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Best Backyard Soccer Goals For Training And Kids

Football is the most common sport in the world, not only a sporting discipline of professionals and amateurs, as it represents real entertainment for all football fans. It is also a complete sporting activity you can practice outdoors, indoors, or in your backyard. This article will provide a comparative review of the five best backyard soccer goals for training.

Moreover, through improvised football matches with friends or at family reunions, this sport, which has become a shared passion for many people, creates pleasant moments and pure pleasure. Also, Children are often attracted to football because it is a well-publicized sport.

We do not only see the right sides of this sport, but if we go back to the basics of the game, we see team spirit, surpassing oneself, perseverance and endurance, and new elements to experiment during the game. ‘childhood. Now we will review the best backyard soccer goals for training below.


1. GOLME PRO Portable Soccer Goal

GOLME PRO Portable Soccer Goal is among the full-size portable soccer goals on the market, used in leagues, tournaments, or regular training. It comes with some reputation as it is a very long-lasting soccer goal.

This soccer goal comes with various features, such as a nice nifty little bag that is easy to store; made from an aluminum frame, it also features all the relevant ‘bits & bobs’ and is used on multiple surfaces.

One of the reasons this soccer goal is perfect for you is that it is easy to assemble, which is certain of the resemblance e to the real standard plan.

According to some buyer reviews on Amazon, it is very sturdy and durable. Because of its aluminum features, it is very light in weight. Also, if you want to tie it down to multiple surfaces, ensure that the surface you are using is suitable nothing worse than owning a goal that can’t stand up.

If in case you want to dismantle it and pack it away. As soon as you take the pinout off the ground, the bars will be dismantled easily, and everything can be plugged into the bag quickly.

Portable features

Regarding the portability of this soccer goal, it is relatively lightweight at 26 pounds, making it easily movable. The other great thing about the GOLME is that it includes an ‘all-in-one’ piece, which makes it hard for anyone to lose any parts as they are all attached.

To round it up, Considering budgets and durability, if you have been planning to have a soccer goal for some time now, then purchase a  soccer goal that has high longevity and is very sturdy. People have said through review having this soccer goal for years, so If you’ve got the budget, then it’s work checking out.

2. FORZA Soccer Goals

FORZA Soccer Goals is made with sturdy PVC and have a 2.7-inch frame, thicker than many other models and commonly used by people.

It can be left for years or throughout the seasons in one location because of its weatherproof activities meaning that you don’t need to move it inside after every tournament or training in your backyard.

FORZA goals are well famous for its high-quality construction. They are made of durable PVC, which makes them very strong for any shot, and the stakes will keep the soccer goals up in windy situations.

Its construction is very light but stronger and not brittle as ordinary plastic. FORZA has answered some users’ concerns in their latest model by making assembly easy without sacrificing tightness.

FORZA’s goal has a locking system that keeps all the parts together and extremely tight. Also, this soccer goal is water-resistant; they are very rigid. It indicates that you can use it for the game, anytime for training.t.

You’ll be excited by how well-made and durable they are. The FORZA goals, because they come from PVC construction, they are not super-heavy, but they aren’t really ‘lightweight’ either.

The major downside of this soccer goal is that they are not easy and quick to set up, which can become a bit of a hassle. Still, you cannot be disappointed if you focus on construction and durability as your primary requirements.

3. Bownet Soccer Goal

Bownet gets many of the new official USSF size goals for U6-U8, and this Bownet Soccer Goal is one of their popular smaller sizes for backyard training. Also, they are the top end regarding backyard soccer goals available.

This soccer goal is designed with incredibly smart, flexible composite tension poles, a patented sturdy steel base, and a net made from resilient nylon.

Also, this soccer goal comes with Bownet’s EAS technology which diffuses ball energy while using it and extends its lifespan, giving more balance and stability to the soccer goal and making it flexible upon the impact.

 We recommend this soccer also because it can be set up and dismantled easily. And when you are setting it up, you don’t need to use any tools. 

You can set it up or pack it down quickly whenever you’d like, and the storage is elegant and tidy if you use the included bag.

Bownet Soccer Goal is perfect for your backyard; you can set it up and play anywhere, in your garden on the grass, and also, you can easily pack it up and carry it along to any park you like.

Bownet soccer goal is substantial because they lacked any heavy steel crossbars, which can cause injuries to players. Lastly, you should know that these soccer goal does not come cheap because they are made of cheap materials. But if your budget is too low for this soccer goal, plenty of other models are also well made, nice and portable, and priced at a lower point, especially than other soccer goals we reviewed.

4. PowerNet Soccer Goal

 PowerNet Soccer Goal is a Portable Bow Style Net Best Soccer Goal designed for the backyard and is commonly made for parents and coaches for training. It’s lightweight enough for easy portability and can be assembled easily.

 It comes in different sizes, but all are easily set up or pulled down quickly in just minutes. PowerNet Soccer Goal commonly comes in a capacity of 12 x 6. It’s suitable for scrimmages, team training, goalie training, and full-field games.

