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Best Outdoor Roller Skates For Beginners [NEWLY REVIEWED]

As a beginner, rollerblading allows you to build muscle, work on balance, and stay in shape while enjoying nature. We noticed it could be tricky sometimes for a beginner to select the right roller skate in the market. And because of this, we review the best outdoor roller skates for beginners and the criteria to consider while purchasing roller skates.

5 Best Outdoor Roller Skates For Beginners

ProductGO TO
1. GT50 Motion Outdoor Roller SkateCheck on Amazon
2. Jackson Roller VIP Outdoor PackageCheck on Amazon
3. Vanilla Junior Royalty Jam SkatesCheck on Amazon
4. Riedell Skates - R3 Check on Amazon
5. Pacer Sonic CruiserCheck on Amazon

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Criteria For Choosing The Best Outdoor Skates For Beginners

Follow the criteria we will discuss below, as it will help you select the right roller skate to buy as a newbie.


Protection is the first criterion to consider as a beginner because it will guide you from having any injury while skating. Therefore, it is recommended to have the necessary equipment, namely a helmet, a wrist guard, knee pads, and elbow pads. Also, some gloves provide better grip and greater comfort for the hands.

Technical details

If you want to know how to buy a roller skate with better value for money, you must first take note of all the technical aspects. Having the idea of the technical detail will help you in deciding on some features, especially the wheel and You should also take a look at the bearings, trucks, turntables, Toe stop, brake, and so on.


The roller skate wants to purchase must provide you with the comfort you need and optimized safety. It must generally have laces and a Velcro strap, especially at the ankle. But to feel perfectly comfortable, choose a roller skate according to your project: freeride, long-distance, speed, etc.

The shoe sizes

The question of the size of a roller skate is not at all the same as that of ordinary shoe size. Indeed, it is better to have a slight margin at the front of the skate. Choose a roller skate that best fits your size to avoid discomfort.

Rigid or soft boots

It’s a matter of taste, some prefer a hard boot because it gives increased stability and improved control. On the other hand, some prefer a flexible boot, because they are generally more comfortable and better ventilated.

5 Best Outdoor Roller Skates For Beginners

1. GT50 Motion Outdoor Roller Skate

Regarding the best outdoor roller skates that are perfect for a beginner, GT50 Motion Outdoor Roller Skate is the first on our list. If you are a beginner looking for the best roller skate on the quad with a limited budget, this skate is right for you.

It is designed with a GT-50 boot that comes with a Sure-Grip, and they designed the boot in such a way that it brings comfort to the skater and very supportive.

The skate also comes with a velcro strap across the top that allows users to make the boot extra snug. A beginner skater always wants a soft, short, and wide wheel when just starting out; they designed the skate with a smooth wheel that boosts the skater stability and control.

One feature that makes it perfect for outdoor is the ability to roll smoothly on a rough surface such as asphalt and concrete.

And lastly, the roller skate comes with ABEC-5 skate bearings, making it perfect for any skating you will be doing as a beginner.

2. Jackson Roller VIP Outdoor Package

Jackson Roller VIP Outdoor Package is another outdoor skate suitable for beginners on our list. The roller skate is also made with a good pair of outdoor wheels, and it comes with a boot that provides comfort and support for the skater.

This roller skate size ranges from 4 to 14 and only comes in women.  The roller skate wheel has a 78A hardness (durometer), determining its softness and outdoor suitability.

The roller skate is designed in different colors ranging from green, grey-blue, pink, and purple; a skater can select the color that suits them.

Lastly, it is designed with Bionic ABEC-7 skate bearings which are very good for roller skating. If you want excellent stability and control skating as a beginner, Jackson Roller VIP roller skate is right.

3. Vanilla Junior Royalty Jam Skates

Vanilla is also known as a reliable, famous brand and they manufacture Vanilla Junior Royalty Jam Skates just for indoor as it comes with Vanilla Genuine Backspin indoor wheel. Still, it can be replaced with an outdoor wheel.

If you are a jam skater, this is the right skate. The skate is equipped with low-profile toe stops, Vanilla Jam Plug, which helps skater to perform several tricks while skating.

The slate is also made with durable leather and is very supportive for the beginner with no pain.

The Vanilla ABEC-9 bearings and premium aluminum trucks that come with the skate help in quick turning to speed skating and increase the skater’s versatility while skating.

4. Riedell Skates – R3 – Quad Roller Skate for Indoor

Riedell Skates – R3 is designed with a vinyl material that creates a breathable, known as a very durable skate boot. The skates are equipped with a high-impact PowerDyne Thrust nylon plate with heavy metal trucks for better support.

Also, R3 comes with a secure lace system and a velcro strap that ease the skate’s adjustment. And it contains a high-quality foam padded tongue that gives support and comfort while trying to slip on the skates.

The roller skate is made specifically for outdoor and indoor, so you don’t have to worry as a beginner. 

The adjustable toe stops, ABEC-5 bearings, and quality Sonar Cayman wheels made with skate increase the stability and control while skating with it.

5. Pacer Sonic Cruiser Men’s & Women’s Skates

Pacer Sonic Cruiser skates are an outdoor, indoor, and adjustable roller skate explicitly made for men and women. 

The roller skate is made with Zytel Nylon plates and double action trucks, bringing about a lightweight and dependable skate very easy on the muscles and tough on wear and tear while riding it.

The skate is made with Sonic Cruiser’s 62mm outdoor wheels, and it comes with a better grip. Pacer Sonic Cruiser is also suitable for any outdoor beginner or casual skater.

Lastly, the wheel comes with ABEC-1 8mm precision bearings that provide smooth, fast, and effortless glide across all rough or smooth surfaces.


Finding the best outdoor roller skating as a beginner can sometimes be challenging. But we hope our selection of the best product will help decide on your purchases.


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