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5 Interesting and Engaging Camping Activities for Couples

camping activities for couples

Camping is an interesting activity for couples; you get to bond and engage in different conversations. However, what happens when you run out of words? It will be tormenting to deal with the silence after. With camping activities, there is no dull moment between you and your partner. Aside from having fun, these activities will help you know each other more. These are some camping activities for couples you can try with your partner.

Best Camping Activities for Couples

Play Couple-Friendly Games

Going camping with your partner is one of the romantic getaways to spice up your relationship. It allows you to know your partner more. Since no one is around, you will be more open to each other. However, if you are worried about not having anything to talk about, campfire games are a must to try.

You can try playing games like Couple Questions Game. With this game, you can ask your partner what you have always wanted to know about them. In addition, you can play board games to build your relationship and have fun.


This is a game that will keep both of you engaged for hours. Charades works simply by acting and not saying any words. So the other player will have to guess the word you are acting. They are awarded a point if someone can guess the word correctly within the stipulated time. Generally, this is a game people play in groups, and once you can guess correctly, you earn some points. Since you are playing as a couple, you can put a time limit to make things more interesting. You might not track the scores; the goal is to enjoy the game and bond.

Hide and Seek

This activity will allow you to explore the campsite with your partner. Hide and Seek is a classic game; you will enjoy playing it as a couple. One of you closes his/her eyes and counts for some seconds. While counting, the other player hides, and the person counting looks around for him/her. Once a player finds the other, you can swap roles.

Naked Bathe in a Creek

This activity is fun and intimate; you and your partner can develop intimacy once you are isolated. If you have a freshwater creek nearby, you can use the opportunity to bathe naked together.

The experience will feel exhilarating and liberating, making the camping trip something you can never forget.

The Kissing Game

If you have ever played a drinking game, you should know this. In a drinking game, you say a word and drink whenever it occurs. Same with the kissing game; you say a word or pick an action, then kiss each other once it happens. You don’t need to keep track of your scores in this game, but it adds a romantic touch to your camping trip.

For example, you can pick rules like “kiss every time someone says words like camp, fire” or “kiss every time someone sleeps off.” 


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