Yoga is a discipline whose benefits on the body and health are recognized. But, as with any physical activity, there are mistakes often made that reduce its benefits and can even lead to injury.

It is, therefore, necessary to hunt bad habits, whether you are a beginner or experienced, to cultivate a healthier practice and stay safe! We, accordingly, suggest that you first check that you make these 5 mistakes, commonly identified by yoga teachers:

Block your breathing

Yoga breathing must synchronize with the steps of performing poses. It plays a vital role and should not be neglected. So, even if you usually breathe without realizing it, you need to be aware of your breathing in yoga. If you feel, for example, that it is accelerating and you are out of breath, this is the sign that you are going too far in the effort. On the contrary, it must remain light and natural. This will help you feel present and alert, and feel the well-being of yoga.

Another benefit of yoga breathing is its physiological role. It enables you, on the one hand, to oxygenate your body well, especially the muscles that are very stressed. Then, it is she who will help you gain flexibility because you will note that you will go further in your stretches if you think well to inspire and especially expire strongly.

Want to do too much

There is no point in keeping your competitive spirit in yoga and striving to achieve postures far too advanced for your level. Pushing your body too much can cause injury, and your body will react by protecting itself and creating barriers that will slow down your progress or even make you regress. Contractures can make you stiffer, less flexible, and frustrating.

It is, therefore, necessary to adapt your practice to your level, thanks to the help of your yoga teacher. With a gentle and progressive training, your body will open naturally and offer you the desired results.

Going full stomach

You just ate good sauerkraut, and you decide to go and eliminate it right away with a good yoga session? Stop! This is the insured cat. Not only will your stomach fill up in some postures, you’ll be tight in your yoga pants, but your entire bloodstream will be focused on digestion, leaving your muscles powerless.

But no question of arriving hungry either. The middle ground to find is to eat a small snack about an hour before your class. This will give your body time to integrate the energy you bring to redistribute it to your muscles and have a great yoga session.

Want to compare yourself to others

Spending her class watching the girl-elastic’s exploits in front of you, super sexy in her yoga outfit, is the best way to stoop your self-esteem and get out of the class with the morale in the socks. On the contrary, you have to focus on yourself and think about your practice, which will necessarily be different from that of other students, because each one has its particularities. This will already take away a lot of frustration and make the yoga class a more enjoyable one. Do not forget to congratulate yourself on each new successful stance to become aware of your progress and achievements.

Bury the recovery at the end of the session

In yoga, a session should always end with a few minutes of relaxation and relaxation after the effort. Some people tend to skip this step to save some time. This is a mistake because this step of the yoga class allows you to reduce aches, improve flexibility, and make an essential transition to the recovery of everyday life. It leaves you relaxed, refocused on yourself, ready to face the outside world.


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