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Guides To Buying A Pool Table

Billiards is an exciting sport that fascinates many people, and in recent years it has attracted more and more young people. By the way, know that billiards is even a national sport in the United States.

Are you ready to buy a pool table? Or do you want to gain more knowledge about billiards and pool tables? You will find in this article a little history of billiards, some advantages of billiards, and a guide to buying your pool table.

Pool tables have evolved a lot over time, and have been modernized a lot. It’s not just the aesthetics of the game that has changed. The perception of billiards has also changed a lot. Nowadays, they are designed to harmonize with interior decorations.

Far from being a simple game, the pool table has become a real piece of furniture! If you used to reserve a room to play billiards like the library or attic, today you can proudly display your beautiful custom pool table in the living room, under a covered terrace or in your office.

The benefits of billiards

Are you still looking for arguments to convince your parents or your wife to let you invest in a  pool table? Here are a few.

Contrary to what many people think, billiards is not just an excuse to meet friends with a few bottles of beer. Nowadays, men, women, and even children play this game. It requires technicality, concentration, precision, and discipline. An American study has also shown that billiards improves sociability and delays the symptoms of old age.

Playing pool is also very beneficial for your health. It’s a game that gives you physical exercise without you being aware of it. Indeed, he works your stamina by keeping you up for hours. And when you play on a 9 or 8 ball table for about two hours, it’s like walking a kilometer with the many rounds of the table that you’ll make to land your ball in the hole.

Billiards also improves eye-hand coordination and increases your skill. Moreover, if you play against a clumsy person, but you have nimble hands, you can only win. The perfect mastery of their fingers is the great advantage of people who have many years of billiard practice.

How to choose your pool table?

Billiards can quickly become a passion, and the majority of players are demanding when it comes to choosing their table. They are right since a good table helps to make this passion sustainable. Choosing a table is a lot easier than you think. Here are the criteria to check:

The billiard brand

Good knowledge of wood is not enough to create a beautiful pool table. Many things have to be mastered for a brand to offer you a pool table worthy of the name: carpentry, cabinet making, tapestry, mechanics, painting, stonework. René Pierre is a manufacturer of great experience who creates tables respecting the rules of art since 1952. He designs models up to date.

The personalized tables signed René Pierre are particularly successful. You can also choose a convertible billiard table that is a worldwide exclusive as René Pierre. You can change it into a dining table in just a few steps!

The dimensions of your room

The improvements made by René Pierre in the manufacture of billiards allow him to be small and very aesthetic. To maximize the space, you can opt for a pool whose dimensions are reasonable, with slates in three parts. Also, note that an area of about 1m between the walls and the table is required for the comfort of the player.

The accessories

The billiard accessories at René Pierre are real decorative complements. Here’s what you need to have with your billiard: tails in two parts, tails, ball games, abacus, lights.

Luminaires play an essential role in the quality of the game, but they also have to complement the style of your interior design. Add to these chairs and benches that adapt to the colors of your table and the rest of your furniture.

The type of tail

They are not all similar; the tail is to choose according to your kind of game. For a pool, choose a tail whose process is 12 to 13 mm. Snooker lovers must opt ​​for the tail whose process is between 9 to 11 mm. To facilitate journeys, the tails must always be removable.


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