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Reasons You Should Play Soccer

Four Sports, a lot of balls and stuff

 It does not matter your gender, and you can practice this collective sport. In a stadium, football opposes two teams of eleven players each. The goal is to score the highest points, shooting in a ball in the opposite camp, without using his arms. Otherwise, it’s the fault!

You do not have to be a great athlete to shoot in a ball or to be well equipped. Right sportswear and football boots are enough. However, in competition, the equipment is regulated: players must wear a shirt, shorts, a pair of socks, shin guards and shoes. The referee must wear a different colored outfit to clearly distinguish it.

In good collective sport, football will awaken your team spirit and competition. Communication and cohesion between players are essential to confronting the opposing team with confidence.

It is an endurance sport, physically demanding. It will allow you to develop your heart muscle, reduce its frequency and therefore, lower blood pressure. It will then be more comfortable to recover after each effort and be less breathless at the end of the climb of any stairs. Interesting no?

Football also helps develop muscle coordination, including dribbling, body rotation, and passing, which are done more or less frequently and quickly.

It also helps strengthen muscle tone and bones. Indeed, you will seek your muscles for long periods, while doing movements, which is very good for muscle tone. The bones being continually solicited, this allows their resistance.

It allows personal growth, which is very important for his well-being and health.

How to practice it?

To practice football, nothing complicated! Learn about points, refereeing, possible mistakes, prohibitions. In no time, you can easily understand and practice this sport.

You can play in a club, for that count a budget of $150 to $200 in the year, including equipment. And better yet, invite your friends to play a game, on land accessible to all.

Shoot the ball and reduce your fats

Very physical, this sport will make you spend energy and therefore calories! It will help you to find the silhouette of your dreams. An hour of football will make you lose 400 to 600 calories, which is equivalent to a delicate pastry. So, that makes you want?


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