks.

Instead of making use of too much plastic deck, the manufacturer made use of a machine to know the rate of plastic they should apply in the manufacture of this board that makes it very flexible and stiff.

The skateboard is made to deal with a lot of pressure while making use of it. The skate is made perfect for providing good performance and an unforgettable ride. The skateboard is suitable for a kid that loves cruising.

4. Arbor Oso Foundation Cruiser

This skateboard is made for a skateboarder that loves cruising a lot, and it is designed with a 169mm Paris trucks that give the skateboarder with a lot of stability.

The skateboard comes with the smallest wheel, which is 58mm in the lineup and 80A on the durometer scale.

The deck of the skateboard is 9.5″ wide and 31.7″ tall, the width made to provides maximum stability.

5. Rastafied Dot Street Shark

This skateboard is made with a 140mm Bullet truck.

They made the skateboard wheel in such a way that it is very smooth and big, which made it very suitable for cruising and showing many tricks while riding it.

The board provides good performance and unforgettable riders that love cruising around a lot.


We believe with our selection of the best cruising skateboard that can be sue to perform many tricks, you will be able to make a decision on which one to buy. And if there is any question on other products to review, you can contact us. Thanks


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