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Best Football Boots For Flat Feet – Updated

Football Boots

There are several forms of feet: flat foot, wide kick (hallux valgus), or hollow foot. And find the right shoe for this different kind of feet is always tricky and challenging. So, After several hours of research, we finally made my selection of the best football boots for flat feet from more than thirty models available at the moment.

But remember that in football, a shoe suitable for one person will not necessarily fit another, make fittings and do your research before you decide! At the end of this article, you will also discover a buying guide to help you find the best football boots that will fit perfectly for your flat feet.

8 Best Football Boots For Flat Feet

1. Adidas Men’s Ace 17.3 Fg football shoe For Flat FeetCHECK ON AMAZON
2. Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory VI Soccer For Flat FeetCHECK ON AMAZON
3. Dream Pairs Men’s Fashion CleatsCHECK ON AMAZON
4. Adidas Performance Mundial Team Soccer CleatCHECK ON AMAZON
5. Adidas Men's COPA Tango Soccer ShoeCHECK ON AMAZON
6.Men’s X 18.4 FG Flat Feet CleatsCHECK ON AMAZON
7.Puma Men’s King Top DI FG Soccer CleatsCHECK ON AMAZON
8.Under Armour Men’s Ua Cf Force 3.0 Soccer Cleats For Wide FeetCHECK ON AMAZON

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Criteria To Choose The Best Football Boots For Flat Feet

Choosing a pair of crampons requires considering several factors: the shoe itself, the state of the field, and it’s level of play. Some criteria you should put into account are:

  1. Model: you can opt for a rather stiff model on the back and more flexible at the front. This will ensure proper foot and ankle support and maximum feeling and precision when touching the ball. The shoe must finally guarantee a homogeneous distribution of the supports for better adhesion and stability.
  2.  Size: To choose the right size, leave a margin at the end of the shoe. The benchmark is this: you must be able to place your thumb between the toe and the first toe.
  3. The material of the shoe: The latter is made of leather or synthetic. Leather offers more flexibility, adjusting perfectly to the foot’s shape and ensuring a more precise touch of the ball. However, the life of leather models is shorter than that of synthetic shoes, which are also much easier to maintain. 
  4. The dimension for flat feet: Depending on the form, models will fit more quickly to a flat foot while others will fit narrow feet.


1. Adidas Men’s Ace 17.3 Fg football shoe For Flat Feet

Adidas is famously known for producing a high-quality product, and this Adidas men’s ace soccer cleats got released on September 28, 2018. It is made with a Techfit collar and 100% high-quality synthetic material that will last decades.

The shoe’s upper part is made of an ultra-thin film material that keeps water and debris out. As you wear this Adidas Men’s Ace 17.3 Fg Soccer Cleats, you will experience comfort in your class ankle support with a sock-like fit.

It is manufactured with a synthetic sole and long-bladed studs with total control stud alignment. The entire control outsole gives supreme agility and improved ball control.

It is made with an original mesh upper that allows you to experience maximum comfort and sock-like fit to get hold of the ball at a very high speed.

Also, the original mesh upper delivers zero wear-in time. Wearing this boot, you can get hold of the entire field and secure victory for your team.

So, If you have been searching for a soccer shoe that you can use easily with your flat feet, then Adidas ace soccer cleats are perfect for you.

Basic features

•    it is very comfortable to wear

•    Keeps a snug fit around your ankle

•    Colorful classic design

 2. Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory VI Soccer For Flat Feet

Nike men’s football boot is one of the best boots for flat feet, and with this boot, you can get hold of the ball, break into your opponent’s defense, and put the ball into the net. Using Nike men’s football boots will guarantee your comfort when you get hold of the ball.

This football boot is manufactured with embossed horizontal ridges that provide a lockdown fit. It is also made with a synthetic upper and tongueless design, including embossed horizontal ridges that provide a lockdown fit. Also, the tongueless construction of this shoe offers a lockdown fit.

This boot’s rubber indoor and court-type outsole provides excellent traction, performance, speed, and on the court, street, and hard polished surfaces. The rubber outsole offers grip while playing on indoor surfaces. The shaft of these boots measures approximately 3″ from the arch.

Therefore,  if you are looking for a flat boot that will allow you to experience maximum comfort as you play. And you desire your feet to spread evenly in the boot. Then this is the perfect shoe for your flat feet.

