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Best Gloves for Ski Touring -Updated

Are you planning to go on a ski tour? Have you ever considered the required tools for a successful tour? Well, if you haven’t, one of the essentials is getting the best gloves for ski touring.

With a cold finger, your great ski day will be ruined. So getting a glove that will keep your finger warm while skiing is important.

This review will focus on helping you get the best gloves for ski touring, identifying important factors that will influence your choice.

Best Gloves for Ski Touring

1. MCTI Waterproof Men’s Ski GlovesCHECK ON AMAZON
2. Velazzio Ski GlovesCHECK ON AMAZON
3. Terra Hiker Waterproof Warm Ski GloveCHECK ON AMAZON
4. Solaris Ski glovesCHECK ON AMAZON
5. Highlooon Men’s Waterproof ski gloveCHECK ON AMAZON

Criteria for Selecting Best Gloves for Ski Touring (Summary)

To get the best gloves for your ski tour, consider the following important and essential criteria;

  1. Style: you can choose a short-cuff mitten designed with wristband closure of stretchy materials or long-cuff gauntlet style gloves. Both give you the option to regulate the temperature of your hand.
  2. Grip: grips are essential in all gloves, especially when used for skiing. You may go for natural leather or gloves with grip patches.
  3. Waterproof membrane: is the membrane of the gloves waterproof? This is especially important when ice climbing or touring in a rain-prone location; it is important to consider this feature.
  4. Warmth: if you are especially prone to cold, you should search for gloves that provide warmth-eats will keep your fingers warm while skiing.  We will give more insight into the criteria for getting the best gloves for ski touring later in this article.

5 Best Gloves for Ski Touring

1. MCTI Waterproof Men’s Ski Gloves

This cold weather glove is perfect for ski touring in cold weather. The glove has several amazing properties, waterproof and windproof functions, which help prevent and reduce the impact of cold wind and snow while skiing.

The glove comes with an inserted waterproof TPU membrane which helps provide an extra guard to help keep your hand dry at all times.

The thumb of the glove has a nose wipe fabric. To assure you of a strong grip while skiing, the glove has a strong and flexible PU Palm and reinforced rubber finger; it is the perfect ski glove.

2. Velazzio Ski Gloves

This is another perfect ski glove to keep with you while ski touring. The glove is passed with powerful and efficient 3M Thinsulate insulation.

This help Men’sbody heat more efficiently and help provide warmth that supersedes other gloves. It has several amazing features, like moisture-wicking and breathable.

The glove is also waterproof, thanks to the Fan-tex membrane technology of the glove. It has a durable PU palm with rubber dots to help improve the grip.

To help prevent the entry of cold and snow, the glove has an adjustable buckle wrist strap and drawstring closure.

3. Terra Hiker Waterproof Warm Ski Gloves

Quality is highly important in ski gloves; this glove is very high quality. It comes with a connecting clip, which helps prevent the glove from being lost.

It suits skiing, snowboarding, snow shoveling, and other outdoor activities. The glove is versatile and anti-slip, and the premium PU leather palm offers sufficient grip and extra security when skiing.

The glove is also waterproof, so you can be sure water won’t affect the glove while you are skiing. Agility is another amazing feature of this glove, as the pair is versatile and safe to use in any weather.

More importantly, the glove carries an ergonomic design.

4. Solaris Ski gloves

This glove is delivered with a 3M certified Thinsulate insulation lining to keep your hand warm. It comes with a waterproof function; hence, the exterior surface of this glove can easily repel water and snow, making skiing safer.

The glove is also perfect for coping with skiing in the rain or snow. The glove is warm and comfortable, very thick, and keeps your hand warm even in chilly weather.

The glove’s lining is soft and comfortable for your hand, and even at a temperature as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit, Solaris glove will keep your hands warm.  

5. Highlooon Men’s Waterproof ski glove

The glove comes with a skin-friendly material made from a high-quality black 228T nylon Maison, which has a 1200/1200 PU coating for waterproofing.

The glove has a 40 g premium Thinsulate and polyfill interlining, which helps keep your hands warm and soft. The glove has double waterproof protection, and the waterproof membrane help provides double protection for your hand against snow and water.

This glove provides extra grip and makes your palm comfortable while skiing, thanks to the elastic band and the premium PU leather. The glove overall is made with high-quality materials.

How To Choose The Best Ski Gloves

We have provided a summary of the criteria to get the best glove for ski touring but below are otheMen’snts to put into consideration while getting your gloves for ski touring:


When you invest in ski gloves, the place and weather in which you plan to do most of your skiing or snowboarding are significant. If you plan to ski in the north of Japan in the middle of winter, you will need better insulation and protection than in the spring in New Zealand.

Sky style

Downhill skiing and cross-country skiing also have different requirements for gloves. Cross-country skiing gloves need to be more breathable because of the intensity of the ski and the ability to sweat further through your palms.


Insulation is what keeps your hands warm. Examine the insulation and determine if it suits the climate you plan to ski. Materials such as fleece, synthetic padding, and wool are all used in ski gloves, or sometimes a mixture of all. The insulation should also be breathable and wick away moisture, so you do not have to ski with a perspiration pool in your gloves all day.


As we mention earlier, Waterproofing materials secure your hands from the elements of snow, wind, and rain, all possible on the slopes at all times.

Waterproofing and insulation work together; no need for excellent insulation if the fabric is wet because of poor waterproofing. Leather is the most common type of waterproofing material for ski gloves.

If you have leather gloves, you must treat them after heavy use to maintain their tightness.

Removable lining

Ski gloves can be double-layered or single-layer (all-in-one). A double coat means a removable liner and an outer waterproofing layer.

These tend to offer more exceptional warmth than a single-layer ski glove. It also means you can adapt to different conditions, such as spring ski days, where you can only wear the lining.

Separate layers mean that your gloves will also dry faster. The disadvantage of the double-layer glove is that it adds volume to your hands and is less agile than an all-in-one ski glove.


Self-heating gloves are perfect for skiers and snowboarders with poor circulation. Some ski gloves include a battery-powered heater that keeps your fingers warm all day.

The batteries can add more volume to your hands, but the sacrifice is worth it if you suffer from cold fingers. The other gloves contain zipped pockets explicitly designed for disposable heaters.

Touch screen capacity

In this age of technology, where everyone captures selfies in the snow, the touch screen feature allows you to use your phone, iPod, and camera without removing your gloves.

It will help you avoid freezing fingers while posting a snow selfie on Instagram. Hiking skiers using a  hand-held GPS  with a touch screen will also find this feature useful.

Long gloves

The long gloves extend well beyond the wrist to slip over the sleeves of your ski jacket. This prevents snow from getting inside your gloves. These glove styles tend to be warmer because they offer extra protection to the wrist.


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