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Getting The Right Sleeping Bag

Another thing to keep in mind is the most critical features depending on the temperature survival at which you are going to submit it. The thermal capacity of the bag. What material is it filled with? How much fill do you have?

High-quality bags will withstand higher temperatures (usually bird feather fillings), while fiber fillings are cheaper the size of the container. If you are like me and you measure almost 2 meters, a bag of 1.80 or 1.90 will be too small for you and either your head is left uncovered, or your feet are left behind. It is essential to buy a bag according to our size to obtain a superior quality.

Other important features

Volume and weight

If you are a hiker or if you like to carry your bag on your back, being a lightweight sleeping bag or not will be of great importance. Maybe when you think no, but when you have walked more than 10 kilometers.

Ease of use

Like the volume and the weight, it must be able to be compacted. That is to say, it occupies the minimum possible during transport, and if it is possible that it is easy to keep in its cover. Price If we did not include this variable, we would buy the best sleeping bag and the best period. However, we must create a balance between quality and price.

Shape and design

There are several forms of sleeping bags, such as mummy bags or rectangular. The idea is also that it has a beautiful design, or at least, that does not damage the view. This characteristic will depend on the importance that each user wants to give it. As with everything, the type of bag you need depends on the activity you want to do.

Classification according to the filling material

With the current goal of meeting the needs of each user, sleeping bags can be made with three different components:


They are usually the most expensive because they have a better quality of protection. They are ideal for shallow temperatures and are generally lighter and more compact than synthetic ones. The disadvantage is that they need more care, and maintenance is often more complicated because it is not advisable to use the washing machine.

Synthetic or fiber

They are the most economical and are intended for the average user (they will not give a very delicate use to the bag). It is ideal for medium temperatures to raise and its maintenance is simple (you can use the washing machine). They also resist moisture better, having fast drying. However, the worst drawback is that it would not work at too low temperatures because they are not insulating enough.


Remarkable for its softness and excellent ability to absorb moisture. The disadvantage is that cotton sleeping bags are hefty and not very compact, which limits their use as a campsite (when you travel by car).


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