Best Scooter Helmet For 2-Years-Old [2021 UPDATED]

The choice and the purchase of the best scooter helmet for 2-years-old That it is of the integral type, jet, full face or still flexible, always answer the same questions:

The use which will be made, the model of motorbike or scooter on which it will be worn, its approval, its price, its technology, the aesthetic preferences of its purchaser or its morphological specificities, the shape of his skull, to name the essential.  we are going to review the best scooter helmet for 2-year-old.

Do you want to transport your child on your two-wheelers? Do you think he is old enough and tall enough to accompany you on motorcycle trips?  Choosing the best scooter helmet for two years old kid will protect your child as much as possible along the way. Follow our guide carefully to select the most suitable model according to its weight, size, and order online the best child helmet.


1. Pro-Tec Classic Bucky Kids Scooter Helmet

The brand manufactures a standard scooter helmet that will protect your kids from bumps and impacts. It designed with a two-layer foam lining, and HDPE inner shell that relatively stops pinching or any head injuries from the collision. These scooters are sturdy, lightweight, and fit perfectly for your child.

Pro-Tec Classic Bucky Kids Scooter Helmet is made with 11 holes in the course of youth helmets for proper and fast ventilation.

One of the features that make this scooter helmets so exceptional is the fact that is made with the collaboration of bucky LASEK ( six times World Skateboarding champion), therefore is a bang for the buck which indicates that it will make your kids a professional scooter ride.

2. Joovy Noodle

Joovy Noodle is light in weight scooter helmets that are designed made to fit for kids perfectly. The lightweight features make it very easy to ideal for the kid, and it more comfortable when they wear it as they will still have control over their neck and head movements. 

With the chin straps threaded using the back dial-adjust, the Noodle is more stable on smaller heads, and the separated straps as well make the helmet incredibly more comfortable to get on.

The double color chin buckle (black on the left, red on the right) makes the buckle simpler to spot and ride and off a moving kid.

3. Triple Eight Kids Scooter Helmet

In case you have been searching the best scooter helmets for your kids in which there won’t even be any sweat during the ride, these scooter helmets are the perfect one for you.

Triple Eight is designed with a thick sweat saver lining around the edges that is quickly absorb all the sweat. These scooter helmets come in a different color, at least in 16 colors, and it consists of anti-bacterial treatment, which makes it very suitable for your kid.

What makes this scooter helmets exceptional is the fact that it controls sweat, comes in different colors, and it contains antibacterial.

4. Giro Scamp

Giro Scamp is a scooter helmet that designed with numerous features such as in-mold construction, optional MIPS technology, dial-adjust system, an integrated visor, and pinch- guard and the Scamp has a remarkable resume.

Any scooter helmets with MIPS technology always comes in high-cost, but the scamp comes in $55 price tag, which makes it very affordable. It is designed in such a way that is very light in weight, soft and more comfortable.

The Scamp is our preferable helmet for picky kids.

5. Bell Sidetrack Child

Bell Sidetrack Child also comes in different features that make it very perfect for your kids such as Ergo-Fit dial-adjust system, durable snap-in visor (removable), in-mold construction internal air channels, and 15 vents, and it is styled like an adult mountain scooter helmet.

Bell Sidetrack Child is a beautiful looking helmet that comes at a very affordable price, and Sidetrack is safe, very protective, comfortable, durable, and just plain relaxed for your toddler.

The only downside of this scooter is that the Chile version is not available in MIPS

6. Nutcase Baby Nutty

In the event you want the hippest baby on the block, a skater-style motorcycle helmet with fresh and funky designs is usually for you! Which weigh in at 280 g, the Baby Nutty is substantially lighter in weight than various other skater helmets, partially because it’s not certified for skate utilize.

But let’s be honest, your baby shouldn’t be on a skateboard anyway! With lengthy coverage in the back, an elastic adjustment system that’s fast, easy, and efficient, a pinch-free magnetic buckle, and a very soft chin pad for added comfort, the Baby Nutty is a fun, quality, and comfy option.

Most importantly, keep in mind that If you live in a hot climate, Nutcase helmets don’t have as many vents as other helmets and can get warmer and hotter.


Parents often take a long time looking for the best best-of-helmet motorcycle-for-child items for their children. Whether for clothes or toys, many forums on the internet will help you find the best products.

However, in terms of the safety of our kids. Here are some criteria to take into consideration to keep your children out of danger on motorbikes:

Internal padding: Internal padding is the first criterion you should consider when buying. This may not seem obvious, but a well-tightened model adjusted to the child’s head is significant for its effectiveness in combating the hazards of a possible accident since it minimizes the impact of shocks since the latter makes it possible to keep your head steady and soften any fall.

Size and weight: Speaking of weight, it is necessary to know that as your child gets older, the size of his head also increases. Many parents tend to buy a more substantial product for children because they do not wish to repeat the purchase every year. However, this is forbidden.

Parental responsibility: As a parent, it is a must to check your child’s helmet before purchase and first port. Pay great attention to the stamp and the logo showing the standards as well as the tests of the interior. Then, carefully examine the presence of faults in the helmet.

  1. Price: extensive range, from a few tens to several hundreds of dollars. 
  2. Offer: also consider as wide as prices, from low to high-end
  3. Two wheels: for small and medium-sized motorcycles, motorcycles or scooters
  4. Comfort: to be preferred, especially in the summer and in dry weather, and at low speed, given the lack of facial protection (think glasses!)
  5. Safety: despite their approval, the helmets must offer almost zero facial protection

How to have the exact size of your child’s head?

To avoid confusion with the different existing sizes, use a tape to measure the size of the head by wrapping it around the eyebrow to the larger area at the back and compare with the circumstance to choose well: ·

Size S: from 18.5cm to 19.5 cm round head ·

Size M: from 19.5 cm to 20.5 cm around the head ·

Size L: from 20.5 cm to 21.5 cm ·

And size XL: from 21.5 cm to 22.5 cm

The weight of the helmet is another element to consider, a product of 100 grams is suitable for a child under three years.

In conclusion

You need to measure his/her head circumference with a tape measure. To take the measurements optimally, leave the top of his eyebrows over his ears. Do not forget to make the most significant point on the back of the skull.

The result obtained will allow you to choose the right size according to the table below. These essential criteria in the choice of a motorcycle or scooter helmet will be the best guarantors of a long and happy life, styled with dignity, comfort, and safety of your kids.