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Best Roller Skate Wheels For Indoor [Ultimate Guide]

The roller skate is used for different purposes. Many people use it for transport, sport or dance. Its selection criteria vary depending on the uses you want to make of it. The main criteria are the wheels, bearings, shoe size, boot, and brake system. But in this article, we will review the best roller skate wheels for indoor and the criteria needed to choose the right one in the market.

5 Best Roller Skate’s Wheels For Indoor

ProductGO TO
1. RollerBones Art Elite 103ACheck on Amazon
2. Sure-Grip Fame Artistic IndoorCheck on Amazon
3. RollerBones Team Logo 98A-57mmCheck on Amazon
4. Evolve Roller Derby Skate Wheel Check on Amazon
5. Sure-Grip Twister Swirl QuadCheck on Amazon
6. Atom Poison Savant Skate WheelsCheck on Amazon
7. VAKA Luminous Light Up Quad Roller Skate WheelsCheck on Amazon
8. RollerBones Team Logo 101A Recreational Roller Skate WheelsCheck on Amazon

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Criteria for Choosing the Best Roller Skate Wheel For Indoor

The significant difference between outdoor and indoor roller skates is their wheel. If you are skating indoors, going for the harder and shorter wheels is recommended. Indoor skates are very much available with a low top and high boots.

To make it right for you, always remember that a harder wheel of around 90A-103A is best used for h indoor use, primarily on a sticky floor. The lower the number, the softer the wheel will be and the higher the number, the harder the wheel as well.

Also, hard wheels absorb less impact on the asphalt and offer much less grip. the positive point of these wheels is their longevity as they last longer than soft wheels with a higher durometer. Therefore, the hard wheel is recommended to recommend for indoor use.

8 Best Roller Skate’s Wheels For Indoor

1. RollerBones Art Elite 103A Competition Roller Skate Wheels

When it comes to the best indoor wheel, roller bone has proven to be one of the best as they manufacture a high rebound, comfortable-to-ride, highly durable, and medium-hard roller skate wheel.

The roller skate wheel doesn’t cost much and is designed with a better roll and grip. The material utilized by roller bone to manufacture this skate wheel was introduced in the early 1990s.

The skates are perfect for indoor skating as it is purposefully made for it

2. Sure-Grip Fame Artistic Indoor

Sure-Grip Fame Artistic Indoor is another best indoor roller skate wheel, and it is very suitable for any competition skaters. It comes with the hardness of 97A.

And the wheel size is 57mm which make it very perfect for the indoor. The roller skate wheel is designed in such a way that it provides quicker response and speed. And lastly, it comes with a fair price

3. RollerBones Team Logo 98A-57mm Indoor Roller Skate Wheels

This is another roller skate made by Rollerbone, and it also comes with a high rebound indoor wheel that is very suitable for recreation and artistic skating.

Rollerbone can be trusted when it comes to making a wheel that is perfect for all surfaces. The wheel is designed to provide skater with optimum roll on all rink surfaces and excellent grip.

Lastly, the wheel is very durable and has a quality artistic wheel.

4. Evolve Roller Derby Skate Wheel

Bont is another famous brand that brings a fantastic roller-skating wheel to the market. They manufactured this skate with the next evolution in skate wheels. The skate wheel has an extremely high roll, wear properties, rebound and grip.

They designed the hub of the wheel with lightweight polycarbonate, which comes with the help of CAD to provide a sizeable rigid structure.

It comes in a size that suits your needs as a skater.

5. Sure-Grip Twister Swirl Quad Indoor Speed Roller Skate Wheels

This is the last but not the least. Sure-Grip Twister Swirl is a hard-indoor wheel made of 96A Hardness and comes in a set of 8 wheels.

The skate wheel is perfect for any competition skaters, and it comes with an American urethane on a lightweight nylon core.

And lastly, this skate wheel is made for Indoor quad Speed.

6. Atom Poison Savant Skate Wheels

These skate wheels are designated for outdoor tracks like bank tacks,  slick sports courts, and dirty wood floors.

These wheels feature the tire of the famous grippy poison urethane and oversized core with a molded lip and ultra-lightweight savant hub for additional performance.

It comes with a large 45mm core,5mm tire,7mm lips, and 68 grams per wheel(over 20% weight is reduced compared to Boom solid core 59x38mm and increase overall roll and speed).

These wheels are great for the skater who fell in love with poisons but needed a different pace and response!

7. VAKA Luminous Light Up Quad Roller Skate Wheels

They are available in four-packs with 32mm x 58mm stakes wheels with an 82A hardness( free extra ten-pack 608 bearing and five-pack core for roller skate wheels) and come in various types of colors.

It comes with the luminous light-up quad roller stake wheels, which are made with urethane and give you a long-lasting grip while decreasing friction and increasing speed on an indoor surface, like concrete, sport tile, and wood.

These staking wheels roll smoothly to help improve the comfort of your ride, and they are also colorful, bright, overall stylish, and fun to utilize.

8.RollerBones Team Logo 101A Recreational Roller Skate Wheels

The Rollerbone team’s wheels are available in 57mm or 62mm with different type of colors and have a proven completion shape poured in a high rebound wheel, are medium hard, and are designated for both recreational and artistic staking. Easy to ride, a long-lasting formula designed to grip yet glide smoothly around the skating rink.

They provide a fantastic grip to maintain confidence; you can slip and slide when you choose to because they grip smoothly and release quickly.

Users comment that they glide when you want them to and are also suitable for hockey stops and power sliding through the corners. It also has an affordable price.


Now that you know the main criteria for choosing the right roller skate wheel, we advise you not to leave the protection that goes with it, such as a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards. 

And with our recommended products, we believe you will be able to decide on your roller skate wheel shopping.


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