Did you know that some people practice Yoga completely nude?

If, however, this option does not tempt you too much, you will have to find a Yoga outfit. Do you intend to find the perfect outfit to feel comfortable and feel good? So, before you rush into any sports store and pick your outfit in 5 minutes, this blog is ideal for you.

You will find below how to choose each piece by focusing on the most critical aspects.

There are also items you will not need, and you will leave in your bag to practice Yoga. Did you guess? This is your jewelry and your watch if you wear it! You probably like them in everyday life, but on the carpet, they will only make you more substantial and hinder your movements. Even if your jewelry is very Yoga, like the two examples below, still think to remove them before starting your practice!

4 essential criteria for the perfect Yoga outfit

1. The comfort

The goal is to find a comfortable Yoga outfit that will be forgotten entirely, and that will allow you to focus on your practice. A right Yoga outfit must be 100% fit for movement! That’s why we do not practice Yoga in jeans! You will often see in the composition of clothes that there is elastane, thanks to it, your capacity for movement will be more critical. Also, your Yoga outfit should not block your blood circulation, or hug you too much.

2. Breathability

Your Yoga outfit should allow you to stay dry even during your most intense movements. That’s why you need to find a material that offers excellent breathability, that is to say, able to hold your perspiration. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for natural materials (cotton or bamboo in particular) or synthetic.

Of course, it depends on how you sweat. In any case, if you are the type to sweat a lot, pay more attention to this criterion. And be even more vigilant if you practice Bikram Yoga or any other “Hot Yoga” because otherwise, you will cook in your clothes.

3. The style

Of course, you do not come to a yoga class to go to a fashion show! But if you manage to find a Yoga outfit that you like visually, then you will feel better in your body each time you practice Yoga. Depending on your mood of the day, you may want either simple legging, solid color and perhaps dark, or leggings much funkier and more original.

4. The price-quality ratio

You will naturally take into account the criterion of the budget to choose your outfit. I would say that the amount you will invest depends on the frequency of your practice.

To get started or if you only practice Yoga occasionally, you will be able to settle for affordable clothing. On the other hand, if you practice very often, almost every day, then you will probably want to invest a little more means in the choice of your outfit.

You will spend a lot of time wearing it, so as long as you feel comfortable. The idea is to find parts that offer you an excellent price-quality ratio and that favor sustainability. If your outfit is resistant, you will not need to renew it every six months!


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