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Getting The Right Convertible Billiard

Having a pool table at home is a luxury that everyone can afford now. Just choose the right model for everyone. Indeed, there are many models of billiards in the trade currently. To select the best convertible billiard, discover all the criteria to remember in our comparison.

Focus on billiards

Whether installed at home or in a business, a pool table is a game that brings together the whole family and all colleagues. Indeed, it allows spending good moments of relaxation and conviviality. Before, billiards were only accessible to a handful of people, usually those who were well off and had a lot of money. Now everyone can afford the best model at a reasonable price.

There are mainly American billiards, French billiards, English billiards, and snooker. The difference is in the game mode. American billiards are among the most popular. This is the model popular with proven players. To play, you have 15 numbered balls and a table with six holes. But you can also have a pool table convertible table and French billiard.

On the other side, French billiards can be played alone or with others according to the preferences of each. This is usually the type of billiard recommended for beginners. With this model, you can also improve your performance. English billiards is a derivative of American billiards. It also has six holes and is played with 16 balls. However, to play, you need at least two players. And finally,

Why choose a convertible billiard table?

Before buying the best convertible billiard, you must first know what its assets are. According to the test and proven players’ experiences, convertible billiards are the perfect solution if you do not have room to accommodate the furniture. Indeed, you do not have to install a game room at home. What you have to do is install a convertible billiard table in your living room or dining room. The furniture can then become a dining table according to your preferences and needs.

After, there is also the exceptional design of convertible billiard tables. Indeed, they are both practical and functional. They are also modern and adapt to all styles of home decoration.

You also have several design choices on the market: stainless steel, steel, glass, solid wood, etc. It all depends on your personal choices, both in style and colors. At the same time, the convertible billiard table is robust, but light, which is an excellent benefit if you receive guests and you have to prepare in a hurry your dining table, which also serves as a pool table.

How to choose the best convertible billiard?

For this comparison, we always start with the opinions and tests of the players. According to them, it is essential to define the best convertible billiards based on particular criteria. In particular, the weight of the table, the color of the sheet, the band play, and the packing must be taken into account.

It will also think to identify your real needs before buying your convertible billiard. Already, trying to find out if you need a child’s billiard table, for professional use in a games room, to replace your dining table or for the competition.

Know that the weight affects your playing comfort. For a pool of leisure, a weight of 120 kg is already sufficient. Two hundred kilograms of a billiard slate recreation, 200 kg for a reference pool, 225 kg for a billiard design and 225 kg also for a billiard prestige.

To make a good choice, remember that the more the billiard is heavy, the more its structure offers greater strength and is of superior quality. This allows you to play freely on the table without being afraid of heavy billiards, dropping, or table movements.

The color of the sheet contributes, however, to optimize the decoration of your interior. Usually, we see billiard tables with green cloth. It’s the most classic. It is especially important to choose this carpet color if you want a convertible billiard table. Indeed, it is necessary that this color is in harmony with all of your decoration: tablecloth, curtains, dishes, etc.

The color of your convertible billiard must be able to illuminate the room, whether the furniture is used as a pool table or as a dining table. You are free to arrange your style according to what you like. You can even choose a black billiard carpet if that is what makes classy and refined your interior.


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