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Hiking vs Trekking

Hiking Vs Trekking: Differences and Similarities

Hiking and trekking are­ two outdoor activities that revolve around walking in natural surroundings. Howe­ver, they diverge­ when it comes to the inte­nsity,...

types of hiking trails

Types of Hiking Trails: Options to Explore

Hiking captures the hearts of people across ages and fitness levels as a favorite outdoor pursuit. It allows exploration of natural landscapes and...

Health benefits of camping

Health Benefits of Camping: Why It Is Good for You

The benefits attached to camping can never be overemphasized, as it has been discussed. The effect of camping on your physical, emotional, and...

camping essentials

Camping Essentials: Important Things to Take Along

Camping is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you don’t want to miss. There are many activities to engage in, and also it gives you personal...