Best Firestarter For Hiking [2021 UPDATED]

Any good camper cannot separate from his favorite lighter, which is essential for lighting a campfire. Whether it’s the difficulties of the mountain trek, the trail, or the severe camp conditions, the reliability of the wick lighter is guaranteed. Light and compact, it will always be in the bag. Discover the best firestarter for hiking and any other outdoor activities around you.

To light a campfire or camping stove whatever the weather, you want to buy a powerful lighter. Find in this category the best firestarter for hiking recommended for long-distance hiking, camping, trekking, and survival.

Whether you are talking about a rechargeable lighter or a wick, a solar lighter or a storm lighter, each lighter selected by us breathes adventure.

6 Best Firestarter For Hiking

Some of the product is used only on land and in a dry environment. Some models have a waterproof tube in which is enclosed the wick to keep it dry during the trip.

Although flint is an ancient invention, modern versions are more practical. You can choose your model according to the outdoor activities.

Below is the comparison review of the 6 best Firestarter for hiking:  

1. Exotac NanoStriker XL

 Exotac NanoStriker XL is a better version of  Exotac’s original NanoStriker. It is very more comfortable to hold and able to produce spark because of its marginally thicker ferrocerium and magnesium rod, and a more massive tungsten carbide striking tool.

The compact device fits on a keychain, and it can easily be screwed apart and then make into the fire starter. what makes it so unique among the other fire starter is that when it screwed apart, it is entirely waterproof

2. Swedish FireKnife

Swedish FireKnife was manufactured through the collaboration between Light My Fire and Mora of Sweden. They have producing knives for the last 120 years. The FireKnife is designed with a Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade which features polypropylene sheath and has an original Sw

edish FireSteel Scout fire starter (good for approximately 3,000 strikes) that pops out of its handle.

It is effortless to use; you need to scrape the dull side of the blade forcefully against the FireSteel.

Moreover, after you’ve successfully produced a flame, flip the knife over and start filleting that trout you reeled in earlier.


This Magnesium Alloy Emergency Fire Starter block is a handy tool to have in your travel backpack. As we know that during any outdoor activities, It is always good sense to carry around a fire starter no matter where you are going because we never know when it is needed.

It is a magnesium alloy fire starter that will make instant fire with a shower of sparks in every strike.

This firestarter is very comfortable to use, and anyone can use it. It is stable and requires no battery or flint to work, so the unavailability of these items won’t be a hindrance.

For any time you need fire during your outdoor activities, thanks to Friendly Swede Magnesium Alloy Emergency Fire Starter Blocks, which will always provide you with a solution every time.


Aspen Ridge Sports Magnesium Fire Starter is very portable on which it can be put into a pocket easily by outdoorsman because firestarter is the tool to ultimate survival in the wilderness.

This firestarter is made to function in all and every condition because it comes with a dual fire starter in one and it includes ferrocerium rod which will give you up to 15,000 strikes.  

This firestarter is also incorporate with magnesium in which you can light a fire in any condition base on the weather. This firestarter is very reliable and longlasting.

5. E FS374 All-Weather Emergency 2-IN-1 Fire Starter

E FS374 All-Weather Emergency 2-IN-1 Fire Starter takes advantage of a lightweight aluminum rod that can be scrapped to develop shavings for beginning a fire. It designed with a black flint striking rod and serrated metallic striker. To use, you only use the serrated metal striker to create shavings, position the shavings on tinder (dry leaves, twigs, grass, etc.) and strike the flint to create a spark.

The fire starter is included with a bonus compass, is straightforward to use, and provides as much as necessary lightweight aluminum shavings for up to 100 fires. Its primary disadvantage is that the magnesium rod is a bit tough to scrape so it might take you quite a while to obtain the shavings you have to start a fire.

 6. Uberleben Zünden Traditional Bushcraft Fire Stee

Uberleben Zünden Traditional Bushcraft Fire Stee is included with wood handle, 5/16″ thick Ferro Rod Fire Starter which is a very vital survival for any hiker, fisher and other outdoorsmen. Customers admire this product for the exceptional organic feel of its handle, long-lasting, and ability to create large sparks.

The only disadvantages of this firestarter are that it requires a powerful stroke to get the sparks going, but the high number and size of flashes more than makeup for this.