Best Balaclava for Hiking [2021 UPDATED]

You may be more conversant with a windproof ski mask, full face mask, or fleece hood, all of this is the same with a balaclava. On your hiking tour, you may need to protect yourself from dust, cold, snow, harmful ultraviolet rays, and many more. The best way of getting rid of such obstacles is with the help of a balaclava. We have selected some of the best balaclavas for hiking that will help you enjoy hiking and feel safe, and the important things to consider before buying.

5 Best Balaclava for Hiking

1. Hikavalley Balaclava Face MaskCHECK ON AMAZON
3. Ergodyne N-Ferno 6823 Winter Ski Mask BalaclavaCHECK ON AMAZON
5. Self Pro BalaclavaCHECK ON AMAZON

Criteria for Selecting Best Balaclava for Hiking

Selecting the best Balaclava can be hard sometimes, but the following criteria will help you identify and pick the best;

  1. Design and opening: there are several designs for a balaclava, so think carefully before getting one. Do you want a full-face cover with only eye slit, nose, or mouth slit?
  2. Snug or Loose fit: you need to decide if the balaclava will be tight-fitting or loose. When hiking in low temperature, snug is better.
  3. Material: wool, synthetics, fleece, silk, neoprene, etc. are some of the popular material used. Anyone picked will serve the purpose you are getting it for.
  4. Weight: it is only normal for a balaclava to be lightweight, but some designs can be very heavy, avoid such and pick simple and light designs.

5 Best Balaclava for Hiking

1. Hikavalley Balaclava Face Mask

This is an adjustable balaclava that has several excellent and amazing features. The production process makes use of BLCOOL polyester fabric for the production of this mask.

This help in the delivery of premium performance, which helps the mask become breathable, durable, and soft. It is wrinkle-free, lightweight, and deals effortlessly with moisture, thanks to the moisture-wicking property of the balaclava.

This balaclava can either be worn as an open or closed balaclava, pirate scarf, neck gaiter, etc. it protects perfectly from sun UV rays, wind, dust, cold and perfect for hiking, camping, jogging, running, boating activities, etc.

2. AIWOLU Balaclava FaB

You need to protect yourself from the sun, cold, and wind while hiking. This is what the Aiwolu balaclava does. It is produced from functional fabrics which help provide high performance making the balaclava breathable, wrinkle-free, moisture-wicking, lightweight, and dry quickly.

The balaclava is windproof, and it is made from 100% advanced polyester material. Amazingly, one size of this balaclava fits almost everybody.

As a multipurpose face mask, you can use this while hiking, running, jogging, or when engaging in other outdoor activities. The balaclava is also dustproof and offer premium UV protection, and sold at affordable prices.

3. Ergodyne N-Ferno 6823 Winter Ski Mask Balaclava

This is another top quality and highly rate balaclava that has several amazing features. It is wind-resistant, and this is because of the wind protection fabrics that panel over the vulnerable areas of the mask and help protect against nature’s elements.

With the design of the mesh, you can easily breathe while making use of this balaclava. It offers full coverage warmth thanks to its long length that cover both the nose, mouth, and neck. It is perfect for hiking, jogging, running, and other outdoor activities.

The balaclava can be worn in several ways because of its versatility.

4. WTACTFUL Balaclava

An excellent balaclava should be more than beautiful; it should offer protection.

This balaclava is a premium fabric balaclava that is made from COOL polyester fabrics that makes it offer premium performance making it breathable, durable, soft, wrinkle-free, lightweight, and equipped with moisture-wicking properties.

This multifunctional balaclava can be worn too as an open or closed balaclava, and it can be used as a pirate scarf, hats, neck gaiter, or face mask. It can be used in cold, when hiking, and for other outdoor activities.

Good enough, one size of this balaclava is designed to fit all size of people. And since the fabric is hypoallergenic and does not cause irritation on the skin, it is safe for use.

5. Self Pro Balaclava

This is another top-quality balaclava that offers UV protection, and protection from wind, dust, cold, etc. it is a unisex and versatile balaclava perfect for men, women, and children.

The production process makes use of Coolmax premium and high-tech polyester fiber. This makes the balaclava breathable, absorbing, moisture-wicking, durable, soft, abrasion resistance, wrinkle-free, and lightweight.

It is useful for several activities like hiking, jogging, running, camping, snowboarding, and many more. One size of this balaclava is designed to fit almost all sizes.

And it is very comfortable to wear for all activities. It is hypoallergenic and does not cause skin irritation.

Choosing The Right Balaclava For Hiking

Often, it is enough to have a little knowledge about the type of material (the most used are synthetic and breathable like polyester).

And the qualities of the latter to be able to make an informed choice, the rest base on a lot on your tastes and your needs: choose a complete balaclava that also protects the neck or one that only covers the face:

Selecting a sure fancy over another or choosing a fancy rather than a light one will not change much except for your personal needs.

Please also note that these garments are not only intended for soft air users but are also useful for anyone who practices sports requiring facial protection.

It should not be challenging for you, in case you need it, to choose a suitable balaclava incurring any surprises or bad purchases.

Online sales sites, meanwhile, offer an extensive range of alternatives, specifying the type of size, design, size, and characteristics of each product, which significantly facilitates the task.

Because it is the essential characteristics on which you typically perform your assessment, however, if you want to be sure to make a good purchase and do not want to waste time browsing dozens and dozens of alternatives that the web, speciality stores, and malls can offer.


Getting the right balaclava for your next trip hiking can be a challenge, that’s why we have gathered the best product review in which you can choose the right one for your hiking or any other outdoor activities. Therefore we hope this article provides you the solution.