Do you know that some elements can make all the difference between excellent results and bad results achieved through your weight training?

The item in question has nothing to do with your bodybuilding program, but rather with what you put on your plate. Bodybuilding offers many benefits. The majority of people see only the artistic side of bodybuilding, bodybuilding as a tool to develop and draw muscles.

With a well-structured weight training program that is tailored to your physique and goals, you can also develop strength, strength, and muscular endurance. Strength training also helps strengthen and increase the mobility of your joints. Few people are aware, but bodybuilding is also the best way to lose fat.

You may say that it’s a lot and that you do not get anything from that. If so, it can come mainly from two things: inadequate and ineffective bodybuilding workouts and a poor nutritional plan. Because if you perform weight training properly, you degrade your muscle fibers, you draw on your reserves energy, and you tender your tendons and your joints to stress to which they are not accustomed.

These indicate there is only through a proper diet that you can get them. But through your diet, there is a hierarchy to respect; some elements are more critical than others, whether to gain muscle, develop strength, or lose fat.

Firstly, the element of your diet to achieve outstanding results with bodybuilding

What the diet can bring you more valuable and on which you must do the most attention to achieve your goals through bodybuilding are the calories. A calorie is simply the amount of energy required to raise 1 ° C, 1 gram of water at atmospheric pressure.

The calories are in your body, what the essence is to your car, that is to say, the essential fuel for your body to work correctly and you manage to perform your various daily tasks. The body can find its calories in your food or your tissues such as fat and muscles. If you desire to grow muscle mass, and you do not consume enough calories, you will not succeed. The opposite is also exact; you will not be able to lose fat if you consume too many calories. That’s what a lot of people are planting.

They spend endless hours in the room and complain about not getting muscle and next to them they eat two salad leaves, three grains of rice and half a chopped steak. While to gain muscle mass, you must eat more than usual and even more if you are of the ectomorph type. If your body lacks the energy to grow, also if you give it a ton of protein, you will not gain muscle mass. Do not eat to get sick, but find the right balance.

Give your body the energy and extra nutrients it needs to build muscle, but also avoid excess, so you do not store fat — also, some people who eat well and who complain that they can not lose weight.

But even if you eat very well, natural foods and your diet are overbalanced, if you consume too many calories, you will get fat. It certainly helps to eat natural and unprocessed food, which is what I recommend to everyone because they are “useful” calories.

But the energy side, the calorie of a donut is the same as that of a carrot. This content will base on the energy side of food, which is the crucial element to control to achieve your goals. But I’m still going to talk to you about a second element that is not as important as the calories, but that is lining them up.

Secondly, the element of your diet to achieve extraordinary results with bodybuilding

Just after the number of calories, the item you need to pay attention to is macronutrients. Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats all play an essential role and are necessary for the proper functioning of your body. Carbohydrates are the choiced energy source for your body and brain.

Carbohydrates allow you to have a constant supply of energy during your weight training and throughout the day. Consumed after your weight training, they also restore your glycogen reserves, stop muscle catabolism, and accelerate recovery. In terms of protein, I do not need to justify the fact that they are essential when you do bodybuilding. Proteins are for your body what bricks are for a home. They make up the majority of your tissues, hormones, enzymes, etc.

 They are essential in your muscles and develop in the heart of your muscle fibers as you movement in bodybuilding. But never believe that it is a magic product and that the more protein you take as a supplement, the more muscle you will gain. Like everything you eat, the extra protein will be stored as fat or eliminated by your body. It is therefore not necessary to stuff yourself with protein powder, the manufacturers of food supplements recommend it only to grow their business.

You can take a protein supplement if your essential diet does not provide enough, or in the day you do not have time to eat a real meal. But the goal is to get your protein needs with whole and natural foods like meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, etc. Fats are as indispensable as the other two macronutrients.

They are scary because they are high in calories and therefore consumed in excess, they tend to be stored as body fat. But their role is significant, whether you want to get results with bodybuilding or be healthy. For example, by eating good fats, you can raise your level of testosterone, which is an essential hormone to develop strength and muscle mass. Fats also make up cell membranes, which filter the information that comes in and out of your cells.

If your cell membranes are very well, your cells will be able to pick up the right signals more efficiently. Your body will, therefore, use carbohydrates and proteins more efficiently to get energy and develop your muscles, rather than storing it as fat. But for that you must consume the good fats, that is to say, all natural fats that have not been processed industrially as hydrogenated fats.

In most people, a 50/30/20 ratio of macronutrients generally offers excellent results. You must divide your macronutrients in this way: 50% of your calories must come from carbohydrates, 30% from proteins and 20% from fats. If you wish to lose fat, you can make use of a 40/40/20 ratio, and if you frequently practice an endurance sport, you will probably need to increase your carbohydrate intake.


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