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Best Foods to Lose Weight

Best foods to lose weight

Losing weight is a long process; it takes effort and time and even costs you money. Sometimes you give up when there is no result and get back on your legs later. This experience is most difficult for people that do not have the strength and time to hit the gym. This is where having access to the right food comes in; we have compiled some healthy food options to help you lose weight. Below are some of the best foods to lose weight.

List of Best Foods to Lose Weight

Lean Protein

Lean protein is obtained from turkey, chicken, and lean beef. These foods will help you maintain blood sugar, increase satiety and reduce unnecessary cravings. You can also benefit from other food like beans, lentils, and legumes. This is because they have higher fiber content, therefore increasing satiety.


Vegetables are one of the best foods to lose weight effectively; regardless of type, you can always expect the same result. They are a source of fiber and vitamins and also decrease digestive problems. Examples are cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, and cauliflower. Crunchy vegetables such as celery and jicama are snacking options with low-calorie. On the other hand, dark green leafy vegetables are a source of protein, minerals, fiber, and minerals.


Instead of settling with apple juice, or applesauce, you can focus on a crunchy apple. Whole fruit will satisfy your appetite more than fruit juices and sauces can ever. Also, raw fruit contains more fiber, and chewing them alerts your brain that you have eaten something.

Whole Grain

Against what many people believed, you don’t have to completely give up on starchy foods such as bread, pasta, and rice. This is because whole grain will help in your weight loss journey. They are a good source of minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients and promote satiety. Besides, our bodies prefer carbohydrates; when consumed with healthy fats and protein, your craving for refined carbs and sugar reduces. And these types of carbohydrates are detrimental to your weight-loss journey.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds benefit our bodies, as they are a source of protein, healthy fat, and fiber and decrease hunger. In addition, they are a good source of healthy fats and minerals. However, it is always important to watch the portion you consume.


According to research, shrimp helps promote feelings of satiety. When you consume shrimp, it stimulates the production of CCK (cholecystokinin). This hormone sends a signal to your stomach that you are satisfied. In addition, shrimp are a great source of zinc and selenium which are important for immune health and energy production.

Root Vegetables

Root vegetables are a wonderful option for weight loss and immune health as they are a source of important minerals. These items contain almost all the nutrients you need during your weight loss journey. They contain high potassium content, a nutrient lacking in most people’s bodies. Potassium is important for managing your blood pressure.


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