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What Are The Equipment That Is Needed For Ski

You are skiing for the first time and still, do not know what to pack in your suitcases? If so, then you spot the perfect place. To avoid unpleasant surprises both on the roads and on the slopes, it is essential to organize and prepare for your skiing holiday. Apart from the warm and adequate clothes that must be provided, it is also necessary to have the right ski equipment to be able to ski in the best and safe conditions on the slopes. To find out more about the ski equipment you need to buy, check out this article. The information you will find there will also help you to find out more about the advantages of renting ski equipment.

For a successful ski holiday, prepare your suitcase

To be well protected from the humidity and the cold on the ski slopes, the system of the three layers is strongly recommended. Thus, for the first layer which concerns the clothes which are directly on the skin, it is necessary to provide a ski undergarment.  While bringing you comfort and warmth, it will also allow you to be free of your movements. Since this garment wicks sweat away, it also keeps you dry all the time. For insulating layer must be provided in a ski jacket so you can stay warm air around your body. Regarding the third layer, which is the protective one, also plan the snowboard or ski jacket.

For the endless winter evenings, warmth and comfort remain the keywords. Put on your after-ski shoes, jeans, and sweaters. Insofar as some mountain lodgings provide holidaymakers with the essential linens, find out beforehand whether they should be taken away or not. You will avoid unnecessary clutter your suitcases. In case this laundry is not available in the accommodation, consider towels, tea towels, household products, pillowcases, sheets, and blankets.

To be able to treat temporary pains quickly, small wounds, body aches or sore throat, do not forget to take some drugs. It will be about painkillers, disinfectants, lip balm, sunscreens, sunglasses, a gourd (to hydrate well during the day) and dressings. To keep the memories of the beautiful moments you will spend with your loved ones in the mountains, do not forget to take your camera with you. Also, do not forget to take extra batteries and chargers from your phones as they will take less time when exposed to cold.

Always make sure that you have proof of your hotel reservation, driver’s license, health insurance card, and cash in your purse.

All about essential ski equipment

To be able to ski in the best conditions and without any risk, you must also think about all the ski equipment you will need. The  main components of the ski equipment  are:

•    Ski ;

•    Fixation ;

•    Sledding ;

•    Sticks;

•    Clothes ;

•    ARVA equipment  (for cases where an avalanche occurs off the slopes);

•    Ski boots;

Thanks to the creation of new materials from carbon fibers and fabrics that protect as much as possible from the cold, the ski equipment on the market have seen a  real improvement. Given the importance of right ski equipment, it is essential to make the best choice during the acquisition of your equipment. To do this, the ideal is to contact a professional so that he can provide you with the necessary advice.

This is because it allows skiers who are now numerous on the slopes to benefit from better safety, because the risk of collision is now higher, especially that the skiers in question go much too fast.

For a helmet to protect you, it is also recommended that it complies with the rules of strength and resistance.  To be clear, the idea is to wear your choice on a model that carries the EN1017 standard. The helmet on which you set your sights should also be able to be opened and closed with skis. He must also have ears through which you will be able to perceive the noises, in particular, those of the skiers who arrive behind you.

Apart from these leading ski equipment, you must also bring you handy accessories such as:

•    Earmuffs or a hat;

•    A scarf ;

•    Gloves ;

•    A mask or sunglasses that offer reliable protection.

Renting of ski equipment, a solution with multiple benefits

Once you have determined all the ski equipment you will need, it is time to get it. Depending on your budget, your mode of transportation and the frequency with which you intend to use your equipment, you will have to choose between renting and buying.  Thus, if you do not want to move with your car and you do not have a budget, then it is better to turn to the rental of this equipment. This solution presents indeed, various solutions among which we will be able to evoke:

•    Practicality;

•    The assurance of being well advised during the choice;

•    The ability to try new equipment cheaply.


By opting for the rental of your ski equipment, you will no longer need to clutter your luggage with effects that usually take up a lot of space. To be able to practice skiing during your stay, all you have to do is hire the equipment you need and then use it for as long as you need it.

The assurance of being well advised during the choice

If you do not know which material to choose based on your countenance, skiing level, budget, or weather conditions,  then renting your ski equipment is an excellent alternative. During the rental,  experts will indeed give you all the advice you need according to the budget you have and your level of practice.

The opportunity to try new equipment at a lower cost

Also, you can use quality equipment at an affordable price, allowing you to experience new sensations and be completely safe when you start on the ski slopes. If you go on a ski trip with your family, you will be able to get discounts in some cases during the rental of your equipment.


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