3. Dream Pairs Men’s Fashion Cleats

Dream Pairs Men’s Fashion Cleats are manufactured in a way that its interior is designed and molded to make the most supportive arch for support for flat feet, indicating that it’s not too high nor too flat to result in foot pain.  Some features that make it perfect for flat feet are the rounded toe, sock-like ankle collar, and its designed internal support system.

Dream Pairs’ Fashion Cleats are exceptional shoes for flat feet that surpass your expectations. Regarding its price, it performs the job more than its cost.

Simultaneously, the inside shape is designed to perfect feet the foot. It also cradles the heel at the back to support this function.

On the contrary, the shoes feature a rounded toe to prevent the forefoot from collapsing toward the side of the instep. It enforces the foot to stay in a seamless round position in front.

The shoe is very light in weight, soft and comfortable, which indicates that it will help you get hold of the ball quickly while playing with it.

Furthermore, this soccer cleat for flat feet is also designed for random bursts of speed that will help you execute fast cuts and thunder-like runs as the sport requires. Its anti-skid outsole is made for various surfaces, natural grass, whether moist or dry, an synthetic turf.

Basic features

  1. it made from Synthetic material
  2. include Cushioned insole for additional comfort
  3. made of Synthetic sole
  4. very light in weight
  5. soft designed for speed and support
  6. very durable

4. Adidas Performance Mundial Team Soccer Cleat

Adidas Performance Mundial Team is designed in a way that helps the player with a flat fleet because the sole is shaped to strengthen the natural shape rather than be a victim to a side effect of overpronation.

This football shoe is made to look like ordinary sneakers more than a standard soccer cleat. It bodes well for players who aren’t too keen on the look of professional football shoes.

One feature that differentiates this shoe from others is the wedge sole because inside, it translates into a round insole that can substitute for the orthotic insole separates.

It’s fashioned to ensure that it cradles your heel at the back. Simultaneously, the wedge lifts it mainly b, because the rest of the insole slows downwards, making understated arch support in the middle, particularly within the instep area.

Adidas Performance Mundial Team includes a cushion in places you need, such as in the no-chafe heel counter, insole, and inside of the vamp.

However, the studded outsole is made with Traxion to offer grip on all edges and directions. This cleat can undoubtedly serve as a basic cleat for flat feet players who don’t mostly have a permanent position in the game and carry out different competencies and objectives when needed by the team.

Basic features

  1. made from Leather material
  2. include Gum-rubber sole
  3. developed from Synthetic lining for support
  4. more comfortable because of its lightweight nature
  5. it has TRAXION outsole for intense grip and speed
  6. very sturdy and durable

5. Adidas Men’s COPA Tango  Soccer Shoe

 Adidas Copa Tango 17.3 boot is made to bring a comfortable ride on the pitch. A significant number of users on Amazon were quick to point out the football boot’s excellent quality.

This shoe is designed to be soft, more comfortable, and stylish. Several users are fascinated by the kind of aesthetic that the Adidas Copa Tango 17.3 Indoor brings.

However, a few users did talk about the durability issue. But this model is one to consider for players looking for a comfortable ride on indoor courts that is not very costly.

6. Men’s X 18.4 FG Flat Feet Cleats

Adidas has been known to make unique and top-quality football boots for different feet. The Adidas Men X is designed to fit flat feet.

This football cleat is made from synthetic material of high quality, which has been put under various tests even when used with a carefree attitude. It has a claw collar and a snug-fit design to support your feet for maximum comfort.

The Adidas Men X cleat is the perfect option if you are a player with flat feet and desire speed and stability on the field.

7. Puma Men’s King Top DI FG Soccer Cleats

Puma King’s best soccer shoes for flat feet are made to high standard and quality, as the leather material used will last a very long time, even under extreme situations. The shaft is of the low top from the arch and is lightweight.

The sole is made from a Pebax outsole mixed with conical and traction studs to balance flexibility and agility perfectly.

This cleat has a comfortable place that provides an excellent fit to the midfoot and offers a beautiful touch for the football due to its high-quality premium leather.

8. Under Armour Men’s Ua Cf Force 3.0 Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet

With the numerous flat feet soccer cleats, the Under armor men’s Ua soccer cleat stands out in design, enabling perfect moves and speed on the field. This cleat is made from high-quality material that can stand the test of time even when used with a carefree attitude.

It is made of lightweight synthetic material that enhances reasonable ball control, and its die-cut socket liner provides additional cushioning for good comfort.

With the TPU outsole of this football, the boot comes with conical studs that immediately penetrate the ground. The forefoot studs allow you to change direction quickly.


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