Not so long ago, on a planet not far away, lived extraordinarily, these men were looking for the biggest and best-drawn muscles in the galaxy that they practiced a discipline that is called MUSCULATION.

Some of these men, with their amazing bodies, earned fame and recognition.so many wanted to look like them. They, therefore, adopted the same bodybuilding programs, hoping to achieve the same results.

These training programs and methods have become a reference in this field. They spread all over the planet at the speed of light. But very quickly, many realized that, despite hard work, they did not get the same results.

Because there is one thing, they did not know. Because these giants had magical substances and a lot of time to practice their art, these magical substances made it possible to make the muscles grow almost effortlessly and to recover a considerable amount of work quickly.

Despite their inefficiency and dangerousness for “natural” people on time, these programs remained the reference. Because an ultra-powerful group called “the fitness industry,” has made it its support to sell all of its products to the most significant number. The bodybuilding was suddenly cataloged according to codes and principles, which unfortunately devalorize.

Nowadays, bodybuilding is mainly synonymous with Muscle mass development, thanks to long and highly targeted training and the support of food supplements. Except that bodybuilding is much more than that

In the early 20 the century, for example, men practiced bodybuilding for the primary purpose of becoming stronger. Their muscle mass was merely representative of their level of strength.

These men did not know the food supplements, nor the steroids. They did not have the physique of modern bodybuilders, but their bodies would make them dream of more than one today.

It’s clear that bodybuilding is the perfect discipline to achieve an aesthetic goal. But bodybuilding also helps to improve:

•    many physical abilities,

•    strengthen bones, tendons, and joints,

•    improve the mobility and flexibility of the body,

•    correct the posture,

Whatever your type of physical activity and your level of fitness. If you want a more muscular physique, sharper, more athletic and healthier. Below are the six essential keys to help you program an effective bodybuilding routine adapted to your level.

1.    Adapt your training according to your objectives

 Before lifting a single kilo, you must know your main goal. Be more muscular, less fat, stronger, more enduring, more athletic. Some goals are “competitors’’. It would be fatal for your progress and your motivation to try to want everything at once.

For example, it is very complicated to gain muscle mass and lose fat at the same time. Your body uses two opposite processes for that.

Unless you manipulate your training and your food accurately, it’s almost impossible. It is also more difficult to gain strength when one is in a caloric deficit.

During strength sessions, the body needs a maximum of energy to ensure the intense effort, but also afterward to recover and adapt. If your primary target is to gain strength quickly, it is not wise to try to lose fat at the same time.

You can, of course, increase your level of strength even with inadequate caloric intake, but the margin of progression is lower. In this case, you also need more precise management of your efforts and your recovery. It’s like developing cardio and muscle endurance.

If you want to lose fat go, go for it. On the other hand, if you have difficulties in taking muscle mass and strength, it is better to limit sharply.

At first, set yourself a goal and make every effort to reach it. When you reach this goal, nothing is stopping you from setting another utterly different purpose. For example, a weight gain following a loss of fat or vice versa.

2.    Use a bodybuilding program adapted to your level

 Some bodybuilding beginners use routines for advanced bodybuilders. Depending on your bodybuilding level, you need a suitable plan. If you begin, don’t try to do the same thing as the colossi in your room, who have more than ten years of bodybuilding behind them. The more we start and the simpler we have to do And especially put your ego aside.

Over time you will be able to add exercises and specific techniques. It will prevent your body from becoming accustomed and your progression to be continuous. Do not believe that your progress will be constant. From a certain level, you have to go out of basic routines and use more “complex” bodybuilding programs

At first, you will be able to lift heavier at each session, then with time once a week, then once a month, then once every three months, and so on. It is, therefore, with the help of adapted and specific programs that you will ensure the development of your strength and your muscle mass for years.

3.    Use a bodybuilding program adapted to your lifestyle

 You do not have to change to a bodybuilding program, but the plan is tailored to your lifestyle. If you can only do 3 x 2 hours a week, you are not going to use a program that requires 6 × 2 hours a week. \

You must, therefore, “manipulate” the volume of your training, according to the frequency with which you can train. More will do weight training per week, and less they must be “loaded” And the less you prepare, the more they have to be “loaded.”

The more your training is frequent, and the more they must be short and straightforward. If you work your thighs three times a week, you will not use the same number of sets and repetitions per session, as if you worked them once.

The ideal way to progress is to do at least three training of bodybuilding per week. But two can be so effective, and five can be perfect too. There is a lot of possibilities if you manage the intensity and the volume of your bodybuilding exercises correctly.

4.    Choose the power of your bodybuilding training correctly

 Strength in bodybuilding is the weight on your bar. A 100 kg squat is more intense than a 60 kg squat. This is different from the intensity of the cardio and conditioning sessions. The more intense your bodybuilding workouts are, the more you will target the development of your strength and your fast muscle fibers.

If you decrease the intensity and increase the volume, you will target the development of the overall muscle mass (fiber + energy reserve) and your muscular endurance abilities.

5.    Choosing the right training volume

 The bodybuilding volume is the number of pounds you move during your training. If you do 3 x 10 sets of squats at 100 Kg, your training volume is 3000 Kg. Volume is the centerpiece of your bodybuilding workouts. With more capacity, you gain more muscle mass.

But you also increase your work abilities. With better work abilities, you can increase the intensity of your workouts more efficiently and thus gain in strength.

By becoming stronger, you can increase the volume of your training and thus gain faster muscle mass. It’s a bit like a closed circuit where the training volume is the central element. On the other hand, the volume can kill you. If you put too much volume in your workouts and neglect recovery, you go right into the wall.

6.    Choosing your bodybuilding exercises

 On this side, do not try to complicate things. It is necessary to stay at the maximum on essential and to use the 20% of the exercises which do 80% of the work.

That is the squat, the deadlift, the recumbent/military, the pulls, the slots, etc. and all their variants. But we must also add a little variety to “cheer up” the training, but also work on some weak points, for example.

On the other hand, what you should not do is use 80% of the exercises that do only 20% of the work. Too many people work like that and after they complain about not having a result. They do a lot of isolation exos and machines and from time to time (if there is time) they work on “real” exos.

It is sure that it is less tiring to do series of the press to thigh or extension, than squats free bar. But you will have nothing without anything. Effective bodybuilding is not natural bodybuilding. The best physics was built with physical and mental excesses, repeated and regular.


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