The base frame of the soccer goal is made from weighted metal, which keeps it sturdy to hold the hardest shots, but the sides and crossbar are made with fiberglass vertical bow-style poles. The bow/curved shape of the bars absorbs the force of even tough shots.

Also included with a heavy-duty zippered carrying bag with a shoulder strap to hold everything together and appear tidy inside the bag. It can be put anywhere in your garden if you store it for some time.

If you always like to buy a product from a trendy brand, PowerNet Soccer Goal is the right soccer goal for your backyard because the brand knows much about the soccer world.

This soccer goal is not too expensive or cheap based on what it is made of. And lastly, this soccer goal comes with a one-year warranty on the frame, metal, and composite parts.

And the company ensures you’ll get the product at your door without defects. PowerNet is very good at building its reputation and in customer service.

5. Franklin Sports Pop-Up Dome-Shaped Soccer Goal

Franklin Shaped Soccer Goal is made for children and is one of the perfect soccer goals for the backyard. It can last for a very long time when using it for your backyard. This soccer goal comes in higher quality and is incredibly inexpensive compared to another soccer goal we have reviewed.

Also designed in a way that it can be easily popped up and pulled down and moved easily from one location to another. The soccer goal can quickly pop back up after storage, which makes its assembly virtually nonexistent. However, this soccer goal is very cheaper when compared to the market, and you get what you buy. But it is only designed for younger ones and can easily break by the pressure of adult-powered kicks.

Why buy a soccer goal for a kid?

Whether you have one or more children, boys or girls, you can not go wrong in buying a soccer goal.

We love this game for its simplicity of installation and preparation: mount it and then release the ball, and the goal is ready to receive all possible shots!

Children can play for 15 minutes or 2 hours if they want, it’s no limit! With football, they learn to play as a team with each other or their family, respect rules and respect each other.

Also, kids are busy and play sports, so they let off steam physically, which is very important. For years, in all seasons, each thinning will allow your children to demonstrate their talent as a footballer … So, we’re doing a part?

Criteria to choose the best backyard soccer goals for training

Among the different models on the market, it’s hard always to see the difference. Some requirements are important for choosing a quality football goal. Here are some elements to help you make your choice to purchase the best backyard soccer goals for training:

1.    The size of a football goal or a mini-soccer goal

Choosing the right size for a football goal is one criterion for getting the best backyard soccer goals for training, and it depends on the audience who will use the football goal.

Indeed, if the football goal is intended for public children, it will take a size adapted so that it is not too easy to mark and that your children can take maximum pleasure. For this, if your football goal is for children, then be careful to take an appropriate dimension, that is to say, in terms of height and width, to be compatible with their size.

If the football goal is intended for a very young audience, then you can surely point towards a mini-football goal, but it has the disadvantage of being less solid than a traditional football goal. Also, if you want to buy a football goal for children and adults, you should move to a suitable size.

2.    The price

This criterion can tip the scales. Know that football goals range from 30 to 100 euros for models with good value for money.

3.    Weather resistance

Some models are more resistant than others to external moisture. Indeed, taking a goal that will hold the shock out is essential so you do not have to return every time. Resistant purposes will not rust and may last for a very long time.

4.    Stability

The goal must be well balanced with the weight in the lower parts to remain stable when your children put plans in full power! For their safety, this essential criterion must be respected.

5.    Easy installation/storage

The ease of installing or uninstalling a soccer goal is a fundamental criterion for knowing which soccer goal to choose. Overall, the soccer goal builders have made a special effort to make their goals easy to mount and uninstall.

If you intend to regularly move your soccer goal in your garden or for transport, this parameter has to be taken seriously.

6.    The quality of the fillets

The lack of quality nets is one of the classic problems that weaken the life of a football goal, whether it is a football goal for children or adults. We invite you to point to a soccer goal with nylon nets, which remains the reference material for the traps.

This material ensures a very high rigidity which will allow you to have goals well-framed without the risk that the nets crack and that will stop the ball.

7.    The size of the goal

Choose a goal adapted to the age of your children and who will be able to follow them for a while. So do not take a plan too small; bet on the future with a long-term purchase.

8.    soccer goal with target and kick soccer goal with a rebound

Several categories of football kennels are intended for training, including soccer goals with target rebound soccer goals. These models can be sold separately or integrated with a traditional soccer goal. They can work on the accuracy of the shots, the sequence of passes, and the realization of different lines.

9.    What are the best brands of soccer goals?

Overall, you can find brands of soccer goals on the market as decathlon or Intersport, which are sports store brands or brands from the world of toys.

We do not advise you to refer to this type of product given the poor quality of these products, as you will see many times by reading the comments of users who have bought this type of product. 

This type of soccer goal attracts the consumer by its low price in general, but often it is felt in terms of the overall quality of the product that usually leaves to be desired.

10.    The guarantee

On average, the soccer goal is guaranteed one year or two years, although you can find models with more advanced or higher range guarantees of up to 5 years.

However, we advise you to read the warranty conditions to know what it returns, knowing that often it is quite limited at the level of support clauses by the manufacturer.


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